I Want THAT Job…The Boutique Professions

June 27, 2013

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Do you ever reconnect with an old friend or see someone on Television’s job and think, “I want THAT job!” Or, “THAT’s a job?” No WAY! Then perhaps your next thought sounds like, “I could never do that.” Actually, you probably can.

Taking your daughter to work day where I sprayed some water in people’s mouths at my dad’s dental clinic was very sweet and I totally encourage you exploring very classic professions like dentistry but this post is about wandering into more boutique professions or jobs that are less than easily accessible.

Do you think celebrities are looking for a fashion stylist with no red-carpet experience, who does acupuncture with a military background? NO. BUT, I have a bestie who IS a celebrity stylist and has allowed me to tag along and play! Bottles of champagne and thank you gifts are always on her mail table. She is a brilliant stylist and friends with the back door entrance of every style house on Rodeo Dr.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to do a job like that full-time (I often wear the same outfit many days in a row) but doing it for a few days makes me feel stylish, exclusive and energized.

  • Identify the Boutique Profession
  • Do you want to sample it or consider it as a profession?
  • Do your research so you know how to industry-communicate with your soon-to-be guru. See if someone has a blog on this profession…sure they do.
  • Find your guru.
  • Develop a rapport with the right guru.
  • Approach them offering your free help, trade, or ask to tag-along.
  • If it clicked, consider an internship, paid position, or further formal education.

Once I got to tag along with my mentor to an exclusive medical clinic with cutting edge techniques and I got to have my brain hooked up to a machine that delivered music therapy waves that successfully treats brain-damaged patients. Incredible.

In the Navy I was often charged with touring DVs (distinguished visitors-CEOs of American companies/politicians/actors) around the ship and answering all their questions. They were SO interested in what I did. It really made me feel incredible and cool so I know what it’s like on the other side b/c ship driving is not exactly glam on the day-to-day.

Another friend is a music video director and I’ve asked to tag along on set with at YES! I’d also love to try out matchmaking for a bit. I am totally into Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stranger.

What boutique profession are you interested in? Is there someone who would love to be YOU for a day? Does anyone wonder what it’s like to be a blogger?