Flight Plan: Your Perfectly Packed Carry-on

August 16, 2013

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Flight Plan


So, we’re packing the house and we’re packing for vacation! Here are the things that will be in my carry-on for Europe. What else should I pack? Some people like to bring a sleep aid medication. I’m considering it. What are your onboard go-tos? I’m sure Chris will have his iPad.
Here is how I pack my toiletry bag
Some interesting and fun things on the internet:

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Ok, so I follow The Grand Narrative on Facebook and these two articles grabbed my attention:

Ji Yeo-The Beauty, photos of women after surgery

South Korea Looks To Plastic Surgery For New Taxes

What are you up to this weekend? We are PACKING! AAAAAHHH. My sister is here to help! Yay! Just having her here is super soothing. I am so lucky!!!!