I Showed My Husband Princess Kate’s Belly

July 25, 2013

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So you all saw the photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge coming out of the hospital. The first thing I noticed was Princess Kate’s post baby bump and then right after that, her super cute Jenny Packham dress that was perfectly coordinated with Prince William’s button down. Oh, and then the baby. The beautiful baby!

There was a great article via a friend on Facebook called, Kate’s Unabashed Baby Belly Busts the Last Taboo of Pregancy. It reminded me of visiting a very close friend 2 days or so after she had her baby. She was still wearing a type of diaper, her belly was still big, she looked exhausted, her “crotch” was in constant pain and I admit it, I was a teeny bit surprised. I’ve seen many people in varying degrees in hospitals but seeing my previously very glowy friend now looking like she had been running a marathon all through the night was a big surprise. I have to say that when she held the baby I could tell that she was so incredibly joyful and her beauty was shining through.

Can you imagine being photographed right after that? I have a new-found respect for the royals after this.

Very soon after the birth of her baby, my friend returned to her beaming self. I was so grateful to be a part of those moments. I like to tell Chris about things like this so he is prepared too!

What kinds of things do you show your spouse to “prepare” him for things? Other couple’s arguments…etc? How do you express that something is “normal” when your partner disagrees?

P.S. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the J. Crew Wedding Dresses!

(photo by Carmen Rodriguez, via Flickr)

  • This is an eye opener for a lot of women everywhere. It’s admirable for Kate to be the model for all new moms out there 🙂

    • It was SO helpful to me, Jennica. I really appreciate a little unveiling. Thank you!