Train a Human, Animal Style

April 23, 2013

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I was led to read an entertaining NY Times article about a woman who used concepts behind animal training to make her husband more lovable.  The main idea is to reinforce positive behaviors and ignore unpleasant ones.  Simple and brilliant yet something I will take on as a challenge in my personal life.  I am super picky about taking photos of people.  It is thrilling and often when someone loves a photo I’ve taken of them (gloat gloat).  I am the hardest person to photograph and I often over-complain to Chris when I don’t like a pic.  Here is one he took of me at the Market on my birthday this past weekend.  I like it!  I have mentioned that to him many times in the last couple of days!

Pike's Market on my birthday!There were SO many flowers in the market but we already had flowers at home so Chis suggested we get some for my Mom.  I will have to remember to reinforce that one too!  How sweet!

Pike's Market Flowers

Pike's Market FlowersCan you believe those prices?!  You can always get a good deal on these at the market.  Sometimes there are some filler flowers (baby’s breath kinda stuff) with crazy colors like deep purple or blue.  We thought we had found the most incredible plants on the earth but these have been spray painted!  hahaha.

I guess the less pleasant behaviors may continue but you will be too happy enjoying all the positive ones to notice!

Happy Monday!




  • Rebecca

    This made me giggle because I have also made the analogy of raising good children to disciplining a dog. To get a great child or dog, you shower it with love and affection, on occasion assert yourself as the alpha if behavior goes too far south, and exercise it by taking it to the park frequently!!

    • LOL. Yes, exercising your human and self is a great addition! I love being “conditioned” with compliments.