Mona Lisa: Eyebrows There Should Be Two

September 30, 2013

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Are you tired of seeing pictures of me in this outfit yet? Yes, the majority of Paris photos were taken on this day slash I packed one trench and one scarf b/c we had just come from a Mediterranean Cruise in bathing suits.

Behind me is the Mona Lisa which lives in the Louvre Museum. Small right? Why is it so interesting? Honestly, after seeing a lot of other paintings of her time, she was the only one with real personality. You can connect to what she’s thinking or feeling. She’s a mirror while the other pictured¬†women of her time were characters as opposed to real people.

The wait to get into the Louvre soon after opening on a Friday in mid-September was about 20 minutes (no museum pass). Mona resides in a room soon after the entrance. Luckily the viewers move quickly and you can have as much time with her as you want but there can be a short wait to get close. It was sooo worth it.


(Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci-retouched, via Wikipedia)

Imagine Leonardo seeing his beauty there behind thick glass and pickpocket warning signs. Keep your eyes on the Mona Lisa and your hands on your wallet.


Why do you think the painting is so interesting? My sister and I have some movie one-liner faves and this makes our top ten. “Eyebrows. There should be two,” is from Miss Congeniality.