Unintentional Down Time

May 30, 2013

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You know, when the universe hits you with a not-so-subtle forced evening in bed (head cold) even though you’re in L.A. and it’s one of your besties’ birthday party nights. That was last night.  I did learn about the App “Eat 24,” a food delivery program. Pretty cool. Vegetarian pad-see-yoo for one quickly turned into that and an additional order of pad thai due to the $15 minimum.

My mentor, Dr. Frieder, would tell his patients that getting sick was how the universe forced us to slow down and rest. It is important to stay balanced so that you don’t get a really BIG message. He would make you feel like it was the prize you got for doing so much…kind of like a vacation from it all.

I spent the night making up with Jen’s cat, Kai (short for Kylie), after stepping on his tail earlier in a hazy stumble back to the bed. I probably needed a warm up before this past week’s social commotion and travel that I used to be in shape for. Back at our home in Seattle this past year, our social lives have become quiet slash nonexistent!

Here’s what a “big” night in Seattle looks like:

bowlingAfter a few rounds bowling we might get saucy and head over to Husky’s to get a little husky with some ice cream…be careful which cup you get your spoon from…

ice cream spoons

This week’s itinearay includes…4 different cities, 5 different beds, a wedding, lunches, a memorial service, a birthday party (not), lunches, dinners, Chris driving all over town for work yada yada yada.

What is stress? It is stimulation. Good or bad, it affects your body. That goes for emotional as well as physical stimulation. Have you ever been really stressed out and the second you took a moment to let your guard down, you got sick? That is the wonderful human body’s self care system.

How does your body tell you that you’ve taken too much on?  How do you care for people in your life who have too much on their plate? How do you stay balanced and model that for your loved ones?