Bathrooms And Romance

September 23, 2013

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Small bathroom in Paris Condo

Romance. How do you keep it in your relationships? I grew up with a serious female code of mystery. “Womanly” things like using the restroom, monthly business etc were to be a secret from men. I had a hard time relating to my friends who could sit on the toilet while brushing their teeth and talking to their partners about their day (you know who you are and I’m expecting a nasty text. I know other ways that you keep your romance that I have yet to try). Sorry. I’ve also never had a baby, which I hear, is a game changer in this department. We will see.

Husband and I ¬†quickly established that “get ready” time in the morning was a private/sacred affair. He actually took the lead there. When that bathroom door was closed, only an intergalactic Godzilla attack was going to have him interrupting me and even in that case he would probably find a way to contact me from a far or via cell phone with a firm voice that had a “I can’t hear or see anything from here” tone.

We call it “keeping the romance.” I have had to sit outside…at night…in a rainforest jungle…in Belize…in the dark so he could have privacy in our studio-hut sans bathroom doors. I was happy to do it while deathly afraid of Anacondas and shoe-sized insects. It really maintained an aire of…sanitation for me.

What do you think about privacy and openness in this department with your partner?

The photo is of our small studio in Paris last week. You are looking at the double French doors on the right that house the washer, shower and sink. The little door to the left is the toilet room. The condo “had everything you need” as our friends described it as we reserved it a month before but it was SMALL! We had to invent ways to “keep the romance” without falling out a window or sitting in the hallway. It involved headphones.