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March 25, 2013

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Coupeville in Washington State

Here’s where that saying comes from.  Well, SPRING IS HERE in Seattle!!  So, what do people do in Seattle on a weekend when the sun finally comes out?  They take their cars to a ferry and visit little towns on the surrounding islands!  We decided on Widbey Island this weekend.  Take the Mukilteo (a northern suburb of Seattle) ferry to Widbey Island and get driving!  There is beautiful countryside to take in along the way to the small waterfront towns.

You will even find yoga out here.


Dianna’s Vinyasa Yoga in Coupeville, WA

Bring a picnic lunch because the weather is GORGEOUS (finally) and there are many park tables where you can nosh and rev up your vitamin D.


Picnic Lunch by Mom

There seem to be a lot of these “cut out head” boards around Seattle where you stick your head in and take a picture.  I’m getting better at making myself really blend in with them.  Here I actually LOOK like a convincing octopus.  Wow, you’re thinking….that girl can really do the cut-outs well.  Thank you.

Coupeville Pier in Washington State

We stopped into a wharf coffee shop to chat and sip…soooo Seattle.



Explaining why I didn’t like the last 5 photos just taken: turkey chest and turtle cheek.

If you want to eat out, you will find MANY charming waterfront restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from.  Check out little specialty shops for gifts, local art and sweets.  The locals are cheery and welcoming.


Charming Restaurant in Coupeville, WA

This cupcake was insanely delicious.


Snickerdoodle Cupcake in Langley, WA

Here is a local town project of birdhouses.


What is a typical spring celebratory activity in your town?

  • I clicked on this post because I saw the photo and thought, “Why does that octopus look so freaking familiar???”

    I have never seen anyone do cut-out boards like you do.

  • Rebecca

    I LOVE taking the ferry to visit Seattle area islands! Vashon is my fave but I love the South end of Whidbey too. The cut-out photo= toooo funny!!

    • Yes! Vashon is next on our list. Ferry life is so unique! I wish everyone could try it!