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High Fives From Malibu, CA

August 30, 2013

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What an incredible week it has been in Malibu! Chris did a great job of finding us an awesome place to regroup after our move from Seattle! What are you up to this weekend? We are heading to Europe for 2 weeks! The trip starts with a cruise out of Rome to Greece and Turkey. Then we tour Rome for a couple days and then off to Paris for a few days! Wow! I will have daily posts throughout with some guest posts too! When we get back there will be lots of great vacation photos to share!

Here are the highest fives of the week!

1. These views out of our rental condo patio in Malibu.




2. These rings I saw a woman (Suzie LeQ) laying out on a table and organizing at a restuarant called Plate in Malibu. I asked her about them and she said she makes them and sells them to a local boutique down the street. They will also be featured in Fashion Week. She was so nice and I got to buy some from her! Then her friend said she has space available for an acupuncturist to rent in Santa Monica! Double score! Here’s an article I found on Suzie LeQ’s line, Rossmore, on Refinery 29: Kate Bosworth And Reese Witherspoon’s New Fave Jewelry Line, Rossmore.

IMG_07863. Discovering the existence of this food truck in L.A.


4. Finding these gorgeous earrings the day before we go on our trip! I think they will look nice with the wedding dress in Paris!


5. This Ninja Penguin tin foil leftovers pouch made for the table next to us at Gladstone’s.



 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.pngHave a great weekend!


Be An Expert Now: Fake It ‘Till You Make It

August 29, 2013

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Have you ever “faked it ’till you made it?” You know, feigned confidence in a job or relationship until you really got the hang of it.

I first really learned about acupuncture (years before I went to school for it) from a friend of mine. She was newly licensed at the time and I watched her treat a mutual friend of ours. I was amazed at her seeming expertise! Years later as I was getting ready to graduate from the program myself and I asked her how she had come off so professionally way back then. She said, “fake it ’till you make it.” She admitted to being a total novice back then but she just focused on what she DID know and did her best to seem confident even when she was still learning.

That confidence is so powerful. Patients, bosses, clients and co-workers totally feel that energy and it’s so attractive! I’ve been to brow waxers who I immediately regretted as I sat in their chairs because they didn’t seem sure of themselves! …and there go my eyebrows.

How do you fake it?

  • Stick to what you DO know.
  • Instead of making up answers to questions you don’t know, offer to research it and get back to them.
  • Remind yourself of your knowledge, training and hours of practice.
  • Focus on doing what gave you great feedback in other instances.
  • Stay positive.
  • If something surprising happens, remain calm and take appropriate action in a focused manner.
  • Keep your voice and body language relaxed.
  • Remember to breath. Take a deep breath every once in a while to recenter yourself.
  • Always be honest with yourself and with them about your capabilities.
  • Be willing to learn a new method if they are asking for it.

What other tips work for you?


The Goldilocks Effect: Attracting Just The Right Person

August 28, 2013

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Spurred by a recent flight up to Seattle on Southwest Airlines, a friend of mine brought up the curious psychology behind airline seat selection.  On Southwest Airlines, you board the airplane in groups.  You are assigned to a group based on your rewards points, time you check in etc.  There are no seat assignments.  You seat yourself anywhere in the cabin class you have paid for (i.e. coach/economy or first class).  If you are in one of the earlier boarding groups, the cabin is your oyster. You can go window for a fuseloge wall headrest, ailse for anxious bladders or center for your choice of 2 shoulders to drool on.  Once you are seated, now newly boarding passengers have more things to consider.

As the very attractive person walks past your aisle you might wonder why they didn’t sit next to you.  Do I look weird?  Too eager?  Is my breakfast offensive?  Do I look like a talker?  Do I look like a stalker?  As a big, sweaty footballesqe person comes near you’re thinking, “please don’t pick me,” as you make the emergency evacuation card now in your lap look like the most interesting thing you’ve ever seen.  Then the Goldilocks Effect takes place.  A person who you find attractive (sexually or non-sexually), friendly, hygienic, cool, not too big, not too small is walking down the ailse and BINGO the perfect person picks YOU and they are just right.

Why did this perfect person pick you?  Did you deliver an unsaid invitation or raise an invisible foam finger pointing to the seat next to you?  Did you visualize yourself getting out of your aisle seat to let them in before they even got close?

Your now-two-person clique is bound to attract a perfect third person to round out the hat trick.  Congratulations.  This is going to be a great flight.

How do you send non-verbal signals in order to attract just the right people in your everyday life?

(photo by Sakanami, via Flickr)

Traditional Korean Wedding

August 26, 2013

Korean / Me and Chris

We had so much fun having an impromptu Korean Wedding last week! The traditional South Korean (friends of the U.S.) wedding is so colorful and playful. The costumes are the best part.

Underneath the special green and rainbow coat, the bride wears a traditional Korean chima-chogori. It consists of a short top and a VERY long skirt that starts under the arms. The front-top portion of this one is longer than most tops-it is a symbol of royalty…oo la la! This one belongs to my mother. The colorful overcoat, Chris’ costume, the screens, mats and fake foods are all rented! So much easier than say wedding dress shopping.


My mother’s friend, who I call “aunt” helps to tie the bridal overcoat.


This long sash symbolizes two families becoming one. I get to wear red dots on cheeks and forehead to represent femininity, luck and chastity!


First we bow to one another. I get help because of the elaborate costume and my fragility as a woman. 🙂


Then we bow to my parents.

We hold the family-combining sash and my parents throw dates that we catch (thank goodness). These represent how many children we will have! WOW! Look how happy my parents are! We are taking it all in.


We serve rice wine to my parents and then to ourselves.



Then the funniest part of all: Uh-b00-ba. AKA piggy-back-ride. Yes, Chris, the groom picks me up on his back and jogs me around the room. Laugher explosion!

Tina and Chris Ahbuba.

The traditional wedding gifts are beautifully decorated envelopes filled with money.


Then some photos! Here is Tracey, who competed with our dad for the best photo of the day. My fave was the sake drinking photo…drumroll…Tracey took that one!


All of the fake foods on the table symbolize longevity in our relationship and fertility.


The ladies were so beautiful in the traditional dress! They were so helpful and cheery!


Happy bride!


Gangnam Style!


Thanks mom and dad!


What do you think?

High Five For Friday!

August 23, 2013

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Highlight Reel For This Week:

1. Korean Wedding. My mom and her friends set up a super colorful and laugh-clapp worthy event. A full post to follow  next week. Can you BELIEVE he put on that get-up? What a good sport.


2. Having my AWESOME sister here and having her help with the move.


3. This graffiti.


4. Picking up my American wedding dress from the tailor. You’ll see the dress in the pics from Paris in a few weeks!


5. This cocktail from Stoneburner in Ballard (Seattle, WA).


 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


“High Five for Friday” is a community of weekly recap faves I joined this week. Check out cutie-host, Lauren Elizabeth! What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to continue the drive to “Cali-Cali” and get in a little speed boat trip later today in Oregon. What was on your highlight reel?