H54F: Housewarming

November 22, 2013

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Happy Happy Friday, little readers (I put “little” in front of everything I like). I’m kicking off the weekend with some Jen time at her house today and then a UCLA basketball game. So excited to be back on campus. I love that school! LA is SO basketball too so this is going to be a lot of fun. DATE NIGHT! What are you up to?????

Here are 5 FAVES of the week:

1. Paper Karma: A new app I learned about on TV this week. You can un-subscribe from junk mail by taking a photo of your address on the piece of mail. I’m going to try it out!

2. A little welcome coupon and holiday catalog from my “friends” at Pottery Barn. I fantasize about the next thing I want from here. I love to get “big” items from here and the rest from Home Goods. I probably look at their holiday catalog like 10 times-amazing since any other magazine/catalog may get a once-over. I’m training my “designer” muscle more lately.

Pottery Barn Catalog

3. Homemade organic tzatziki for our falafel. I put TONS of it on everything. We had the falafel along with rice and brocolini.

home made tzitziki

4. Discovering my new favorite plant and comparing prices from plant nurseries to Home Depot. I found this super tall (7-8 foot) Fiddle-leaf Fig tree at home depot while looking for a tabletop plant. I LOVE the look and I’ve seen them on lots of decorating blogs. 

Fiddlehead fig

fiddlehead figCheck out that price tag! OUCH..but wait…

fiddlehead fig home depot price

I was hoping to then find a small one but Home Depot no-have. 🙁 I stood in the plant department, Yelping nearby nurseries and came across Rolling Hills who said they had lots of ’em in differing sizes. THEY said they had these big ones for upwards of $400!!!! Off I went to find my mini version.

5. Backtrack-I found this pot at Home Depot (again-Jen and I saw it last week when we were shopping for living room plants and I loved it but didn’t need this size and wasn’t sure the colors would go). So happy the pot was still there! I know, totally posted this on instagram but had to tell you the “back” story triumph here.

fiddlehead figThe Fiddle-leaf I found at Rolling Hills (the mecca for plants) was $25. Totally worth it! It is GORGEOUS in our bedroom!

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

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  • That new plant of yours is beautiful! It’s really nice to have a few green things in the house!

    • Thanks, Rachel! I tell myself they are totally purifying our LA air as well. 🙂