Do You Have Enough?

September 25, 2013

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Do you think Paris Hilton looks at expensive over-the-knee-boots the way I look at panties at Target? You know, if I want a few pairs I don’t think twice about throwing them into the shopping cart. I’m not SUPER excited about them but it’s great to have new ones and it feels nice to be able to buy that kind of stuff without a second thought. Now, when it comes to more expensive items, my mentality totally shifts into…

I can’t afford that.

I don’t need that.

Do I deserve that????

…and then I HAVE TO HAVE THAT.

I’ve read about people who have a deep feeling of not having enough (from money to food to sex) and it encourages them to take more than they need. I TOTALLY have this! It used to be sugar. Let’s get real. It still is sugar. Work in progress.


So what is the solution? When it comes to food (sugar) I will sometimes surround myself with it or mentally tell myself that I can have it all day long if I want. When I feel there is a lot of it available, I don’t always need it as much. When I can have little binges, it can hold me over instead of daily blowouts!

How do you work with your “not enoughs?”

  • kate

    I can’t believe you posted a pic of pinkberry. Devil! and I just say BUY the boots..and eat the sugar!!! (and then go for a run..and purge the closet later )

    • Christina Warren

      Spoken as a true sage. LA…the land of Pinkberry. Yes.