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What are Greybies and Gifts for Photographers

May 22, 2013

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Have you heard of the “Greybies?”  Apparently a “baby boom,” is the result of the popular and racy book series, “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  I did read the book I and did not get pregnant as a result of it but I can see how people did!  The book made me giggle out loud sometimes at how “perfect” things seemed to be for the heroine.  If you liked Twighlight, Christian Grey of “Fifty Shades of Grey” is Edward except he has a mysterious past which makes him a bit less abstinent and although not stone cold physically, a bit steely emotionally.  It’s a good read for a weekend by the pool…just load it onto your kindle so everyone doesn’t know what you’re wide-eyed over in public.  Last year when I was looking for fun events for the winter I came upon a sold out Fifty Shades party at a rooftop restaurant in downtown Seattle.  It was for fans of the book to come dressed up and mingle…it was for both singles and couples.   Yikes!

I stumbled upon some awesome gifts for iPhotographers.

Cool lenses:

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Is there a certain song, movie or book that resulted in a baby you know?

OCD for Your Mental Health

May 21, 2013


Dirty Make-up Brushes

Cleanliness is a key factor in happiness.  I can recall certain soothing nights spent up late cleaning through stressful times in my life.  Yes, I sound loony and I AM when I’m worried about something or sad.  My coping mechanism has always been cleaning and organizing.  Hint-if my house is white-glove clean, please ask me if I’m ok.

Cleaning is meditative to me because I can focus on making something better and not on ANYTHING else.  It’s a great way to work yourself through break-ups, arguments, frustrations etc.  Instead of eating ice cream, over-boozing (a little boozing is ok), gift yourself with zen surroundings and healthy living.

Clean Make-up Brushes

Here I am cleaning my make-up brushes.  Yay!  This was done out of pure joy…I always do this but when I was super busy with work I had to do this stuff at night or on weekends.  I was celebrating the fact that I could do this at 10:00 a.m.

B.T.W.  Did you know there were racing pigeons?  I wonder how they’re treated?

Margot Knows the Sun

May 20, 2013

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Did you ever read the short story “All Summer in a Day,” by Ray Bradbury?  It’s a story about young children in a classroom on Venus.  On Venus, it always rains but for one hour, once every seven years, the sun comes out.  The story takes place on one of those Venus sun days.  There is a girl named Margot in the class who used to live on Earth five years earlier so she knows what sun is like and tells the other children who were too young to have remembered it seven years before on Venus.  Margot describes it like a stove or a penny and the children lock her in a closet out of jealousy.  At that moment, the teacher calls everyone out to see the sun!  They play and laugh in the glorious sun and after one hour, the rain and clouds return again.  Back in the classroom, the elation of the sun wears off and they remember Margot.  In the closet.  Bradbury describes the children as, “unable to meet each other’s glances.”

I recalled that story a lot this winter in Seattle. 🙂  Hikes like the one this weekend are something we will come back to visit for (not to mention our FAMILY and FRIENDS).



Your Happy Hour Spot

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Right on the water in West Seattle is Marination Ma Kai (beside the sea).  Chris found this place on Yelp.  It is a Korean, Hawaiian fusion spot with menu items like Kalbi Beef Tacos and kimchi fried rice served in Chinese take-out boxes.

Marination Ma Kai


There is a tiny seating area inside and a small (but fully stocked) bar with about 6 stools.  Outside there is plenty of seating with a view of Seattle’s skyline.

Marination Ma Kai

The tacos are so small and tasty!  We order many!  Here is a fish taco:


Here are the Kalbi Beef:IMG_2327


There are fun drinks like the li hing mui (very Hawaiian/Japanese) margaritas below:

Marination Lihi Mui Margaritas

We love this place around 3-5 p.m. for small bites, breezy California atmosphere and a friendly staff.  Terry the bartender is awesome!  They even have Coronado Brewing Company beer on tap.

What makes a spot YOUR happy hour spot?  Where do you go?

Make an Instant BFF

May 16, 2013

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Making friends can be a beautiful, slow, growing process or you can be BFFs with someone instantly.  Try this method.

1.  Listen.  Be curious, present, interested.

2.  Be vulnerable.  Share something unexpected.

3.  Be open to what may come back your way!  One of my BFFs to this day asked me to cut her hair the first day we met!  LOL.

Because I moved so much as a kid, I never wanted to waste time in making really good friends.  That usually included sharing the most embarrassing story I had about myself up until that point.

Like the summer I had to wear a really tight uniform onboard a ship and everyone was calling me donkey booty behind my back.  These uniforms were issued to us during college in ROTC to be used in the summer when we spent a few weeks on a Navy ship to see what it was like.  I took mine home and they seemed to be pretty tight.  I took them back to the ornery supply chief and he yelled at me, “That’s what you get.”  OK, well these were like mechanic onesies.  They were dark blue and had a zipper running down the center.  In order for a girl to go to the bathroom, you have to unzip them all the way, pull the upper part off and pull them down-basically undress.

I took them back home and gave them all a good washing.  When I got to the ship that summer and put one on,  I was mortified to see that it had shrunken even more in the drier and it was “camel-toe” tight with a high-water leg length.  I looked like I was in a baby-GAP/J. Lo cat suit all summer.  One day I heard someone say, “donkey,” under their breath as I walked by.  How did I do that for 4 weeks???  I’m surprised I didn’t pinch off a limb.

Years later when I was officially a Naval Officer I got to buy my own uniforms instead of having them issued.  One day, I  actually got “counseled” for wearing a uniform that was too big for me.  Once I was buying them for myself, the navy blue onesies I chose looked like a tarp, strapped onto me with a rope (the belt).  When the wind blew by, I looked like a dumb-bell-balloon tethered by 2 black steel-toed boots.

What’s you “opener” when meeting new people?  What do you think about people who share a lot on a first meeting?  Good?  Bad?  Awkward?