The Bachelorette Deserves an Academy Award and a Hug

July 30, 2013

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This is my first season watching The Bachelorette. Chris got me into it thinking I’d enjoy it, “because all women love it,” and he was right. Yes, it gets a bit slow and boring as she tells us how much she is “falling in love,” with each and every guy but analyzing the interactions and behaviors of the “characters” in the show is so juicy and fun…especially with my VERY intuitive and relationship savvy husband! He is always right!

Chris had Brooks pegged from the START! I was so hosed by the producers and I’ve been thinking it has always been very-polished Chris on the show. P.S. I have NEVER been one to be able to predict how a movie ends-sometimes even Disney Movies. AH!

So last night, after months of being a total politician and pretending to “not know” WHO she was going to select as the love of her life, Desiree was DUMPED by the guy she claims she was most into-BROOKS! WHAT!? Brooks was such a wet noodle with her and as far as the show let us see, she was as into Brooks as everyone else! If that is what Brooks felt as well, then OF COURSE he can’t feel that he truly loves Desiree! Chris (my Chris) chimed in that, “you don’t know someone until you’ve seen their emotions.”

Also, how deeply in love can you fall when the object of your affections is dating and making out with a bunch of other people? The media is so incredibly non-judgemental of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes-these all seem to be fine people but c’mon, I wouldn’t want anyone to see me making out with 7 different guys in an episode!

Look, I really do think Desiree is a truly nice person. She is darling and a wonderful actress. I also think when Brooks finally saw her break down and tell him she loved him, he was invited to see a part of her that is so crucial to a love-connection. Of course he was having reservations-he was dating a robot politician. Once we all got a sense of the pressure Desiree was under to “make the show go on” and that she had to hold her feelings back for the “game,” we ALL fell in love with her. I did.

Fear not, I just found this article on Perez Hilton: Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock Is Engaged! So who was it?

Check out what Ali Fedotowsky (Bachelorette Season 6) said about Brooks in her article called, Is Brooks the Most Boring Frontrunner Ever?

So, do you think Desiree is the most incredible actress-EVER, or do you think that Brooks was really her ONE?

BTW-Drew is the sweetest Ken Doll I’ve ever seen. I hope he gets a little spin-off show or a Polo Sport modeling contract.

WHO is the next Bachelor???

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