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Yes, It Is a Big Deal

June 20, 2013



What did your parents say to you when you were upset? I was playing with some young children at a summer camp and there was a very young boy surrounded by some older girls who were squealing all around him. He became overwhelmed and started crying. I approached him and asked him why he was upset. He was just upset by the noises! We were walking back to the classroom so he took my hand while crying and I said to him, “It’s ok. It’s no big deal, let’s get going back to the classroom for snack time. I heard we’re having zucchini brownies!” Oh hellll no, Christina! “It IS A BIG DEAL,” he yelled back at me!

Whoah! He was totally right-I failed to validate his feelings. So, I said, Read More

Your Inspirational Words

June 19, 2013

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“Happiness depends upon/on ourselves” Aristotle

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote? Fifty of them? I see so many great ones on Facebook every day. I decided to make a few more permanent in my life to remind me of the feelings I enjoy. Here is a fun, crafty way to surround yourself and your family with inspirational wisdom!

I used some inexpensive wooden block alphabet stamps I purchased at Michael’s for half off with one of their coupons. You can get the coupons on your phone too.

I find myself remembering favorite quotes incorrectly sometimes but I like it. For example, I remembered this Rumi line, “It’s rigged-everything, in your favor,” as “Everything is rigged in our favor.”

Rumi, Everything is rigged in our favor

I inked the quotes on pretty catalog and magazine paper, cut them out and put them up where I need them.

Visualizing intention is very powerful! It’s a great thing to do at work or school. I once saw in an elementary gymnasium large painted words like “Respect,” and “Citizenship” on the walls. Impressive!

Can you believe my OCD allows me to incorrectly copy these quotes? I’m probably going to go fix them. Ahhh!

What quotes do you surround yourself with?

Baby Pressure With “Help”

June 18, 2013

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Do your parents put pressure on you to have children? Mine do! We were at a wonderful Bloody Mary type of brunch this past weekend celebrating Father’s Day and they kept asking, “When will we be celebrating Father’s Day for Chris?” Then my mom gives Chris these pajamas, a gift she brought back from her most recent trip to Korea. In Korea, it is popular for guys to be cute too. Baby talk is in and so are male pajamas with teddy bears and bows. Really? Are these pajamas “baby making” clothes? Unless they’re sprayed with pheromones I’m not sure they’re the ticket to a “fertile” evening. Are those cropped pants? Yes. The only triple X here is the fact that in Korea, these are XXXL because no Korean man needs pants this large.


They ARE super soft though and I think Chris will even wear them. I want to stay over at my parents’ one night so he can wear these and my dad can wear the teddy bear ones my mom got for him.


Why the baby pressure is a good thing:

  • The pressure is coming from people who are approving of your union and capability of being good parents
  • You’re building a support system of people who encourage this endeavor
  • The encouragement may be helpful in stepping toward facing your fear of becoming parents
  • This is LIFE, you’re probably going to understand what these people are going through thirty years from now

Really nice ways to pressure:

  • Gifts-I’ve heard of some parents “helping” by getting couples into a bigger/more comfortable living space
  • Offering childcare help
  • Professional help-ways/ideas to make the future parents’ jobs easier like more flexible work hours or taking on jobs where they can work more from home
  • Anything that is going to give the future parents a sense of support and less stress will HELP!

How do you respond to “Baby Pressure?” Any good one-liners?

Make-out Food

June 17, 2013

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A friend of mine calls this type of meal “Make-out Food,” and she is so right! I was first introduced to this dining custom by my foodie roommate in Newport, Rhode Island. We would buy a baguette, cheese and accoutrements for a casual dinner in front of the TV with wine. When Chris and I were dating these were fancy, easy “dinners” I could throw together after a full day of seeing patients. We would feed each other and he loved being introduced to this new picnic-type meal with foods he wasn’t accustomed to like dates or goat cheeses. My friend refers to this as make-out food because it totally intimate, decadent, playful and always leads to some romance!

Why it’s intimate.

  • You’re sharing from one plate
  • It’s a sensory exploration of textures and flavors-you’re using your fingers, feeding each other and mixing so many rich flavors and textures
  • It’s slow food
  • It’s so stress-free and it’s easy to replenish
  • You can eat at the coffee table, on the floor or even in bed-a very sensual lesbian friend of mine would lavish in what she called “bed picnics” with her partner

Make-out Food


  • Medjool dates
  • apricots (dried or fresh)
  • blueberries
  • raspberries


  • hard salami
  • prosciutto


  • A soft: brie, goat
  • A hard: parmesan
  • A medium: cheddar


  • baguette
  • Ok Mak crackers
  • rice cracker rounds


  • almonds (all kinds of roasted flavored ones out there-I love plain, raw and organic)
  • pictured are organic walnuts with drizzled honey
  • cashews

Arrange on a cutting board using small bowls or ramekins to separate some items and pair with some wine.

Make-out food doesn’t give you the best breath…but I promise you won’t notice!

What else would you add to this make-out meal?

Wallpaper for Your Phone Tutorial

June 13, 2013

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Isn’t it fun to personalizing things? Here is an easy tutorial (or inspiration if you already know how) on how to make a custom background for your phone screen. Basically you want to select an image, save it to your camera roll, adjust the colors if it competes with your icon colors and then set it as the wallpaper.

Do a google image search on your computer or phone ( and select “images” at the top of the page). Type in the type of background you’re looking for. I chose:

  • vintage floral backgrounds

This one is from blempgorf. Check out the GORGEOUS fabrics on there!

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 4.09.38 PM

If searching on your computer:

  • Click on the image to select it as above (if you save it off the thumbnail screen the quality may be poor) then click and drag it onto your desk top or right click on it (control & click on a mac) and save it.
  • Email the image to your phone
  • open the image and save it to your phone’s photo library

If searching on your phone:

  • select the image online to open it
  • the click and hold until “save image” pops up and save it. Now the image is in your camera roll.

Once the Image Is in Your Phone:

  • If the image is too vibrant, open the photo in a photo editing app (I used VSCOcam- it’s free) and choose a filter to fade out or adjust the image to your liking. You want it slightly whitewashed so the applications stand out on top of it. Save the image to your camera roll.
  • Set the new wallpaper by going to Settings. Select “Brightness & Wallpaper. Select “Camera Roll” or wherever you saved your image and select your image! You can zoom in on it if it is not filling up the entire screen.

As I understand it, using images from the web for personal use is ok. It’s when you want to use things commercially that you have to conform to protocols. Have fun and let me know what you find!