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The Perfect Mani & Pedi for Weird Nails

July 23, 2013

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Do you get your nails done at a salon? I go every once in a while now. The salon I go to has a “happy hour” from 1-3 on weekdays where all the services are discounted! When it comes to my nails (and everything) I am SUPER picky!! Surprising? Aren’t you? I love a shellac french manicure for my nails…

Shellac French Manicure Short

…and a solid bright color in the red family on my toes.


We all have our nail quirks: My left big toenail somehow inspires EVERY nail technician to file it in a REALLY CROOKED way (and my sister called each of my pinky toenails “rabbit tooth” growing up). It ends up looking like it’s giving me a little salute from down there. So, what do I do? I “pre-trim” and “pre-shape” them before I go. When they ask me, “Do you want cut short,” I say, “NO thank you” with the biggest smile slash “I’m dead serious/don’t touch that toenail” face I can muster.

Today I made the mistake of not pre-trimming/shaping. Yes, you guessed it, LEFT TOE SALUTE! I saw her filing that little puppy down to a nub on one side and leaving it long and sharp on the other. I showed her how I wanted it by holding the file and angling it in the direction I wanted. Still, the short end got shorter (possible?). A lady working two chairs down from us got up and came over. She took control, grabbed nail clippers and cut off the super long part. Then the filing began again…on the short side. So, little salute returned. I let it go. It’s really not that bad this time. This is kind of embarrassing to put a close up of my weird to on the internet.


My left big toenail basically can’t turn left or something. It’s no one’s fault. That toenail wants it that way.

Something every nail person likes to do is tell me how small my nails are, “Look, look at my nail and look at your nail. So small!” I take it as a compliment.

A few times ago, the women at the salon were laughing and speaking quickly in Vietnamese. I could tell they were talking about the middle-aged man/woman couple about to check out of the salon. The man and woman knew they were being talked about and giggled as well. After they left, I HAD to know what was so amusing. My nail cosmetologist hesitated before telling me…as if it would be a betrayal to translate it to me. Luckily, I’m half Asian…so maybe that helped?

Apparently, the couple were getting their nails done for their upcoming weekend wedding. The women working at the salon thought the idea of “older” people getting married was such a hoot! They couldn’t stop laughing.

A friend shared this video on Nail Salon Standup with me. Hilarious. So right on.

P.S. My manicure (not pedicure) person is going to be at the top of my “What I’ll Miss Most About Seattle” list. She is incredible.

Fashion Bar & Pancakes

July 22, 2013

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What did you see this weekend? We went to get coffee and read by the beach (yes there are beaches in Seattle, Alki Beach in this case) and there was another fair going on with booths. Check out Fashion Bar!

Fashion Bar


Trunk show

Fashion Bar

I still wish I could pull of floral pants! All I foresee is attention-grabbing sausage legs! Do you have those trends that you totally write off? I’ll stick to my dark skinnies and keep eating these…

Gluten-free Pamela’s pancakes from scratch with organic blueberries:

Pamela's Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes

I recommend making the batter a bit thinner than mine (I was estimating amounts of ingredients as I “halved” the recipe). I used almond milk instead of soy and omitted the vinegar. I did use vanilla but not the cinnamon or ground almonds. They were yummy! We poured maple syrup on top and ate them with scrambled eggs. Watch out for exploding blueberries! I squished some onto my white shirt as I cut in with my fork! Totally worth it though!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.59.53 AM 2P.S. Do you LOVE that white pan? I’m trying a ceramic glazed pan and I’m loving it! What do you think of them?

Come Shoe Shopping with Me, It’s Friday!

July 19, 2013


Running Shoes


I usually go to Roadrunner Sports to buy shoes but since I also needed a watch battery, I went perusing at the mall. Here’s what I found…but I am still looking… What do you recommend for a wide toe box in an earthly tone?

Amazing green bean and potato salad recipe-I used the extra potatoes from breakfast one morning this week.

The word décolletage is something I say in my head all the time but never find a reason to say it out loud. Click on the little speaker icon when you get to the Webster’s site (by clicking the word in this site) to hear it said in a serious man voice. Wouldn’t it be nice if the voices matched the words? I want to hear this in Marion Cotillard’s voice. Ah. That’s better.

Do any of you get “shellac” or “gell nails” done at the salon? Not so sure about the health effects but I LOVE the French manicure! It lasts for like 3 weeks! Just file down the white tips a bit after week 2 if they feel too long but your nails will still look perfect!

Look who used to be Abercrombie Models. Number 2 of 13 really surprised me!

“Healthy Living”

July 18, 2013

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D0 you sometimes feel that deodorant and corn are killing you? With much more time to think about these things this past year, I’m realizing how much I miss the days when I was deciding between tutti-frutti Teen Spirit or Degree antiperspirants or eating a possibly non-organic ear of corn at the fair without a care in the world. Now I struggle with natural (almost ineffective) alternatives to antiperspirant and pay $6.50 for 6 organic corn tortillas. It takes me a bit longer to choose a body lotion and sometimes I am out of products for a while because I want to try something new but I’m not in a place where I want to spend the time on my own new research study! Sun tan lotion buying anxiety can be enough to warrant a Xanex. Great.

It’s up to me to figure it out. It can be a full-time job!

I heard a story on BBC the other night where there were cases of rat meat being sold as mutton in China! The report even mentioned that many Chinese families order things like baby formula from Germany to ensure better regulations and safety. Home test kits are available for purchase in China to test for purity or safety of food. China even imports RICE from Germany. Fascinating!

I’ve got to stop panicking every time I swipe that antiperspirant under my dress on date night. I keep focusing on all the $50 organic tortillas I’m eating, my $2 organic apple and the Non GMO almond milk I’m drinking with my (naturally) gluten-free oats. That’s what keeps me going. What also helps me is eating dinner at friends’ houses to learn about different foods, talking to my healthy living mavens and sharing my favorite products with everyone I know!

What are your non-negotiable organic or health items? How do you deal with all of the information?


Waist Hip Ratio

July 17, 2013

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Art in Fremont-a neighborhood of Seattle.

Do you know your waist-hip ratio? It is the equivalent of your waist size divided by your hip size. I’ve seen this in some anthropology books. They say that the ratio is more definitive in determining attractiveness or fertility than just being thin. It’s kind of crazy how your beauty is summed up by a mathematical equation?

What I like about it is that fertility and beauty are “definitive” in many sizes and shapes. Apparently 0.7 is the golden number.

What do you think about that? I totally remember measuring when I learned this. I was a little heavier, the weather was warming up and as I was losing weight (comes naturally in summer-time) I got closer to the 0.7! Interesting. I’m going to go measure now…it’s been years!

Check out Normal Barbie.

Are you into the royal family? I love how there are so many bets going on for the name of William and Kate’s soon to be born baby. Alexandra and Elizabeth are high on the lists.

Sell Your Stuff

July 16, 2013

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Have you ever sold anything? Growing up, my parents gave everything away. EVERYTHING…even my parakeet and bike. YES we were moving from Japan to the U.S. but not for a few months!

I remember how THRILLED they were when someone had agreed to TAKE our big screen TV (when they were new and really heavy/large) for FREE! They were worried about having to pay someone to haul it away. It was a perfectly good TV! Someone totally lucked out but so did my parents I guess.

When I was selling my car in my twenties, my mom scolded me and said I should be giving that thing away. Kelley Blue Book said that “thing” was worth $6000! I did list it at lower price. The young guy who bought it didn’t even ask to bargain, which I had planned for, so I knocked it down even more without him asking. He was baffled.

Be careful when you “like” something at my parents’ because it may end up in your suitcase home. I inherited a bit of that too. Please let me keep my dog. Thank you.

Well, I give lots of stuff away. I also choose to sell some of it. I totally buy outfits, shoes or purses that are pricey and only wear them a few times-I’m a woman. When I was super busy with work, I would take these no longer wanted items to a consignment shop who would sell them for me and send me a check for part of the sale.

If I have a more expensive item I want to sell or if I have the time, eBay is awesome! Sometimes I choose the auction option and other times like for the two dresses below I just set a standard price.

Here is a $200 Anthropologie dress I sold for $75 recently.

Anthropologie Dress

I just sold an old mac laptop (circa January 2009) at for $132.

Today I sold this Juicy Couture dress for $50 on eBay. I bought it for around $80 at Marshall’s. It still looks great!

Juicy Couture

Next is my iPhone which is the best because you can really offset the cost of upgrading electronics if you do it within a good time frame while your current item is still in demand.

What have you sold recently? Have you found any good used deals?