Yes, Come To The Donut Shop With Me

October 28, 2013

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We had AH-mazing donuts this weekend from DK’s Donuts and Bakery in Santa Monica. Here are some trays at the shop.

Cake with Sprinkles


Maple Bacon Bars

maple bacon donutGlazed Cronut=Cross between a donut and croissant (called “O-nuts” here due to copywrite)

glazed cronut

What’s in there????


Our selections:
IMG_2485 We had to try a Cronut. It came in its own tray and box!


Yes. You counted right. 3 donuts for the 2 of us.

Check out the layers.

Blueberry Apple Fritter (mini)

apple blueberry fritter


Some bites. Each layer of the Cronut tastes like it is injected with sugar.IMG_2511

This one was amazingly classic and the fritter was incredible.rainbow sprinkle donut