Tricks and Have a Great Weekend

May 31, 2013

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A coral tree we saw in Santa Barbara this week.

What kind of person are you? Do you ask for permission or act and then ask for forgiveness? I am a permission person who is always trying to practice the art of announcing things I really want to do before I do them instead of asking. It’s a pretty cool trick.

Thank you for the great feedback this week on how you deal with husband and wife economics. I LOVED hearing about how you handle things and I am always eager to hear more! I got a kick out of the little “tricks” women use like one person who shops when her husband is away for work and then says, “I’ve had these forever,” when he notices her wearing a new pair of shoes. Classic. Some of you are so diplomatic and allocate equal spending allowances. Admirable.

Have a wonderful weekend! We get to see our friends who are visiting from Germany, as well as the couple who introduced us. Then we will be laying Chris’ mother’s remains to rest and heading home to Seattle. We miss Charlie!

Here is some interesting stuff around the web:

What do you think about Bit Coins? Do you think it’s the currency of the future?

Have you seen these donut cakes that are trending? You could do it with gluten-free donuts too!

An alarm clock app for heavy sleepers.

A yummy flatbread recipe that is as fun to watch as it probably is to eat by a very talented blogger in Seattle!

Isn’t this a funny place to have a picnic? Can you find the bench?


Happy Friday…go out there and do something to write about. That includes couch time with your dog, Linda. XO