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Head Starts

April 30, 2013

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no weeds











If you’re trying to lose weight and succeed in shedding 3 pounds by first week’s end, that is a lot more encouraging than seeing the scale go nowhere.

The weather has finally been breaking here, in Seattle, the past couple of weeks with rain-free days and even a few sunny ones.  Everyone is out gardening.  I was in full force back in the fall but not one weed was pulled since about December.  The weeds proliferate a click faster than bunnies.

Three weeks ago I threw on the gloves and began the challenge.  Fifteen hours, a week  later, 3 tiny sections of garden manicured and many more to go, my optimism was waning.  Some weeds had even managed to creep up in the first section I had already finished!  Above is an example of pre-weeding and post-weeding.  So, we hired gardeners.  Chris set it up and said the owner told him, “It won’t be done in one visit but over time it will get done.”  We have them coming twice a month.  They must have come last week when we were out of town.  The whole backyard has been weeded!!!  That would have taken me days!  With this kind of head start, I am once again motivated.  It isn’t overwhelming now.  A beautiful yard is something I can have!

Here is a poem I wrote during the first round of weeding this year:


Yes, you are like the North Korea of weeds.  You are my Caddy Shack gopher.  I heard you snickering when you dropped your leaves like a gecko releasing its tail as I gingerly attempted to coax you from the ground.

Thanks for earning me a beep from the creepy guy in a black truck driving by.  Of course he did.  You had me in a Mario Brothers two-handed heave with my back toward the street.  I credit you for the earthworm who hitchhiked in the fold of my sock into the house and scared the living **** out of me.  Nice one.  You’re clever.  I’ll give you that.  

Well guess what.  Some of your “friends” living in a drier patch of the yard have given up your Samson’s pony tail.  You guys don’t have much of a defense in the dry, crumbly soil.  I tapped each of my gardener-gloved fingertips together like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons and cooed, “exxxxcelent.” 

Summer’s coming and it doesn’t rain in Seattle forever.  Mwahahahahahahaa.

Here is the backyard last fall.

Autumn Back Yard

Here it is today with the Dogwood blooming!


What kinds of head starts have you had?  How did they propel you into reaching your final goals?  Is there something you could use a head start on today?  Is there some way you can help someone else get a head start?


Star Struck

April 29, 2013

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My impression is that a celebrity can often feel like fans want something from them:  an autograph, a photo or a hug.  As a public figure who benefits from a following I do believe a certain amount of accessability is part of their work.  The sacrifice for big paychecks and fame is the possibility that a daily routine may be full of fan interactions.  In L.A. it is very “uncool” to be outwardly star struck.  Celebrities are EVERYWHERE and the locals give them their space.

A couple of days ago, Jen (my director/celebrity stylist/lifestyle coach & creative consultant to the stars friend) were at a charming cafe in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Larchmont.  I saw a woman take a seat at the table next to us and she caught my attention with her unique gait and mannerisms.  It was MOLLY SHANNON!  She is an all time favorite of mine.  Her comedic energy is so pervasive and infectious.  I alerted Jen via a text I typed and showed her on my phone.  We ate in giggles and as we were getting ready to go, I said, “I have to do something.  I am dying to!” Jen tells me, “Honey, I’m here for you whatever you choose to do.”  So we got up to leave and I walked over to Molly who then was talking to a man who had come to meet her.

“I just want to tell you that I am so happy to see you.  When I noticed you, I got so excited and nervous because I had to come say hello,” I gushed with practically tears welling up.  She was so taken aback and touched with her expression.  “It is so nice to meet you,” she said as we held hands in an extended hand shake.  She was fantastic and so kind.  Jen and I left in a laughing fit.  We were so tickled by the experience.  How powerful that Molly Shannon’s presence alone had made my day.  I didn’t want a photo or an autograph.  I wanted a real-life connection with someone I had been connecting with on the screen for years.

Then later we had to meet with the celebrity and his wife Jen had just dressed for their red carpet movie premier the day prior.  They were returning the clothes.  I had met them years ago at another fitting.  As we greeted each other, they recognized me and we took a moment for greetings.  He leaned in to give a cheek kiss greeting and I was so caught off guard (by them remebering me and being so open) that I backed away from it but he leaned further! Then to recover from an awkward moment I leaned in to return the hug.  I was so worried that they would think I wanted some kind of connection with them that it made me a wierdo!  hahah!

Have you ever approached a celebrity?  What did you say?  What would you say?  When has someone/a stranger wanted to connect with you?  When have you been genuine with your feelings and not wanted anything in return but was greeted with open arms?  What is it about certain public figures that get you excited where others wouldn’t turn your head?

(photo of Molly Shannon by Gage Skidmore, via Flickr)

What Sign are you Advertising?

April 26, 2013

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Pizza and Wings is the Answer

Have you ever wanted say, a job, and you kept listing all the things in your head that you wanted:  a big corner office, control of your schedule, lots of people to boss around, independence etc?  That was the neon sign you were holding over your head.  What about holding a sign that said:  I’m a hard worker, I meet deadlines, I exceed expectations, I make work a fun place to be, I increase the bottom line, I have experience?  As an employer, which sign attracts you?

Both lists are super important in cultivating and attracting what you want.  The sign with all the things you can offer will bring in all kinds of suitors.  Sometimes the things we can offer seem so obvious to us but actually, putting up the metaphorical billboards can help direct others or opportunities to us.  Then it’s up to you to choose what/who fills your needs.

I used to daydream of the things I would do to make my future husband happy.

What signs are you holding?  What signs are you looking for?

(photo I took on a road trip from Florida to Texas)

How Curious are You?

April 25, 2013


What ever is not an energy source, is an energy sink.

on a bookshelf in the library I go to

Are you a good listener?  Yesterday, my friend and I were talking about how wonderfully lucky we were to have such an effortless relationship.  We are so curious about each other!  I kind of stalk her!  Spending time together is so energizing and inspirational.

Some amazing personality attributes are being able to truly listen, asking really great questions, follow up questions and the ability to be fully present with the roller coaster that ensues.  Add on to that some encouragement, the ability to preclude yourself from bringing the subject back to yourself and you’re pretty much god-like.

There are healer-patient relationships, parent-child relationships, lovers etc.  Each have different expectations of what to give and take.  All are important in a balanced life.

When you are talking to someone, are you really interested in what they are saying?  Are you fully present with what their concerns, excitements or fears are?  Who do you want to be more curious about today?  How do you get a lot while giving a lot?

What do you think about that quote above?

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Celebrity Stylist for a Day

April 24, 2013

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Dressing the Stars

The coolest thing in the world is to be-someone-else for a day.  Today we’re in L.A. on an impromtu business trip for Chris.  One of my best friends in the world lives here and wears many L.A. hats:  director, celebrity stylist, lifestyle coach and more.  She happens to be dressing someone for the red carpet today and I get to come along!  I got to be a celebrity stylist last year when she was dressing the same stars .  She took me to Rodeo Drive where we were thrown garment bags full of couture gowns, suits and bags of shoes.  Then we rushed over to the Larry Flynt building and headed up to a jewelry vault.  It was this beautiful, sealed, glass room with floor to ceiling windows on one side.  We were escorted inside and given free reign to select any of the expensive jewelry we liked.  I got into full character and even “yuck-ed” a few pieces the woman showed me.  heheheheh.  We signed out the jewelry and went to pick up a tailor.  Clothing, shoes, jewelry and tailor in tow, we went over to the actors’ home.  There we offered outfit changes, swapped ties, rings, handbags and heels until the perfect look was created.  The tailor made her magic marks and viola, we were out.  I am TERRIBLE with fashion but for a day, I got to be a celebrity stylist!!!  How fun!!

What random jobs have you had the opportunity or necessity to do?  Have you ever had to fake that you were good at something?

Train a Human, Animal Style

April 23, 2013

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I was led to read an entertaining NY Times article about a woman who used concepts behind animal training to make her husband more lovable.  The main idea is to reinforce positive behaviors and ignore unpleasant ones.  Simple and brilliant yet something I will take on as a challenge in my personal life.  I am super picky about taking photos of people.  It is thrilling and often when someone loves a photo I’ve taken of them (gloat gloat).  I am the hardest person to photograph and I often over-complain to Chris when I don’t like a pic.  Here is one he took of me at the Market on my birthday this past weekend.  I like it!  I have mentioned that to him many times in the last couple of days!

Pike's Market on my birthday!There were SO many flowers in the market but we already had flowers at home so Chis suggested we get some for my Mom.  I will have to remember to reinforce that one too!  How sweet!

Pike's Market Flowers

Pike's Market FlowersCan you believe those prices?!  You can always get a good deal on these at the market.  Sometimes there are some filler flowers (baby’s breath kinda stuff) with crazy colors like deep purple or blue.  We thought we had found the most incredible plants on the earth but these have been spray painted!  hahaha.

I guess the less pleasant behaviors may continue but you will be too happy enjoying all the positive ones to notice!

Happy Monday!