I’m A Ninja

Mall Mall-2

Mall-4Chris had a rock bottom closet moment yesterday=it has been 2 years since we went clothes shopping and everything was faded and shrunken. 

We literally updated his wardrobe by purchasing the EXACT same clothes in today’s versions. Black polos are a bit longer now and blue shorts are a tad shorter. We are the same people. 

What did I buy? Nothing. Why? I’m a ninja.

I live in a black moby wrap on top of a Target black tank and Old Navy black maxi skirt that is super pilly. Chris said I need an attachment for a sword. 

I’ll buy some clothes in about 17 pounds. Yay.

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Heaven Surprises

P7130045 P7130044IMG_5274

P7130037 P7130028 P7060001What’s scary? Getting to heaven and finding out that aluminum antiperspirant is totally harmless to the body. That’s one of my greatest fears. All those years where I struggled though natural, virtually ineffective deodorants. The countless awkward hugs I had to give people where I kept my elbows pinned to my sides-the kind that make the other person self conscious of their breath. I look like a robot.

I have been using natural deodorants (not antiperspirant) for years since I started grad school for acupuncture where I was surrounded by healthy, smart hippies. In the past few years I’ve gone from dappling quitter to full-blown achiever. 

I don’t smell like patchouli or anything (no offense patchouli wearers). What’s patchouli? It’s what you smell when a blonde guy with bead adorned dreads and no t-shirt skateboards by you in Venice Beach, LA. It’s followed by a wisp of pot smoke. He’s wearing patchouli. Hey, I’m friends these people but I have my own repertoire of alluring scents that I’m attracted to. 

This is my current combo: deodorant, powder. It does the trick for about 4-6 hours in mild temperatures.

Here are some images of the week. I wore real deodorant TWICE, Jen took me to Rite Aid and we had more awesome visitors. I forget to take photos of everyone though (Kate).

Going to Rite Aid felt like NORDSTROM after 6 weeks of shopping for diaper powder online. I got makeup remover pads (for the 1 day a week I wear makeup), floss (2 for $10-WHAT!?), birthday cards, gift certificates (for gifts), the blue polish (Instagram), and 2 scoops of bad/good ice cream.

After coming home from little stints at sea when I was in the Navy I would often get takeout sushi to eat alone on the floor of the apartment where I lived alone. There’s no sitting on the floor nor much alone time on a ship. It was my piece of heaven, including antiperspirant.

Have you ever been away from some creature comforts for a bit? What was the first thing you wanted? 

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Where’s My Hair?




This poor kid is wondering where his hair went. Ha! I’ve seen and heard about this hair loss that babies go through but our baby has his in male pattern baldness fashion. My mom told me that big foreheads in Korea mean good fortune. Remember the thick leg “luck” she shared with me? Any flaw can be whipped into a golden fortune. Well, except for thin earlobes. No hope for those people.

Blogging? Well, I live in a chair down by the river. No really, I live in a brown leather chair with ottoman in our living room, breastfeeding the baby for 30 hours a day with only one hand free at a time. Hey, do you see that chub? Yes, I’ll take credit for that. Hey, he was super skinny a few weeks ago and that mini double chin is a testament to me, the Dairy Queen.

Romance? I saw that it was National Kissing Day on Instagram yesterday (which I check about 14 times a day and I’m the one who likes your photo 3 minutes after you post it) so I wanted to participate and have a moment.

Why am I so happy? Each day I put zero to one expectations on myself (just feed the baby and maybe write a thank you card) . Plus wonderful friends and family visit with smiles and food! I need to take more photos of everyone. Thank you! This makes us feel less like bridge trolls! We take daily walks and every couple of days we even eat at a cafe down the street. 

Do you ever have days where you take all the pressure off yourself and throw to-do lists aside? I’m trying it for 3 months.

Happy Monday!! See you in a week!

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The Game-Changer/Weekly Post

breakfast breakfast-5breakfast-9 breakfast-3 breakfast-2You know those “game-changer” items that you didn’t know HOW you survived without? That is this Bebe Au Lait nursing cover for me right now. I try to be so minimalist sometimes and figured a baby blanket would suffice as a nursing cover. NOPE. Picture a ghost-lady…we were both hiding under a blanket, suffocating, sweating and NOT BLENDING IN.

E-ssential, people! I think everyone should have one-you could do all kinds of private things in public.

I wish the strange old man on a plane next to me once would have used one to do things like privately count all the cash in his wallet. 

I’m considering getting a couple more just because I will be wearing one of these permanently for about a year. 

Moral of the story? Buy that thing that is going to make your life better TODAY. Then please tell me what it was!

*This is not a sponsored post. 

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Pirates & Madonna/Weekly Monday Posts For Now


Mind/Pirate Eye

There are things that make you the devil when you’re a mom, like giving your kid formula or pacifiers or having them sleep in your bed. I’ve done all these things. In most jobs I’ve had, I’ve followed the straight and narrow book of goodie-ness but these past three weeks have been like Naked and Afraid (the TV show where a man and a woman are stranded naked together and have to survive for 3 weeks in a remote locale). 

He’s slept in our bed. I’ve slept on the couch downstairs with him in the rocker by my side. He’s slept in a pack and play. I’ve slept with him breastfeeding on my lap…on my side in bed. Yes, sounds like a lot of sleeping…not really. Everything I read scares me so I don’t read much, I just sleep like a pirate with one eye open unless Chris is awake and has him.

Body/Madonna Abs

It’s been 3 weeks since having the baby. At week 2 I lost at least 20 pounds (I gained a bit over 40 in total but stopped weighing at the end). I’ve hovered here. 

I totally threw out my back right away and it’s coming back now-WEAR THAT BACK BRACE THEY GIVE YOU AT THE HOSPITAL. Appartently it’s not the Hollywood-get-your-Madonna-abs-back-tummy-shaper I assumed it to be.

My stomach is pretty flat, it just feels like there is a thick layer of Jell-O resting on top of 8-year-old girl abs BUT the abs ARE there now.

There is a light brown line (my linea alba isn’t alba) going down the center of my stomach from my ribs to my belly button and the belly button is unusually large/cartoony looking. 

I’ll take it.

Soul/Psych Ward

What made me insanely jealous and mad this week? My husband going out to lunch with people from work. Yes, this is a crazy cooped up new-mom lady these days. Chris has offered many times to watch the baby while I go out to do something fun but I’m scared to drive the “milk truck” away from home.

I have a little milk pumped in some bottles in the fridge but those are like my “if I go unconscious or there is a global emergency type of bottles.” They ARE starting to look like “mani and pedi freedom bottles/save your marriage bottles,” however. 

Hey, you look at the cute baby and don’t care about all this stuff.

I will see you in a week!

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