How Curious are You?

April 25, 2013


What ever is not an energy source, is an energy sink.

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Are you a good listener?  Yesterday, my friend and I were talking about how wonderfully lucky we were to have such an effortless relationship.  We are so curious about each other!  I kind of stalk her!  Spending time together is so energizing and inspirational.

Some amazing personality attributes are being able to truly listen, asking really great questions, follow up questions and the ability to be fully present with the roller coaster that ensues.  Add on to that some encouragement, the ability to preclude yourself from bringing the subject back to yourself and you’re pretty much god-like.

There are healer-patient relationships, parent-child relationships, lovers etc.  Each have different expectations of what to give and take.  All are important in a balanced life.

When you are talking to someone, are you really interested in what they are saying?  Are you fully present with what their concerns, excitements or fears are?  Who do you want to be more curious about today?  How do you get a lot while giving a lot?

What do you think about that quote above?

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