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A Day On Set

November 20, 2013

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on set

I was so totally out of it last Sunday, from a bad night’s rest on Saturday night, that I forgot about my day on set! Here I am during a short break while another extra and I sneak photos of each other. Remember that tryout I had for a very small part in a web series a few weeks ago? Well, they gave the part to someone else (the actual Japanese person with her back to me in the photo) but asked if I would come in to be an office extra. YES! I was so excited just to see how it all went down.

We were emailed with a list of appropriate things to wear as office apparel and given the time and location of shooting. Once we arrived there was a group of us in the parking lot out in front of the studio. It was funny because it was a bunch of Asian people. The office scene is supposed to be a Japanese television station. We all jokingly asked “what kind of Asian are you?” I think there were 2 Japanese people out of the 8 of us. I love it.

These were all real actors. One guy had just done a Jack in the Box commercial and others had many experiences under their belt. We actually were able to apply to be in the Screen Actor’s Guild due to the union nature of this production (I think that’s how you’d explain it). One guy had been waiting for years for the opportunity.

Anyhow, they set us up in the office. They had a bunch of guys huddled around a cubicle looking at a naughty photo of another office woman. I was to walk by and rubber neck. It was great. We stayed for a bit while they filmed some more scenes and that was it! It was really cool! I loved the “ACTION,” and “CUT!” 

The studio was divided int0 multiple suites in a building. Each suite had sections like the one below. Here is a school set. We were in the office set adjacent.
Studio 5

I can kick that one off the bucket list!

The Thing I Get Asked About A Lot

November 19, 2013

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St. Peter's Basilica

“Things you don’t know about me” has been trending on Facebook lately and one of my favorite bloggers is running an FAQ video series. You have those questions that people seem to ask you all the time. Something about what you do or who you are or how you look gets people curious about something. Many people (women) ask me to tell them how I met my husband, Chris. What a sweet question that I LOVE to answer. The usual, quaint, brief story I give is:

Our mutual friends, Isaac and Stephanie set us up. Isaac and Chris were friends since middle school. Stephanie and I met in graduate school (acupuncture). Stephanie was always fond of Isaac’s friend, Chris. When we finally came together, it felt right from the start with a lot of laughing. 

Often though, it seems like what the ladies are really asking is, “How did you attract the love of your life?” Since you are reading my blog I am going to get personal now.

One reason I feel both humble and confident about calling Chris “the love of my life” or my “perfect partner” is because I have been married before. The path that I had taken to him was a conscious path of reinvention, prayer and luck.

Very soon before I met Chris, my cheery, positive attitude about one day being with “the man of my dreams and having a family” fizzled to nothing and for two weeks there was a period of hopelessness (of love).

In those two weeks, I barely spoke to anyone other than people at work (my patients). I was so thankful to be wrapped up in their treatments and concerns. For hours after the workday, I sat and stared off into the distance and thought of nothing. Some people call this meditating. Others may call it COOKOO. After a few days of staring in the evenings, I switched into extreme OCD mode, organizing my life down to every little detail. My business was doing much better and I looked for a nicer place to live. 

Once the ducks were in a row, I employed the help of some friends. I took up my friend Stephanie’s offer to tie on a prayer bracelet she had brought back from Brazil. You can read more about it here. I wanted to set the intention of attracting my mate. I wanted to let him know I was ready.

A 100 year old nun and patient at the clinic was always so kind to me. She was from an all-religion-inclusive type of church. She reminded me of nuns I knew growing up. I sincerely asked her if she would pray for me. “Write it down for me on a piece of paper,” she said. When she looked down at the paper, she looked up at me in surprise. “That’s what you want,” she asked in disbelief. “More than anything,” I said. Then I prayed. I wrote and I prayed some more. I wasn’t on any online dating sites. I didn’t take up any blind date offers. I stopped noticing who was in line at the deli. I was waiting for him to find me. When he found me, I knew he wouldn’t let me go.

I worked hard and my practice was doing so well. The friends I surrounded myself with were supportive examples. I spent time with my friends who were married, with children and role models to me. 

There were hours a day dedicated to daydreaming and cultivating my best self. 

I had reinvented myself. Instead of focusing on who Mr. Right was or daydreaming of being “saved” (gag and p.s. the “being saved” fantasy was a very brief period) I was becoming Mrs. Right. Manicured nails, self-confidence, a great work out regimen, self-supporting, cute condo by the beach and all the self-discipline of a lady. Does it sound like gloating? Well, I looked at it as hard work and focus. I was my best version of myself. The days of disappointment were over. It was only possible to attract a match, no one who didn’t make the cut. There was no “well, he’s nice and has a good job.” 

I DID make the list for Mr. Right though. It was 11 pages long to be exact. I drew a “picture” of he and I on the white board of my fridge. He was in a nice biz casual outfit because he was a professional and he had really nice hair. I stood next to him with one leg bent in the air. I was kind of jumping up with happiness. He was steady and stood tall. 

I knew he was on his way. I actually said aloud to Stephanie once the bracelet was on that he would come around within 2 months. Our courtship would be easy and we’d soon be romantically engaged then married. Then it happened. It was hilarious and it was perfect in the most unexpected but comfortable way. 

(photo: Chris and I in front of St. Peter’s Basilica. Vatican City, Rome) 

Putting Down Some Roots

November 18, 2013

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There’s nothing like live plants to make your house feel like a home. I’ve moved so many times and each time I give my “surviving” plants away. Now that we are here to stay in California, I’ve committed to not only a couple of plants but to a Ficus tree. My grandmother and mother both had a Ficus tree or two in the house. A Ficus tree can look gorgeous in many types of decor. My friend Jen has a few at her house and her eclectic decor soaks them in. I’ve always been so envious of her sumptuous plants and interior design skills. She gifted me her time and use of her SUV to pick these up!

beautiful house plants

beautiful house plants

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJen took me to a nearby Home Depot and we found this perfect tree for $29! I thought trees were so much more expensive but they were totally reasonable. The pot was more at $38! It is stunning though. I was impressed with the quality and design of their pots.

beautiful house plantsThis one is for a shelf in the living room. Jen assured me it was hardy-I’ve killed way too many maiden hair ferns, my favorite but delicate houseplant. Here’s a photo of one of my former victims. I present to you exhibit A:

maiden hair fernI fell in love with these paper-thin plants because they were splayed all over Anthropologie. They require misting and constant watering. I left on a trip and they were not there to greet me when I returned…if ya know what I mean.

Back to the hardy stuff.

beautiful house plantsThese smaller pots were gorgeous too. I liked everything more because Jen helped to pick them out and assured me they would “go” in my house. I tend to get distracted whilst home-shopping, picking out something pretty and forgetting to envision it in our home then returning it or giving it away in exasperation.

beautiful house plants

OK, this is called a rubber plant. I had only ever seen one at Jen’s place. Now I share it with you! I love the look of this thing!

beautiful house plantsI bought a second one of these pots.

beautiful house plants

When I got my dog, my first “real” pet at the age of 26, I felt like and adult. When I bought this tree and plants, I felt like I was really settling down. After a lifetime “on the road” I told these plants that they were staying with us. It gives me a sense of stability. Thank you, Jen and thank you plants!!!!




H54F Autumn In Southern California

November 15, 2013


Happy Friday, friends! Here are 5 (H54F=High 5 for Friday) of my favorite things from this week.

1.The touches in the mountain house…


2. Getting to enjoy fall while NOT wearing a big coat and hat:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


3. Getting ready for the holidays a bit early:

Christmas dog4. Chris’ parents’ dog, Kona:

Burmese Mountain Dog

5. OK, maybe Charlie needs a little sweater in this weather:blue dog sweater

Have a fantastic weekend!!!! XOXOXO
 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

Thanksgiving Prep

November 14, 2013

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There are those things that I use only on Thanksgiving or only when 10 people are eating dinner at our home. After some moves and kitchen purges, I wanted to go through and see what I needed for a family Thanksgiving so I made a checklist.Thanksgiving Kitchen Checklist


I found this AWESOME gravy boat on sale at Sur La Table this past week. Sometimes if it’s a big sit-down style dinner, little pitchers work great for gravy too. This year we’re doing a buffet style.
I went through the serving ware to see that there was a dish/bakeware item for each dish I was serving. I realized I needed more servingware too!
The napkins are “buffet napkins” from World Market ($9.99 for 6). 
The leaf plates were $1.99 from Michaels.
This runner was on sale for $14.99 at Sur La Table.
I THINK I got these kitchen towels at Home Goods.
I found a great BPA free turkey baster at Marshalls and I got a nice roasting pan at TJ Maxx.
It’s nice to have a big cutting board with drip line around it for the turkey…may or may not get one/can’t find mine! 
Am I forgetting anything?

Kim-Bop Recipe: A Leftovers Solution

November 13, 2013

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Kim BopI’m always looking for ways to transform leftovers. This can really disguise last night’s dinner! In Japan, sushi rolls are traditionally made with raw fish with rice and seaweed. In Korea, seaweed-rice rolls are called Kim-Bop (translated to “seaweed rice”) and they usually contain cooked items. Here is the recipe for my fusion Kim-Bop using my leftovers.

Christina's Kim-Bop
A great way to utilize leftovers
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  1. rice
  2. rice vinegar
  3. seaweed sheets
  4. cooked meat and or vegetables
  5. cucumber
  1. Chop all ingredients for the inside of the roll into long strips.
  2. Pour a couple of teaspoons of rice vinegar to taste over steaming hot rice and mix.
  3. Allow rice to cool.
  4. Spread a layer of rice over the bottom 2/3 of a sheet of seaweed.
  5. Line up the strips of food along the bottom 1/3 of the rice.
  6. Tuck as you roll the seaweed.
  1. Eat alone or with dipping sauces such as soy sauce, spicy mayo (Siracha and mayonnaise mixed) or anything that sounds yummy.
HAPPY OR ELSE | Christina Warren

This is a combo of organic white and brown rice from the other night. I create a blend of the two, soak the rice in hot water for a few hours and then cook it because the brown rice requires more to make it soft.


I microwave the cold, leftover rice for one minute and 30 seconds so that it’s steaming hot and then I add a couple teaspoons of this organic rice vinegar (Japanese style).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere we have some leftover brocolinni and organic teriyaki chicken. You could use both but I chose to do the chicken with organic cucumber. The crunch is awesome!


Chop the cucumber into matchstick pieces. I only had a short piece in the fridge but you can make long matchsticks if you have a big cucumber. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI use this seaweed that I buy at Whole Foods. Many American grocery stores sell a version in the Asian food section.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpread the cooled, seasoned rice over a sheet of seaweed and line up your ingredients along the lower third of the sheet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had to take this photo while demonstrating (time for a tripod) so you see only one hand rolling but you will use two hands to roll. As you roll, see how my fingertips are curled as they tightly tuck the forming roll.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like to just cut this in half


You can eat these on their own or dip them in…soy, spicy mayo (mayo and Siracha mixed) or anything else that sounds good.