Paso Robles Wine Country Wedding

May 27, 2013

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This weekend we attended a SUPER cute wedding in Paso Robles, California for Chris’ friends (now mine as well), Dan and Jessica. There were so many pretty details and since we arrived at the venue (Alex Trebek’s rentable estate) early, I started snapping away like a tourist. We were greeted with some signature beverages in a cocktail section to the side of the reception and ceremony area. These were like pink Mai Tais (I think). SOOO yummy!


I had to sneak over to see what the ceremony area looked like. Breathtaking! There were peonies and chrysanthemums with maiden hair ferns everywhere.


Each of the guests were given these golden wands with bells and satiny streamers to wave at the end of the ceremony. Are you kidding me? Who has time to think of this stuff let alone make it? I was so impressed and inspired!  Dan and Jessica made one hundred of these:


The reception was held in the center of the stables. There were strung up lights and heat lamps.


We found our pinwheels amidst a little “garden” of them in soddy moss-type planters and headed to our seats with more little details.


Wedding Menu

This was our first “family style” serving at a wedding and it is BRILLIANT! There was lots of food and it was delicious. Sharing and passing kept the energy of the table moving too.

Chickpea salad

We were gifted with these packages which held a bird seed heart.


The bride and groom sat here at the pink-sequined table complete with chair swag and HUGE balloons. I heard they used them for some photos…can’t wait to see those!



This has to be the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen in person. It had layers of:

1. Red Velvet with Chocolate Ganache

2. Champagne with Fresh Strawberries

3. Chocolate Chunk with Fresh Strawberries

In addition there were individual chocolate custard cups with vanilla cream served in little mason jars with raffia to tie on a spoon.


I LOVE this table setting. The pink and gold theme was so well-done throughout.


Check out that wedding dress! It had whip-cream-light layers of sheer ivory fabric cascading down with a delicate, white fabric flower cluster embellished sash. Here is the happy couple enjoying their first dance.


We were happy guests!


What have been the most impressive wedding touches you’ve seen?  What do you think about destination weddings and themes?  Do you have a dream wedding idea?

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Thank you to those who serve and served!