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Let’s Elope to Paris!

July 31, 2013

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This is Lady Arbella Stuart. She and her beau were imprisoned for eloping. Yikes!

What do you think about eloping to an exotic locale? We got married on paper about a year ago, had a busy year and waited for the right time/place to have a wedding where everyone we loved could attend. This article title sounds like us…Stressed -Out Americans Embrace Elopement. The idea of eloping sounded like a refreshing relief!

Here is a definition of elope a la Merium Webster.

elope: to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent. It is of French origin.

Huhuhuhuuuuuu (French laugh)! That sounds saucy! Love that!

Here are  some photos of  Stars Who Eloped.

15 Celebrity Couples Who Decided to Elope-that couple from Dexter is married?!

A famous elopement in history: Young Earl Elopes with Banking Heiress…gold digger man?

Did you know Betsy Ross’ (the sweet little American Flag creator) wedding was a Famous Historical Elopement? She was a wild one!

Everyone has been super supportive of our decision and we really appreciate that! So far we think we’re going to elope to Paris, France after a little European cruise!

(photo by lisby1, via Flickr)

The Bachelorette Deserves an Academy Award and a Hug

July 30, 2013

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This is my first season watching The Bachelorette. Chris got me into it thinking I’d enjoy it, “because all women love it,” and he was right. Yes, it gets a bit slow and boring as she tells us how much she is “falling in love,” with each and every guy but analyzing the interactions and behaviors of the “characters” in the show is so juicy and fun…especially with my VERY intuitive and relationship savvy husband! He is always right!

Chris had Brooks pegged from the START! I was so hosed by the producers and I’ve been thinking it has always been very-polished Chris on the show. P.S. I have NEVER been one to be able to predict how a movie ends-sometimes even Disney Movies. AH!

So last night, after months of being a total politician and pretending to “not know” WHO she was going to select as the love of her life, Desiree was DUMPED by the guy she claims she was most into-BROOKS! WHAT!? Brooks was such a wet noodle with her and as far as the show let us see, she was as into Brooks as everyone else! If that is what Brooks felt as well, then OF COURSE he can’t feel that he truly loves Desiree! Chris (my Chris) chimed in that, “you don’t know someone until you’ve seen their emotions.”

Also, how deeply in love can you fall when the object of your affections is dating and making out with a bunch of other people? The media is so incredibly non-judgemental of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes-these all seem to be fine people but c’mon, I wouldn’t want anyone to see me making out with 7 different guys in an episode!

Look, I really do think Desiree is a truly nice person. She is darling and a wonderful actress. I also think when Brooks finally saw her break down and tell him she loved him, he was invited to see a part of her that is so crucial to a love-connection. Of course he was having reservations-he was dating a robot politician. Once we all got a sense of the pressure Desiree was under to “make the show go on” and that she had to hold her feelings back for the “game,” we ALL fell in love with her. I did.

Fear not, I just found this article on Perez Hilton: Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock Is Engaged! So who was it?

Check out what Ali Fedotowsky (Bachelorette Season 6) said about Brooks in her article called, Is Brooks the Most Boring Frontrunner Ever?

So, do you think Desiree is the most incredible actress-EVER, or do you think that Brooks was really her ONE?

BTW-Drew is the sweetest Ken Doll I’ve ever seen. I hope he gets a little spin-off show or a Polo Sport modeling contract.

WHO is the next Bachelor???

Photo by Dan Hallman/Invision/AP

Birthday Boat Party

July 29, 2013

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What a cool birthday party we got to attend this weekend! Our house guests, Steph and Isaac have a very dear friend in Seattle, Loreley, who was turning 50 and celebrating on a boat! We met the party in Ballard and cruised all around Seattle. We had a great view of the city skyline with the Space Needle, the Sleepless in Seattle floating house, great drinks, phenomenal cake and hilarious company.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to throw a party like this?!

Spotted this beauty parked by the dock as we walked up to our pier. An older gentleman standing nearby told me to sit in for a photo. I asked him if it was his car and he said, “No.” Hmmm.

Classic White Porsche Our vessel: The Christine W.

The Christine W in Seattle, WA



Hors d’oeuvres and seating downstairs.


Our lovely host upstairs. She looks incredible! P.S. those ridiculous white jeans are from Old Navy. I could smell that gorgeous lei all night!


A special birthday “pimp cup,” with the night’s signature cocktail, the tasty “Lorelini.”


Sea-worthy decor.


More delicious than most wedding cakes you’ve had and surely more darling!


The song! Her boyfriend LOVES her! There he is holding the cake he custom ordered for her previously and here carried up the stairs while we were at sea! He was so cute about all the party details and excitement.


Lemon cake with lemon cream and that vanilla frosting with so much sugar, it’s gritty.  Oh YES! The other half of the cake was chocolate but the lemon stole the show.


An amazing friend of our host became the party photog. Here she is getting a photo with each of the guests. What a great ring! You’ve got to see this.


Made of real bone and found in a shop in Mexico. She collects bones and has a whole forearm and hand of bones at home! She also claimed to have a muffin top which she named and gave a personal email address. Then she told me to email it. I absolutely plan on it!


Well then I have to show you this charm bracelet that another guest was sporting. This guest collects charms on her grandmother’s gold bracelet. The charms are from Thailand, India…


Stephanie and Isaac enjoying the views.



Thank you, Loreley!


The card deck.


Wonderful Friends Friday!

July 26, 2013

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Thank you again for all the wedding dress input! I ordered a couple and will let you know how this whole thing goes!

What are you up to this weekend? Our friends, Stephanie and Isaac are staying with us in Seattle! We have a great weekend planned and will share on Monday! Whenever we have guests it feels like I’m on a vacation!

How cute is this Bonjour iPhone 5 case! I added a few freckles to mine.

Make your own six-pack at Trader Joe’s! Did you know you can pick random bottles of beer from Trader Joe’s and make your own unique six-pack? I guess people were doing this before TJs made it a “thing” and the store had so many onesie and twosie bottles lying around so they started encouraging the swap-pack.

Can I repay you in Dong? Chris and I have been trying to out-do each other with “Dong” jokes, as in Dong, the currency of Vietnam. Can you come up with a clever one that’s not too lewd?

City Hall Weddings. Someday I will post ours!

DIY Teepee. This stuff makes me excited to have kids!

The Worst Things You Can Say to aWoman Who Just Had a Baby. Princess Kate, you are so inspirational! Hopefully you are being treated kindly!

I Showed My Husband Princess Kate’s Belly

July 25, 2013

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So you all saw the photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge coming out of the hospital. The first thing I noticed was Princess Kate’s post baby bump and then right after that, her super cute Jenny Packham dress that was perfectly coordinated with Prince William’s button down. Oh, and then the baby. The beautiful baby!

There was a great article via a friend on Facebook called, Kate’s Unabashed Baby Belly Busts the Last Taboo of Pregancy. It reminded me of visiting a very close friend 2 days or so after she had her baby. She was still wearing a type of diaper, her belly was still big, she looked exhausted, her “crotch” was in constant pain and I admit it, I was a teeny bit surprised. I’ve seen many people in varying degrees in hospitals but seeing my previously very glowy friend now looking like she had been running a marathon all through the night was a big surprise. I have to say that when she held the baby I could tell that she was so incredibly joyful and her beauty was shining through.

Can you imagine being photographed right after that? I have a new-found respect for the royals after this.

Very soon after the birth of her baby, my friend returned to her beaming self. I was so grateful to be a part of those moments. I like to tell Chris about things like this so he is prepared too!

What kinds of things do you show your spouse to “prepare” him for things? Other couple’s arguments…etc? How do you express that something is “normal” when your partner disagrees?

P.S. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the J. Crew Wedding Dresses!

(photo by Carmen Rodriguez, via Flickr)

Wedding Dress Shopping: J. Crew

July 24, 2013

Me and Chris / Paris Wedding

So we are finally going to have our wedding after a year of being married on paper! This is so exciting. It’s been a year full of big changes and the time has now opened up for a moment to fabulously commemorate our commitment! It is going to be just the two of us in Europe this fall after a family vacation over there! I went to J. Crew for an appointment to try on dresses this week and here is the experience. A “Very Personal Stylist” at J. Crew helped me out. She was incredible-incredibly positive and sincere.

Warning: my head looks super big and my body looks very small. It’s lolly-popish. This is not what I really look like…and my forehead is much smaller in person (not really).

J. Crew has an exclusive wedding shop in New York. In Seattle, there  are a bunch of J. Crew stores but only ONE store has samples of the dresses. These samples are all size 8 or 10 and they just clip them with big office-style clips in the back. They were all ivory or champagne-no bright whites. Here is some of the lineup…


Dress 1: This one is 100% cotton! It’s very comfortable and beachy feeling.


Love the sash she picket out.


Dress 2: This is the type of dress I came to try on: Cap sleeves and a V neck.


Dress 3: The stylist suggested some others because so many of the dresses are sold out everywhere! I like the waist level of this one.


Dress 4: I liked the peek-a-boo slit of this one.


Dress 5: The material of this one is SUPER flattering.


Dress 6: I liked the simplicity of this one.


Dress 7: She had me try on this one for cut. It comes in ivory as well. It has the super flattering material and simple look I like.


Which dress do you like? Which one do you think I like?

Here are our Paris wedding photos.