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Mona Lisa: Eyebrows There Should Be Two

September 30, 2013

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Are you tired of seeing pictures of me in this outfit yet? Yes, the majority of Paris photos were taken on this day slash I packed one trench and one scarf b/c we had just come from a Mediterranean Cruise in bathing suits.

Behind me is the Mona Lisa which lives in the Louvre Museum. Small right? Why is it so interesting? Honestly, after seeing a lot of other paintings of her time, she was the only one with real personality. You can connect to what she’s thinking or feeling. She’s a mirror while the other pictured women of her time were characters as opposed to real people.

The wait to get into the Louvre soon after opening on a Friday in mid-September was about 20 minutes (no museum pass). Mona resides in a room soon after the entrance. Luckily the viewers move quickly and you can have as much time with her as you want but there can be a short wait to get close. It was sooo worth it.


(Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci-retouched, via Wikipedia)

Imagine Leonardo seeing his beauty there behind thick glass and pickpocket warning signs. Keep your eyes on the Mona Lisa and your hands on your wallet.


Why do you think the painting is so interesting? My sister and I have some movie one-liner faves and this makes our top ten. “Eyebrows. There should be two,” is from Miss Congeniality.


High Fives In A Very LA Life

September 27, 2013

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Found an amazing cold pressed juice place. You pay a deposit on these cool bottles and refills are $6.50. They just give you a new bottle filled with juice each time. DE-LISH!!! Needing this after all the traveling. Spinach, Kale, Apple, Lemon, Ginger.


Look who’s in the neighborhood…


Two cars that we’re looking at. Here they were side by side.


Seriously, how did an OCD aficionado live without one of these for a couple of years!!??? Probably my favorite thing about the new place.


Treat of the week: Iced coffee with whipped cream. Reminds me of the drinks we got in Greece.


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Someone Asks You: How Much Money Do You Make?

September 26, 2013



I have a humiliating professional confession to make. Years ago, when I worked for a headhunting firm, I was at a job fair with some colleagues. This was my first week on the job. It was my first job right out of the military. In the military, you are paid by your ranking. Your ranking is given based on years served, qualifications etc. Each rank has a base pay and there are monthly “bonus” type pays added onto that for reasons like-speaks another language, was away from family for 30 days etc. All of these pay scales are published and accessible by anyone. So, you know exactly what your stateroom mate makes as well as what your commanding officer makes. Men and women make the same amount. Very transparent.

This headhunting job was my first job after the Navy and it was composed of former military people who helped other former military people find Fortune 500 jobs. Well, as I was interviewing for this job, I had negotiated a higher pay than had been offered to me. I had also been offered an amount (unbeknownst to me) that was higher than some other people who had a similar position.


At the job fair, the two other recruiters were warming up to me and we were getting to know each other. Surprisingly, one of them asked me what I was getting paid. I brushed it off, instinctively knowing it wasn’t a good idea to discuss it but then both of them kept pushing me and eventually wore me down, telling me it was no big deal (they were confident that it was less than their paychecks). When I told them the amount, the look on their faces told me I had made a HUGE mistake. “WHAT?” The other two had been with the company for a while and told me their pay. It was very different.

Now as the week goes on, all of a sudden, these two guys are nowhere to be found and do not answer their phones when I am supposed to attend meetings with them. I miss out on an event we were supposed to attend together (they had all the info and offered to give me a ride but disappeared without me). They begin to compete with me in strange ways at work. If we were grabbing lunch somewhere between meetings they told me I should pay for theirs.

Luckily, it had no effect on my actual performance but it felt TERRIBLE. Of course that isn’t a good idea. I am so happy that I had that experience though. If it had been the other way around and I had found out I made less than someone, I would have just thought to work harder and get a raise or quit because I wasn’t being compensated appropriately.

If I knew how much this pictured Turkish rug weaver made, would I want to buy that rug for the price they are asking for it?

Have you ever run into this situation? What happened?

Do You Have Enough?

September 25, 2013

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Do you think Paris Hilton looks at expensive over-the-knee-boots the way I look at panties at Target? You know, if I want a few pairs I don’t think twice about throwing them into the shopping cart. I’m not SUPER excited about them but it’s great to have new ones and it feels nice to be able to buy that kind of stuff without a second thought. Now, when it comes to more expensive items, my mentality totally shifts into…

I can’t afford that.

I don’t need that.

Do I deserve that????

…and then I HAVE TO HAVE THAT.

I’ve read about people who have a deep feeling of not having enough (from money to food to sex) and it encourages them to take more than they need. I TOTALLY have this! It used to be sugar. Let’s get real. It still is sugar. Work in progress.


So what is the solution? When it comes to food (sugar) I will sometimes surround myself with it or mentally tell myself that I can have it all day long if I want. When I feel there is a lot of it available, I don’t always need it as much. When I can have little binges, it can hold me over instead of daily blowouts!

How do you work with your “not enoughs?”

Bathrooms And Romance

September 23, 2013

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Small bathroom in Paris Condo

Romance. How do you keep it in your relationships? I grew up with a serious female code of mystery. “Womanly” things like using the restroom, monthly business etc were to be a secret from men. I had a hard time relating to my friends who could sit on the toilet while brushing their teeth and talking to their partners about their day (you know who you are and I’m expecting a nasty text. I know other ways that you keep your romance that I have yet to try). Sorry. I’ve also never had a baby, which I hear, is a game changer in this department. We will see.

Husband and I  quickly established that “get ready” time in the morning was a private/sacred affair. He actually took the lead there. When that bathroom door was closed, only an intergalactic Godzilla attack was going to have him interrupting me and even in that case he would probably find a way to contact me from a far or via cell phone with a firm voice that had a “I can’t hear or see anything from here” tone.

We call it “keeping the romance.” I have had to sit outside…at night…in a rainforest jungle…in Belize…in the dark so he could have privacy in our studio-hut sans bathroom doors. I was happy to do it while deathly afraid of Anacondas and shoe-sized insects. It really maintained an aire of…sanitation for me.

What do you think about privacy and openness in this department with your partner?

The photo is of our small studio in Paris last week. You are looking at the double French doors on the right that house the washer, shower and sink. The little door to the left is the toilet room. The condo “had everything you need” as our friends described it as we reserved it a month before but it was SMALL! We had to invent ways to “keep the romance” without falling out a window or sitting in the hallway. It involved headphones.


High Five For Friday-From A Van Down By The River

September 20, 2013

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Happy Friday!!! Hopefully next Friday we will be living in a home! For now, it’s coffee shops, hotels and family members’ houses! Here is some stuff from the viewpoint of a vagabond. What are you up to this weekend? I am praying that we will be signing a lease!

These Jelly Bracelets.




Our new juice joint.


Some truth. 🙂


All I want to do today is sit on my sofa and knit these for everyone I know…hopefully our application for the condo is approved soon!


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