H54F Food And Nostaligia

November 29, 2013


Life is starting to feel more and more homey and real after a year of challenges including a few moves. What a wonderful Thanksgiving. Having the family over made our place feel so cozy and happy. I loved catching up with people and just sitting around with them. It reminded me of holidays growing up in my family.

Chris surprised us all by starting the “thankful” game. He picked up  a little, soft, reindeer ornament and started by saying what he was thankful for and then threw it to the next “victim.” We are a pretty sarcastic and light hearted group so this was really special to see what people were sincerely thankful for. 

Here are some highlights:

1. These two making a bit strip avatar for me. So cute! I loved it!


2. Making three pies at once.

Holiday Pie Ingredients

3. The only way to eat cranberry sauce-homemade.Homemade cranberry sauce

4. This hopeful-for-turkey-or-any-scraps face.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. The breakfast casserole we kicked off the day with. Yes, those are hash browns on the bottom. OOOOOOOOOObreakfast casseroleI hope your day was amazing and peaceful. Enjoy your relaxing and shopping this weekend! I want to go see Catching Fire and get a lot of reading done!


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