Wedding Dress Shopping: J. Crew

July 24, 2013

Me and Chris / Paris Wedding

So we are finally going to have our wedding after a year of being married on paper! This is so exciting. It’s been a year full of big changes and the time has now opened up for a moment to fabulously commemorate our commitment! It is going to be just the two of us in Europe this fall after a family vacation over there! I went to J. Crew for an appointment to try on dresses this week and here is the experience. A “Very Personal Stylist” at J. Crew helped me out. She was incredible-incredibly positive and sincere.

Warning: my head looks super big and my body looks very small. It’s lolly-popish. This is not what I really look like…and my forehead is much smaller in person (not really).

J. Crew has an exclusive wedding shop in New York. In Seattle, there  are a bunch of J. Crew stores but only ONE store has samples of the dresses. These samples are all size 8 or 10 and they just clip them with big office-style clips in the back. They were all ivory or champagne-no bright whites. Here is some of the lineup…


Dress 1: This one is 100% cotton! It’s very comfortable and beachy feeling.


Love the sash she picket out.


Dress 2: This is the type of dress I came to try on: Cap sleeves and a V neck.


Dress 3: The stylist suggested some others because so many of the dresses are sold out everywhere! I like the waist level of this one.


Dress 4: I liked the peek-a-boo slit of this one.


Dress 5: The material of this one is SUPER flattering.


Dress 6: I liked the simplicity of this one.


Dress 7: She had me try on this one for cut. It comes in ivory as well. It has the super flattering material and simple look I like.


Which dress do you like? Which one do you think I like?

Here are our Paris wedding photos.

  • Well, you look gorgeous in ALL of them πŸ™‚ If I had to pick just one for you, I think I’d go with #5, because I love that flowy fabric and the neckline is really sweet. (As a side note, since I had a J.Crew wedding dress, I definitely recommend them! Mine was comfy the entire day and I’m so glad I chose it.)

    • Thank you, Rachel! LOVED your dress and it inspired me! #5 does have such a nice neckline. πŸ™‚

  • AJ

    Okay. 3 is the hottest, for sure. But it’s a hot dress and a hot girl in it so what do you expect? That said, I went back and asked myself, which one here is the WEDDING dress? The dress of all dresses, the one that only you can wear and will be THE dress forever more (or until the next wedding JK JK)…it’s a toss up between 4 and…1. I actually think you look stunning in the simple, movie like option of #1. Love them all!

    • Love YOU, AJ! Wow! I think you are one of the few who favored 4! Hmmm. 1 is TOTALLY a fairytale-ish dress. I agree. This is my final wedding! πŸ™‚ Thank you!!! XOXO

  • Ladies! What an incredible response! Thank you so much! I have to say that Dress # 3 and #4 were my immediate favorites but #5 felt SO flattering! I am working on ordering a couple to see which fits best in it’s actual size! I will let you know what I come up with!! XO

  • Nancy

    First, you look gorgeous in all of them! My fave on you is number 3. It really accentuates your tiny waist and overall hourglass without being garish. Total sophistication and a bit of va va va voom! Perfect for a european wedding with drop earrings and a bright red lip ;). Second is number 5. Anyone of these options is stunning! Congratulations!

    • Love the accessorizing tips! You are so good with pulling the picture together! Your input gives me a lot of confidence in where to go! Will do! Thank you!

  • Rose Waller

    I really like 2 and 3 ….. But seriously DID YOU SAY YES TO THE DRESS?

    Based off these photos you did not cry…. Aren’t you suppose to cry when you try on the right dress?

    • LOL. No crying…yet. I don’t cry often enough! Surely crying at the ceremony though! Thank you, Rose!

  • Jenny L.

    They are all beautiful, but if pressed I would say #5 and #2 are my fav’s!

  • Janine Lamb

    5 I like best, 6 comes in 2nd!

  • Teresa Harris

    How exciting! I loved our ceremony! (We were also married in a civil ceremony 18 months before our wedding) I, too, love dress #3! Very classy and sexy!

    • Thank you, Teresa! Our civil ceremony was…for a later post! πŸ™‚ #3 was quite popular! I do want to look a little sexy!

  • Cindi

    Christina! Wow! How exciting! Dress #2 would be gorgeous with the sash that has the diamond embellishment..
    Dress #6 is very pretty on you!

    • Cindi! Thank you for the tip! I agree there has to be SOMETHING to spruce up one of these blank canvases.

  • Number 5 or 7 ( in white) really gorgeous. I know you like the cap sleeves and you’ll look gorgeous in Anything but I feel like it closes off the shoulders a little, but I’m super partial to collarbones showing, such a pretty part of the body πŸ˜‰

    • I totally agree with you, Mayo. After trying “#2” on and looking at it, I knew that I needed some shoulder or collar bone showing. Thank you for backing up that notion! I really thought I wanted a sleeve!

  • Naomi S.

    I like dress #5. I would pick that one for myself! Just guessing but I think you like dress #3 best…going by your smile. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see your pick and all the rest of the pics from your wedding day! I know which ever dress you choose it’s going to be beautiful! Have fun!

    • Naomi, you would look stunning in #5!!! I want to see your wedding photos! I think the smile gave people the impression it was my fave! Even my husband thought I liked that one most b/c of the face! Good catch! Thank you!!!

  • So excited for you! My fave is dress #3 and close second is dress #5. The material is very flattering on you and very warm in a romantic way. Yay to Europe vacay!! So glad you’re going to enjoy!

    • I love those too, Krissie! Thank you! I love that you called them warm and romantic. Totally! I am so glad we are ready to enjoy too. Thank you for totally getting it! πŸ™‚

  • Brighton

    I like them all! I like the 3rd one from the top that you tried on. Slightly halter-esk neckline. A little sexy.

    • Brighton! You are so smart-I updated the post with numbers for each dress after your comment! Thank you! I totally want a bit of SEXY for the ceremony and pics. Thank you!