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Thank You Yelp

August 22, 2013

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Yelp has been so good to us! Tonight we found an AWESOME spot called Local Ocean Seafoods. Check out these clams!!! Sensational! We YELP restaurants on the road all the time and anything over four stars has never disappointed. This place even had the name of the fisherman (or woman) who caught your food! The crab bisque is a must.


Chris ordered the albacore minon. Yes, that is a piece of rare-center albacore tuna, wrapped in bacon.


So good after a day on the road. What was your best YELP! gem?

How Do You Keep Your Reciprocal Like Buzz Humming

August 21, 2013

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You know when you are interviewing for a job, a place to live, or going on a first date and there is that moment at the end of the meeting where you close and say, “I would really like this-job/house/happily ever after?” You look for some inkling of approval or disapproval. You usually leave with an idea of what kind of answer you’re going to get. There is that Reciprocal Liking term in psychology where we just tend to like people who seem to like us. Maybe it turns out that you don’t want the job etc but they really seemed to want you so you start to want them.

You go back and forth after you have some time to think:

  • I nailed that
  • There were some good points I forgot to mention
  • That was such a good match
  • I think they liked me
  • I was way too….

When you’re in the power position of these interactions, how do you end a meeting? Do you like to let everyone think they are leaving with a good chance so you can keep your options open or feel like the “good guy?” Are you direct and make your on-the-spot decisions known immediately? Do you try to purposely give the vibe of a yes or no so the person knows what to expect?

How long do you wait until you decide they are not into you and so then You are not into THEM? Sometimes there is that certain amount of time people need to get reassurance of being wanted before they decide they’re over it. That powerful buzz can easily fade!

How do you decide what time limit is appropriate? What signs do you look for or what guidelines do you follow…the three day rule? So glad Chris called me sooner than that!

Our drive to California starts tomorrow! Here we go! Posting from Oregon.

Is It OK to Lie To Your Movers?

August 20, 2013

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A very late post today…after a day of moving madness with the WORST MOVERS IN THE WORLD? LOL.This evening we sat around laughing about how absurd our day with the movers was. Truly, as horrendous as the day may have looked to an outsider I laughed to tears more than once today.

Have you ever hired someone and soon felt that they weren’t going to be able to deliver? We had 3 movers come to move our sparsely furnished 2 bedroom, plus basement home into a trailer. They had THE best advertisement EVER and I was SURE I could spot a winner when it comes to this stuff. I figured we would be done in 3 hours. WRONG! 🙂

It. Took. Almost 5 hours. Bahahah. Truly laughable. Especially because it was 6 people (the three movers plus Chris, Tracey and me), all the boxes were packed and in the garage-feet from the trailer and Chris was asked to help the three guys move things like a small dresser or little sofa. I’ve been so lucky with great movers all over the WORLD and I happened to stumble upon this interesting tribe.

They brought ZERO materials. When we got low on the supplies we had, I went to buy some more. They stretch-wrapped everything like 50 times so of course we needed more!  The main “stretch-wrapper” said he needed breaks after wrapping a piece of furniture because it makes him dizzy. As they moved or prepped, we all heard them saying things like, “NO, not that way, that got us fired last time!” Sometimes they spent 20 minutes wrapping and padding something and then squished it out the door, tearing all the padding off so they had to re-pad and re-wrap again once the furniture was outside. I was literally shocked into staring.

Chris called me as I was driving to the U-Haul store for the re-supply and suggested we fire the team and quickly find someone else. I was super surprised that he was that upset-he’s normally so mellow. I wanted to fire them too but we HAD to get this done and suffering through another 2 hours of the worst moving decisions and work-ethic was easier than scrambling to find movers at 5:00 p.m. The moment I left to get more supplies, they all just stopped working all-together! Chris started delegating specific tasks.

When I got back, I was fired up. I felt like I was in the military again at one point and said, “This is ridiculous, there are going to be items going from the house and into the trailer continuously,” as the guys were standing outside doing NOTHING while I was moving boxes from the house to the trailer! The biggest rest-taker decided to quit at that point. HA! Awesome! Now we were only paying 2 people an hour for us to move ourselves. We paid the guy who “quit” and he hugged CHRIS! BAHAHAHA.

Finally I did something I don’t usually do…I told them the trailer was going to be picked up within the hour when in actuality I hadn’t even scheduled the pick up time. A total lie. The pace went from a 2 out of 10 to a 3.5 out of 10.

I fibbed! I felt like we were going to be moving for a million hours longer if I didn’t have a deadline for these guys.

I wish I had a video of Chris and I padding and stretch-wrapping our leather sofa as one mover looked on with supportive words, the other mover standing and looking on from the trailer. What cheerleaders. 🙂

The worst part was when we had to pay them. Sigh. What a lesson…but really you know how happy we were that it was just all over? You know how happy I was when I got to be the one to go and get more supplies? It was painful to watch those guys!

How do you deal with situations like these? Usually I’m a motivator but today I was so fired up that I resorted to yelling and lying!

Here’s a video of kind of what it was like with the Worst Movers Ever.

Pictured above was a few days ago when we had no idea of what the movers were going to be like. I miss that day. 🙂

Chris and Tracey packing the TV in the “MAN CAVE.”



Moving Supplies

August 19, 2013

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Moving Supplies


On Mondays I like to write about something fun I’ve been up to and lately I’ve been up to PACKING! I am obsessed with organizing so any opportunity to exercise some OCD muscle is actually fun…but this move has had me wanting to settle down in one place! Here are the supplies that are a MUST for packing any home.
The most cost-effective way I found to move from Seattle to Los Angeles was with ABF U-Pack. They deliver a pod (we got a huge trailer/double pod size) and you can either choose to use their movers (kind of pricey) or find your own on Craigslist (what I did). This was THOUSANDS of dollars cheaper than other moving companies who bring a truck and movers but it is also more work for you. After your movers are done, ABF U-Pack picks up the pod. Their monthly storage fees are pricey but if it is short-term, this is a great option for overall savings. You can have the pod delivered to a storage facility if you like-just remember you have to set up movers either with them or get some yourself.
1. Boxes
Get more than you need. You can always return the unused ones. Go on Craigslist for listings for FREE moving boxes in your neighborhood. We saved a lot from our last move and stored them in our garage.
2. Packing Paper
A roll of foam dish packing sheeting is great too just for plates. Save those boxes for your set of 6 martini glasses for times like these.
3. Notebook
Number all of your boxes and make a quick record of contents. This will prevent any “loss in your inventory” in the moving and storing shuffle.
4. Stretch Wrap
Great for securing things you don’t want sticky tape residue on. It keeps things together like curtain rods and nicely secures furniture pads to furniture.
5. Stickers
Those fragile stickers make it so unmistakably easy to ID your breakables.
6. Sharpie
The click ones are great for a quick labeling.
7. Mattress Bag
Totally worth saving the most important piece of furniture you have!
8. Tape Dispenser
INVEST in this. The one we have was $10-$15 and it’s made this process a BREEZE. PLEASE buy this!
9. Bubble Wrap
Great for large/awkward sized art that won’t fit in a box and other fragile items.
**Use towels, fluffy robes and blankets as padding for framed photos in boxes, computer monitors or small TVs.
**Save original TV boxes! These are expensive! The cheapest one I could find for the 60″ behemoth we have was $75 and I had to order it. Plan ahead on this one.
**Home Depot has great prices for a lot of these materials. Some areas have bulk moving supply warehouses as well.
**Get the fabric Moving Pads from U-Haul for around $8 a piece. You can also rent them for a day if you need.
**You can find people to pack your things for you on Craigslist (we packed ourselves but I did see ads for $20 an hour per packer).
What are YOUR packing essentials?

Flight Plan: Your Perfectly Packed Carry-on

August 16, 2013

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Flight Plan


So, we’re packing the house and we’re packing for vacation! Here are the things that will be in my carry-on for Europe. What else should I pack? Some people like to bring a sleep aid medication. I’m considering it. What are your onboard go-tos? I’m sure Chris will have his iPad.
Here is how I pack my toiletry bag
Some interesting and fun things on the internet:

5 Things You Should Be Honest About

Ok, so I follow The Grand Narrative on Facebook and these two articles grabbed my attention:

Ji Yeo-The Beauty, photos of women after surgery

South Korea Looks To Plastic Surgery For New Taxes

What are you up to this weekend? We are PACKING! AAAAAHHH. My sister is here to help! Yay! Just having her here is super soothing. I am so lucky!!!!

Update Your Chocolate

August 15, 2013

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Do you keep food in your pantry WAAAAY longer than you should? Of course I do. The only thing that saves me is that I like to have barely anything in ANY cabinet in my house so it saves me from losing track of say…how long I’ve had the baking chocolate in there-the one “emergency bag” gets used before it can spoil. I’m helping my mom and sister this morning in prepping for our guests (photos of today’s event to be posted on Monday) and I decided to make the chocolate strawberries.

**Chocolate that stays in your cupboard too long goes bad. The flavor gets weird and it doesn’t melt properly. Surely the packaging chemicals seep into the chocolate too.

My sister is currently on the way to the grocery store for new chocolate and now new strawberries. Thank goodness for dads who taste test your cooking and tell you things like, “OOO, that has a funny aftertaste!” My mom insists they were fines. Tracey and I tried them. No, mom, they are not fine. They are poison. She can’t stop laughing.

My stomach hurts right now. The guest will be here in an hour.

Here is the Shelf Life For Chocolate.