Wonderful Friends Friday!

July 26, 2013

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Thank you again for all the wedding dress input! I ordered a couple and will let you know how this whole thing goes!

What are you up to this weekend? Our friends, Stephanie and Isaac are staying with us in Seattle! We have a great weekend planned and will share on Monday! Whenever we have guests it feels like I’m on a vacation!

How cute is this Bonjour iPhone 5 case! I added a few freckles to mine.

Make your own six-pack at Trader Joe’s! Did you know you can pick random bottles of beer from Trader Joe’s and make your own unique six-pack? I guess people were doing this before TJs made it a “thing” and the store had so many onesie and twosie bottles lying around so they started encouraging the swap-pack.

Can I repay you in Dong?¬†Chris and I have been trying to out-do each other with “Dong” jokes, as in Dong, the currency of Vietnam. Can you come up with a clever one that’s not too lewd?

City Hall Weddings. Someday I will post ours!

DIY Teepee. This stuff makes me excited to have kids!

The Worst Things You Can Say to aWoman Who Just Had a Baby. Princess Kate, you are so inspirational! Hopefully you are being treated kindly!