What Sign are you Advertising?

April 26, 2013

Favorites / ROMANCE

Pizza and Wings is the Answer

Have you ever wanted say, a job, and you kept listing all the things in your head that you wanted:  a big corner office, control of your schedule, lots of people to boss around, independence etc?  That was the neon sign you were holding over your head.  What about holding a sign that said:  I’m a hard worker, I meet deadlines, I exceed expectations, I make work a fun place to be, I increase the bottom line, I have experience?  As an employer, which sign attracts you?

Both lists are super important in cultivating and attracting what you want.  The sign with all the things you can offer will bring in all kinds of suitors.  Sometimes the things we can offer seem so obvious to us but actually, putting up the metaphorical billboards can help direct others or opportunities to us.  Then it’s up to you to choose what/who fills your needs.

I used to daydream of the things I would do to make my future husband happy.

What signs are you holding?  What signs are you looking for?

(photo I took on a road trip from Florida to Texas)