Seattle Winter Sun Tan: Your SAD & vit D Fix

February 22, 2013


IMG_2015SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and vitamin D deficiency are two side effects of a lack of sunshine.  I’ve discovered one of the most quick, easy, effective and enjoyable ways to beat the winter blues:  Suntanning!

The lobby of our chosen tanning salon was full of the most upbeat winter Seatellites I’ve met thus far.  Chris has a headshot appointment this weekend for his new job and wanted to blend out the dark circles around his eyes with a gentle tan.

So, we yelped the best local tanning joint.  This picture is at the front desk.  The lobby was a cat lover’s treasure trove.  There were figurines, books and photos of cats littering every vacant space.  The place was a 7 minute revolving door of cheery vitamin D junkies patiently awaiting their dose of joy.  The kind front desk woman (who claims she is not the “crazy cat lady” depicted on the cover of the booklet) sized up our palor and chose 7 minutes for olive-toned B and 5 minutes for “Powder” me.  She set the timers herself and prepared our tanning beds by cleaning them and providing us a set of eye protective goggles and a piece of Hershey’s chocolate.  You are led to your private room/stall with a lockable door.  Then you undress to your comfort level, press the button on the wall, lie in the bed, place your goggles over your eyes and take in your shot of sunshine.  The bed is warm and comforting.  After your prescribed time, the lights shut off and BING, you are happy!  I highly recommend this for you all in sun-deprived geographical areas or even if you need some extra vitamin D for happiness or other health conditions.

The cost is very low for each session and you can purchase packages that further lessen the cost and increase the ease of each visit (the attendant just checks off your membership card she keeps filed away for you).  I have now gone twice and feel a marked increase in my mood!  It also feels like a pampering treat and it only cost about $.50 a minute!  There is really no need to make an appointment as the treatments are equally as quick as the turnaround times.  Many of the locations are open until 8:00 p.m. or later!  I decided to cover my face on session #2 to keep my face from getting leathery!  I notice a slight hint of color but the best part is my great mood!  I hope I’m not getting addicted…I asked B if Charlie, our dog, needed some tanning light sun too and B reminded me of the “Tanning Mom.”  ‘Nuff said.