The Land Before Time

June 24, 2013

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“The Land Before Time,” is what my 23 year-old sister-in-law, Mattie, named the “endowment” we spotted at the Fremont Solstice Fair in Seattle (see at bottom of post) this past weekend. The Fremont Fair is how Seattlelites welcome the summer! Tons of craft booths, food and a parade that starts with a nude cyclist explosion. Clothing is optional and creative body paint is admirable.


We were surprised by how many children were there and we wondered what they thought of it all. There were lots of other questions too like, “How are they sitting on those bicycle seats with no underwear?”

We had to get into the spirit-Rated G style-so we got our face paint on.



Face Painting

The artist went for Mardi Gras with Mattie and I asked for a flamingo.


Then we had readings by clairvoyants. The woman asked me if I did calligraphy. I said no. Then later she looped back and asked if I was a writer…”Sort of,” I told her. She had professional creative advice that was specific and rang true! Mattie was given some love and career info that left her more puzzled!

Here are two guys who asked Mattie to take a photo of them. “You look like you know how to take a good picture,” they said to her while handing her a paint encrusted smart phone. I DID NOT notice that one of them was completely naked (left) and I said, “Mattie, get in there and I’ll take a picture with you and them.” Looking back at the photos we all freaked out because I finally noticed one was naked! Chris and Mattie had known all along and just thought I was cool with Mattie being in a photo with him!!!!  NOOOOO!! HAHAHA

Fremont Solstice

The nude guy is thinking, “Wow, this chick is taking a nude photo of me. Cool.” That little blue soldier girl in the background is all paint except a tiny thong!

Some people who I pointed out as, “No Paint,” were just nude with NO PAINT! Usually they were wearing a backpack…probably to carry their clothes.

Fair Food.

Fair Gyro

I heard the nude and painted girls behind me in the beer line saying they had a few drinkies before their bike ride and were staying pickled.

In the beer garden, we were sitting in the grass, minding our own business and then BOOM. “Oh my Gosh,” I yelled as I saw what is now known as “The Land Before Time.” This man was standing about 30 feet away, wearing only a fanny pack, sunglasses and red and gold body paint. Mattie said she was reminded of the children’s dinosaur movie when she saw…it. Even Chris was impressed! Check out the back of him in yellow and red!


P.S. Twinkies are coming back July 15th. Hmmm…I can remember the days when I used to like those (age 8)!

What do you think about being nude in public? Have you tried it or would you? They looked to be having a grand time.