Birthday Night

Little Fork

Little ForkLittle ForkLittle ForkSo I’ve been playing around with my website and it reminds me of when I watched my dad take apart a few VCRs then try to put them back together again when I was a kid. I’d hear some little curse words and sometimes he’d be up all night trying to fix the thing. You know how many parts are in those! 

Even when the site is a little wonky, I have to step away from the computer to regroup. Thanks for your patience! 

Last night we went out for dinner at Little Fork and saw The Book of Mormon at The Pantageous Theatre with our friends, Rion and Jackie. Super entertaining and great company.

The egg cups were made of some sort of reusable material and they were delicious. They kind of make me think of dinosaur eggs. The food was DELICIOUS! We had some lobster rolls, beet salad (of course)  and potato gnocchi. Jackie’s drink was a fancy version of a Manhattan. I want to drink everything out of cups like these. 


Acai Bowls

Acai Bowl Recipe Acai Bowl Recipe Acai Bowl Recipe Acai Bowl Recipe

Acai (ah-sah-yee) bowls are the perfect warm weather meal or snack. I eat them for lunch A LOT. They are super simple to make at home. Acai berries are a dark purple, highly nutritional fruit of Brazil. You can find packets of frozen acai pulp in health food stores like Whole Foods. 

The bowl is essentially composed of a berry smoothie, topped with bananas, more berries and granola.

For the smoothie

Frozen berries

Frozen acai

Almond milk

(try some hemp protein powder and ground chia seeds)



Granola (I like organic hemp seed granola)

Sliced bananas

More berries 

(try peanut butter, coconut, bee pollen, agave or honey)





Easter Easter Messy BunI hope your weekend was wonderful! It was pretty REAL getting to see the Labor and Delivery rooms at the hospital I’ll be delivering at! AH! What’s that-denial, not just a river in Egypt?  The cool thing was they suggested we bring a big exercise ball to help with the delivery. Cool! Private rooms with nice big bathrooms too. It was a lot fancier than expected-no “Beyonce/JayZ private hospital wing” thing but really nice!

Easter is Chris’ dad’s favorite holiday. Instead of an egg hunt. We get to do a money hunt. Yes, the first time I got to participate in this a few years ago, it was pretty incredible and it still is. Chris’ dad hides money all around the yard and then we go looking for it! AH! I found $10. Yes! Chris calls it The Hunger Games, how it’s every man/woman for themselves! I was waddling and not so quick. Mattie (Chris’ younger sister) shows off her spoils.

We HAVE to do the egg toss. Incredibly competitive here. Here are the guys lined up. The other side was the ladies plus Chris’ younger brother, Max. 

I made the chocolate tunnel cake for the second time this week. Chris’ dad LOVES chocolate and this is a belated bday cake for him. It got a thumbs up.

Charlie was not lacking in the petting department. This guy knows how to get attention.  

I remembered that I had one of these (mine is identical but from a Japanese grocery store) and tried the messy bun. I like how it turned out! I have like a tiny stick of a ponytail with my fine hair but this thing is like collagen. 

I got a little surprise birthday party at the end of the meal! Today’s my 34th birthday. Everyone was right on point with gift cards to Marshalls, Banana Republic, Starbucks, Amazon AND a prenatal massage appointment at my house!!!! AHHHH! Wow, having a big family means lots of amazing gifts and lots of love!

Survey LOVE Friday!

Brick and Mortar

Hope you are having a wonderful start to the weekend! We’ve got some family fun and a hospital tour this weekend! It’s Easter! 

The top fives for this week…

Here’s a place we like to go for happy hour every once in a while. It’s called Brick and Mortar and it’s in the slightly less touristy part of Santa Monica on Main Street. This particular restaurant is off the main street, kind of hidden.


Yep, parmesan fries and a beet salad plus pizza. An acupuncturist’s dinner. Totally. You’ve GOT to live a little. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Brick and Morter

The other 4 of the week were the responses to the survey!!

Thank you again for taking the time! 

1. Here is how responders rated their post interest from MOST Favorite to Least Interested:

  1. Personal/Lifestyle
  2. Happiness/Relationships
  3. Acupuncture/Health
  4. Baby/Motherhood
  5. Food/Recipes
  6. Money

I would love to do more personal/lifestyle posts. These posts are easy and fun. I’m trying to improve my photography and I’m getting more comfortable with being more open. Thanks!

The rest of the category interest levels will help me to look at the percentages of posts I do in those categories. 

2. Layout Design:

a. A few people suggested that it would be easier if I did a full post layout on the main page so you don’t have to click on the post of the day to read it. I really like this idea and I’m going to work on it. I do my own programming/layout nowadays so this may take a bit. :)

b. Some people find the mobile site difficult to navigate. It is set to be a site where you have to minimize/maximize on a mobile device. You have to do that pinch thing with your fingers to navigate the site. 

The benefit of this is that the layout on a computer will show up EXACTLY the same on any mobile device (with minimizing or maximizing). The drawback is the extra step needed to make it readable on a smaller device. Sometimes mobile site programming looks different than the site on a computer. The benefit here is that it’s made to have posts easily read on a mobile device even if it looks  a little different. 

Again, now that I’m on my own for programming, I’m going to look into easier ways to make this mobile and I may have to hire some help. Great feedback! I want to make it easy.

3. More sharable posts:

OK, I am so glad you let me know that it wasn’t clear that the images were even pinnable. I added the white overlay and a new Pin It button for images. I hope you like it and encourage you to pin! 

I am working on making more pinnable content layouts for the future: recipes, acupuncture, health etc. 

4. LOVED seeing your favorite blogs and I’m checking them all out. 

Although I addressed the most commented features on the survey here, I absolutely read all the feedback, took it to heart and I am going to continue to tidy up the site. 

Have a lovely weekend!!! Thank you for stopping by! Linking up with The lovely Lauren Elizabeth!

Gratitude Food

I’ll go deeper into the survey tomorrow but very briefly, there was a request for more personal/lifestyle posts and maybe NOT so many baby or food type posts. Well…awkwardly enough, yesterday and today it’s kind of babies and food for posts! Doh! I’ve angled them more toward the personal/lifestyle category though. Cool? 

A great way to show people I care? I make them something! 
Thank you flag

Chris’ office threw us a baby shower yesterday. I was really surprised! He’s quite new there and I’ve never even met any one there. They only know me by some baked goods I’ve sent in with Chris. 

I decided to try out these chocolate covered, easy oreo pops as favors and this super decadent, better than sex with Robert Redford kind of chocolate cake. Ok, my mother-in-law’s old neighbor had a cake with that name. I can borrow. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chocolate covered oreosThe pops were actually quite simple, just a little time consuming. They turned out so professional looking without a lot of fancy techniques! Plus the candy melts were on sale at Michaels this week. Chris’ coworkers thought I bought these! YAY!

Here I used 1 bag of white chocolate melts and 1 bag of blue. It was enough to cover a package of double stuffed Oreos (minus a few that were broken in the splitting process (use a butter knife). I used the medium length pop sticks for an elevated look).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe bundt cake was ridiculous. SUPER RICH. It is actually illegal in 32 states NOT to serve it with ice cream or milk/almond milk. It’s called fudge tunnel cake.




They were so wonderful with the little details, games and incredible gifts! They said it had been years since they could have a baby shower and when they found out a baby was coming, they were so excited! The guys were all sitting in the back (not pictured). What a wonderful welcome to the company!