Birthday Boat Party

July 29, 2013

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What a cool birthday party we got to attend this weekend! Our house guests, Steph and Isaac have a very dear friend in Seattle, Loreley, who was turning 50 and celebrating on a boat! We met the party in Ballard and cruised all around Seattle. We had a great view of the city skyline with the Space Needle, the Sleepless in Seattle floating house, great drinks, phenomenal cake and hilarious company.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to throw a party like this?!

Spotted this beauty parked by the dock as we walked up to our pier. An older gentleman standing nearby told me to sit in for a photo. I asked him if it was his car and he said, “No.” Hmmm.

Classic White Porsche Our vessel: The Christine W.

The Christine W in Seattle, WA



Hors d’oeuvres and seating downstairs.


Our lovely host upstairs. She looks incredible! P.S. those ridiculous white jeans are from Old Navy. I could smell that gorgeous lei all night!


A special birthday “pimp cup,” with the night’s signature cocktail, the tasty “Lorelini.”


Sea-worthy decor.


More delicious than most wedding cakes you’ve had and surely more darling!


The song! Her boyfriend LOVES her! There he is holding the cake he custom ordered for her previously and here carried up the stairs while we were at sea! He was so cute about all the party details and excitement.


Lemon cake with lemon cream and that vanilla frosting with so much sugar, it’s gritty.  Oh YES! The other half of the cake was chocolate but the lemon stole the show.


An amazing friend of our host became the party photog. Here she is getting a photo with each of the guests. What a great ring! You’ve got to see this.


Made of real bone and found in a shop in Mexico. She collects bones and has a whole forearm and hand of bones at home! She also claimed to have a muffin top which she named and gave a personal email address. Then she told me to email it. I absolutely plan on it!


Well then I have to show you this charm bracelet that another guest was sporting. This guest collects charms on her grandmother’s gold bracelet. The charms are from Thailand, India…


Stephanie and Isaac enjoying the views.



Thank you, Loreley!


The card deck.


  • Robyn Snyder

    Now that’s the way to celebrate your 50th, Loreley! Loved the lemon AND chocolate cake, Jon! You guys really know how to party! XO, Robyn

  • So glad you could join me for my 50th Birthday Cruise around the Seattle lakes! It was a memorable and special evening with great fun and friends! Thank you, HE (Happy or Else) for documenting this wonderful evening!

    • XO, Loreley…and thank you for not calling me HOE (Happy or Else) 😉