Celebrity Stylist for a Day

April 24, 2013

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Dressing the Stars

The coolest thing in the world is to be-someone-else for a day.  Today we’re in L.A. on an impromtu business trip for Chris.  One of my best friends in the world lives here and wears many L.A. hats:  director, celebrity stylist, lifestyle coach and more.  She happens to be dressing someone for the red carpet today and I get to come along!  I got to be a celebrity stylist last year when she was dressing the same stars .  She took me to Rodeo Drive where we were thrown garment bags full of couture gowns, suits and bags of shoes.  Then we rushed over to the Larry Flynt building and headed up to a jewelry vault.  It was this beautiful, sealed, glass room with floor to ceiling windows on one side.  We were escorted inside and given free reign to select any of the expensive jewelry we liked.  I got into full character and even “yuck-ed” a few pieces the woman showed me.  heheheheh.  We signed out the jewelry and went to pick up a tailor.  Clothing, shoes, jewelry and tailor in tow, we went over to the actors’ home.  There we offered outfit changes, swapped ties, rings, handbags and heels until the perfect look was created.  The tailor made her magic marks and viola, we were out.  I am TERRIBLE with fashion but for a day, I got to be a celebrity stylist!!!  How fun!!

What random jobs have you had the opportunity or necessity to do?  Have you ever had to fake that you were good at something?