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Tricks and Have a Great Weekend

May 31, 2013

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A coral tree we saw in Santa Barbara this week.

What kind of person are you? Do you ask for permission or act and then ask for forgiveness? I am a permission person who is always trying to practice the art of announcing things I really want to do before I do them instead of asking. It’s a pretty cool trick.

Thank you for the great feedback this week on how you deal with husband and wife economics. I LOVED hearing about how you handle things and I am always eager to hear more! I got a kick out of the little “tricks” women use like one person who shops when her husband is away for work and then says, “I’ve had these forever,” when he notices her wearing a new pair of shoes. Classic. Some of you are so diplomatic and allocate equal spending allowances. Admirable.

Have a wonderful weekend! We get to see our friends who are visiting from Germany, as well as the couple who introduced us. Then we will be laying Chris’ mother’s remains to rest and heading home to Seattle. We miss Charlie!

Here is some interesting stuff around the web:

What do you think about Bit Coins? Do you think it’s the currency of the future?

Have you seen these donut cakes that are trending? You could do it with gluten-free donuts too!

An alarm clock app for heavy sleepers.

A yummy flatbread recipe that is as fun to watch as it probably is to eat by a very talented blogger in Seattle!

Isn’t this a funny place to have a picnic? Can you find the bench?


Happy Friday…go out there and do something to write about. That includes couch time with your dog, Linda. XO


Unintentional Down Time

May 30, 2013

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You know, when the universe hits you with a not-so-subtle forced evening in bed (head cold) even though you’re in L.A. and it’s one of your besties’ birthday party nights. That was last night.  I did learn about the App “Eat 24,” a food delivery program. Pretty cool. Vegetarian pad-see-yoo for one quickly turned into that and an additional order of pad thai due to the $15 minimum.

My mentor, Dr. Frieder, would tell his patients that getting sick was how the universe forced us to slow down and rest. It is important to stay balanced so that you don’t get a really BIG message. He would make you feel like it was the prize you got for doing so much…kind of like a vacation from it all.

I spent the night making up with Jen’s cat, Kai (short for Kylie), after stepping on his tail earlier in a hazy stumble back to the bed. I probably needed a warm up before this past week’s social commotion and travel that I used to be in shape for. Back at our home in Seattle this past year, our social lives have become quiet slash nonexistent!

Here’s what a “big” night in Seattle looks like:

bowlingAfter a few rounds bowling we might get saucy and head over to Husky’s to get a little husky with some ice cream…be careful which cup you get your spoon from…

ice cream spoons

This week’s itinearay includes…4 different cities, 5 different beds, a wedding, lunches, a memorial service, a birthday party (not), lunches, dinners, Chris driving all over town for work yada yada yada.

What is stress? It is stimulation. Good or bad, it affects your body. That goes for emotional as well as physical stimulation. Have you ever been really stressed out and the second you took a moment to let your guard down, you got sick? That is the wonderful human body’s self care system.

How does your body tell you that you’ve taken too much on?  How do you care for people in your life who have too much on their plate? How do you stay balanced and model that for your loved ones?

How to Eat on the Road

May 29, 2013

Out and About

Whole Foods

So, we are on the road a lot and we try to eat well. Here are some tips for foraging on the run.

1. Pack some good snacks. We like nuts and bars. I like to pick up a couple of salads to supplement whatever we get at the airport for the flight.

Trader Joe's Nuts

Trader Joe’s Nut Section


Trader Joe's Salads

Trader Joe’s Salad Section

2. Do a little research on your airports. Check out Airport Food online. Beecher’s is a local cheese shop that makes great soups and sandwiches…yes dairy…but yes to quality as well. Check out the cheese selection at the airport in Seattle, WA! Great place to pick up a little cutting board and cheese for your hosts!

Beecher's Cheese

I LOVE that they spelled “Chris” with a “K” on our sandwich…

Beecher's Sandwich

3. Get the YELP! App and type “healthy” in the search section. We enjoyed Backyard Bowls (fruit/granola/smoothie bowls) in Santa Barbara, CA this weekend.

Backyard Bowls

I had some DELICIOUS eggplant and tofu with brown rice at Loving Hut Veagan restaurant in Ladera Ranch, CA.

Loving Hut

4. Look up local grocery stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts or Jimbo’s for easy, healthy meals.

What snacks do you pack? How do you find good food when traveling?

Paso Robles Wine Country Wedding

May 27, 2013

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This weekend we attended a SUPER cute wedding in Paso Robles, California for Chris’ friends (now mine as well), Dan and Jessica. There were so many pretty details and since we arrived at the venue (Alex Trebek’s rentable estate) early, I started snapping away like a tourist. We were greeted with some signature beverages in a cocktail section to the side of the reception and ceremony area. These were like pink Mai Tais (I think). SOOO yummy!


I had to sneak over to see what the ceremony area looked like. Breathtaking! There were peonies and chrysanthemums with maiden hair ferns everywhere.


Each of the guests were given these golden wands with bells and satiny streamers to wave at the end of the ceremony. Are you kidding me? Who has time to think of this stuff let alone make it? I was so impressed and inspired!  Dan and Jessica made one hundred of these:


The reception was held in the center of the stables. There were strung up lights and heat lamps.


We found our pinwheels amidst a little “garden” of them in soddy moss-type planters and headed to our seats with more little details.


Wedding Menu

This was our first “family style” serving at a wedding and it is BRILLIANT! There was lots of food and it was delicious. Sharing and passing kept the energy of the table moving too.

Chickpea salad

We were gifted with these packages which held a bird seed heart.


The bride and groom sat here at the pink-sequined table complete with chair swag and HUGE balloons. I heard they used them for some photos…can’t wait to see those!



This has to be the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen in person. It had layers of:

1. Red Velvet with Chocolate Ganache

2. Champagne with Fresh Strawberries

3. Chocolate Chunk with Fresh Strawberries

In addition there were individual chocolate custard cups with vanilla cream served in little mason jars with raffia to tie on a spoon.


I LOVE this table setting. The pink and gold theme was so well-done throughout.


Check out that wedding dress! It had whip-cream-light layers of sheer ivory fabric cascading down with a delicate, white fabric flower cluster embellished sash. Here is the happy couple enjoying their first dance.


We were happy guests!


What have been the most impressive wedding touches you’ve seen?  What do you think about destination weddings and themes?  Do you have a dream wedding idea?

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Thank you to those who serve and served!

A Definition of Success a la Huffington

May 23, 2013



hole in one

Arianna Huffington’s commencement speech to Smith College (for women) this past weekend is something I may have been confused by when I was 22. She fleshed out and encouraged what she calls the “third women’s revolution,” with the first having been civil rights and the second equality. She describes the third revolution as a time to redefine success with the pillars of:

  • well-being
  • a sense of wonder
  • wisdom

Essentially she’s saying that people are killing themselves to climb financial and professional ladders leaving them with little happiness and diminishing health.

She charged women to “sleep your way to the top,” with the literal message of getting enough physical rest so necessary for good decision-making. Chris would love her for endorsing nap time-she says there are two nap rooms at her office. Having a work culture that supports well-being is something else she advocates.

When I was 22, graduating from college and entering the military to compete in “male” jobs with the aspirations of becoming an Admiral, commanding a fleet or someday advising the President on national security I would have been confused by Ms. Huffington’s charge. I was on my way to sleeping very little, working months on end with zero time off, eating unhealthy food that was provided BUT I had a good paycheck, I had a respectable job with room for lots of climbing. I thought these things DID define my happiness then. Totally different story now.

What made you happy 10/15/20 years ago and what makes you happy now?  Would you advise someone against working like crazy or barely working if that was what made them happy?  With children or younger people who look up to you, do you want them to experience things and figure it out or tell them how to be happy?

happy golfers