Head Starts

April 30, 2013

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If you’re trying to lose weight and succeed in shedding 3 pounds by first week’s end, that is a lot more encouraging than seeing the scale go nowhere.

The weather has finally been breaking here, in Seattle, the past couple of weeks with rain-free days and even a few sunny ones.  Everyone is out gardening.  I was in full force back in the fall but not one weed was pulled since about December.  The weeds proliferate a click faster than bunnies.

Three weeks ago I threw on the gloves and began the challenge.  Fifteen hours, a week  later, 3 tiny sections of garden manicured and many more to go, my optimism was waning.  Some weeds had even managed to creep up in the first section I had already finished!  Above is an example of pre-weeding and post-weeding.  So, we hired gardeners.  Chris set it up and said the owner told him, “It won’t be done in one visit but over time it will get done.”  We have them coming twice a month.  They must have come last week when we were out of town.  The whole backyard has been weeded!!!  That would have taken me days!  With this kind of head start, I am once again motivated.  It isn’t overwhelming now.  A beautiful yard is something I can have!

Here is a poem I wrote during the first round of weeding this year:


Yes, you are like the North Korea of weeds.  You are my Caddy Shack gopher.  I heard you snickering when you dropped your leaves like a gecko releasing its tail as I gingerly attempted to coax you from the ground.

Thanks for earning me a beep from the creepy guy in a black truck driving by.  Of course he did.  You had me in a Mario Brothers two-handed heave with my back toward the street.  I credit you for the earthworm who hitchhiked in the fold of my sock into the house and scared the living **** out of me.  Nice one.  You’re clever.  I’ll give you that.  

Well guess what.  Some of your “friends” living in a drier patch of the yard have given up your Samson’s pony tail.  You guys don’t have much of a defense in the dry, crumbly soil.  I tapped each of my gardener-gloved fingertips together like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons and cooed, “exxxxcelent.” 

Summer’s coming and it doesn’t rain in Seattle forever.  Mwahahahahahahaa.

Here is the backyard last fall.

Autumn Back Yard

Here it is today with the Dogwood blooming!


What kinds of head starts have you had?  How did they propel you into reaching your final goals?  Is there something you could use a head start on today?  Is there some way you can help someone else get a head start?