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Resolution: Do Your Fun To-Do List

December 31, 2013

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I’m addicted to the Notes app on my iPhone. I have a list for things from birthday gifts to groceries. Well this weekend I made a point to make a list of fun things I wanted to do.

Fun List

  • Make jewelry with the components and tools you purchased a year ago in Seattle
  • Take time to read on the sunny deck and take a nap out there finally
  • Set up a schedule for blogging time organization (OK, this is kind of like work but it’s fun for me)

For some easy jewelry making, here’s all you need:


Corresponding wire:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJump rings (the circles that open up) and clasps:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese three inexpensive tools (wire cutter, round pliars and regular pliers):

wire wrapping

Here I just connected some beautiful gold chain with pink crystals to make a long simple necklace. These are great for layering. For a tutorial on wire wrapping, click HERE. P.S. I did end up putting a pink crystal in the middle of that wire wrap to finish the look.wire wrappingI also made a gold clasped chain necklace for this cameo pendant I have. 


After I got to do this stuff, I felt SO much better about my weekend! Usually I need someone to drag me out of my house to keep me from cleaning, organizing or check listing. I am so annoying! Sometimes I WANT to stay in and do fun things. This was the solution especially since when this baby comes, the stuff on this list is not really going to happen for like 25 years.


We Are Having A…

December 30, 2013

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Baby boy paper tassel banner

Baby Boy!

Ok, so I am still in shock and disbelief since we know this information via a blood test! The anatomy scan is not for another month or so but science is CRAZY these days. Normally, I wouldn’t have been eligible for this blood test (because of my age and health history) but because some other preliminary tests came back funky, they allowed us the option to do a more precise genetic screening test that included gender information as an added bennie.

They asked if we wanted to know the gender and we were like,”Uh, yea!” We’ve been dying to find out! Everyone’s different when it comes to gender reveals prior to the big day. We have been so curious since we found out we were going to be parents. 

The gender of my sister was to be a surprise at my mother’s C-section back in 1986. My grandparents were to pick me up from Catholic school (1st grade) and they were going to be holding something pink for a girl and something blue for a boy. Since the moment I learned about prayer, I prayed every single day for a baby sister. I just knew it had to be something pink that day. Whelp, it was a pink paper bell. You know, that kind of table decoration for a party that folds out like an accordion and you have to attach both sides. I recall it as one of the happiest days of my life. 

My grandparents recently told me they had a “method” with having children. It was, “When we get them, we keep them.” 

So here is my paper tribute. We are just thrilled that everything came back healthy! 



In these photos I don’t look very pregnant but trust me, there’s a bump-well, more of a wideness with a small mound. My energy is SO much higher now! We even went out with friends until 11:00 p.m. on Friday! Whoah, Nelly! Watch out, New Year’s Eve, here I come!

I am playing with my camera more these days. For all of these photos, I used a color softening filter and I like how they came out. Chris was an excellent photographer. I have about 20 photos of me just cracking up over us making fun of ourselves for doing this. 


 Learn how to make banners like this here

H54F: Vacay Week

December 27, 2013

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1. I FINALLY tried “accent nail.” Is it too late? Hopefully not! I liked Natalie’s pink nails (from the Today Show) and decided to add a little New Year’s pizzazz. What was I planning on doing today? Cleaning the house of course! 

IMG_3073But it’s the holidays!! So I played hookie and went to get my nails done instead. The same women from last time wasn’t there but the owner WAS. She was awesome! She gave me the names of her hair person and esthetician (organic and has a studio in her home-my faves). 

2. I LOVE this thermal top from Free People. I buy one or 2 a year and they LAST. The pretty cuff details get me from looking like I’m in my pajamas to looking like I’m in fancy pajamas to go out in. Here’s a cute one for this season.

3. Ok, does your family do joke-gifts? Well, the best part of opening gifts was watching Chris’ brother, Tim, laugh his heart out watching people open his joke-gifts. Chris got this rusty old tire repair bottle and the grandma got a car squeegee. There were real gifts too. 


4. We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat this week. Pretty cool.  

5. I get to see one of my BFFs this week in Laguna Beach for a ladies lunch! We used to go to the dog park every day together in San Diego and then run together! 

Happy Holidays! Hope you’re playing a little hookie too!

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7 Reasons Everyone Knows You’re Pregnant

December 26, 2013

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Here’s a list of things I laugh about being pregnant. 

1. Your Facebook feed shows everyone that you liked a million photos of your friends’ kiddos. (You caught me, Mattie) You used to be the one who was like, “PEOPLE, this isn’t BABYbook!”

2. You say to your friend, “Here, I’ll get you a car mat,” when you meant to say parking pass but you don’t have the brain energy to explain what you really meant. 

3. You fall asleep sitting up while talking to your friends after eating lunch. Jen, I was listening.

4. You start a hike and then have to stop to cry because you’re not sure you can make it out of the extremely steep canyon (you have formerly run a half marathon and been in the military). You then turn around 8 minutes into the hike huffing and puffing. You even need to take a break to sit on the ground and catch your breath. Little children and the elderly are speeding by you up the hill. You spend the rest of the day sleeping and eating in recovery. This has now become a 1200 calorie setback. Add some more crying and blaming your husband for setting you up for failure and not understanding “your condition.”

5. You walk with peg legs because prenatal yoga made you do 5 minutes of continuous squats. You want to punch the wall when the instructor tells you to make your shoulder blades touch your heart. Then you want to cry about it. There are women in your yoga class who are 20 weeks pregnant and looking hotter than you’ve ever looked in your life. You start wearing makeup to class to feel better about yourself.

6. You go to a famous burger place for their signature burger (they only serve one kind) but they don’t make ANY exceptions i.e. they won’t pull the soft blue cheese off (some soft cheeses are a no-no for pregnant women), no matter what. So you eat a basket of fries and drool over your husband’s burger meal. Later you yell at your husband for not leaving the restaurant or yelling at the cook.

When your friends ask you to go out for dinner and a night of drinking you steer them away from sushi restaurants or bar crawls so you won’t be discovered. 

7. In your first trimester, you gained waaay too much weight (confirmed by your doctor in front of your husband) and somehow your birthing-hips got even wider.  Your pants no longer fit. Your skinny, well-meaning friends have all told you there is no need for pregnancy clothes until later and you listen to everything these women say (they’re pros) so you walk around with your pants unbuttoned and unzipped for months (break down and buy a belly band eventually). Finally at a restaurant dinner your pants are around your ankles from the tight pinching pain in your abdomen and the said belly band has snapped up like a rolling blind below your breasts. The valet guy tries not to stare as you depart the restaurant. Cue crying and shopping for fat, I mean, pregnancy pants.

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2013


Hey, I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday. We’re spending Christmas with Chris’ family here in Southern California. Yup, it’s like 80 degrees. Charlie won’t be wearing the “ugly sweater” we got him this year. 

ugly dog Christmas sweater

Chris and I didn’t really do Christmas gifts for each other. We have the gift of living in California again. Between higher rents and mega state taxes, we’re saving the rest for the babes on the way. 

P.S. I bought myself a gift. THIS pink foam roller from Marshalls. I was returning some shirts that didn’t make the cut with Chris. As I was in the checkout line amidst the last minute temptation displays and hidden like a tree in a forrest was this roller among yoga mats. “Is that a foam roller?” I went in for a long overdue chiropractic appointment a few weeks ago and the doctor suggested I foam roll my super tight upper back. I couldn’t wait to get it home. It. Is. Heaven. That’s awesome because hell was minutes after Marshalls while I fought for parking in the Ralph’s grocery parking lot. 

foam roller

Seriously try one of these out for tense muscles. I always associated them with tight IT bands (outside of your thighs) but it is an upper back wonder.

We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night and I was laughing out loud a lot. 

Do you buy a little gift for yourself over the holidays? It’s pretty hard not to when you’re shopping all the time, right? 

Easiest Yummy Homemade Dressing Recipe

December 24, 2013

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Merry Christmas Eve! If you need a quick and easy dressing made from things you have around the house already, try this one out. Chris said it tastes like it’s from a restaurant. Well, it kinda is. I copied it. Impress yourself. Homemade dressing is killer!

Creamy Honey Dressing

It’s all true-a pregnant lady enjoys the flavors of food more than any other kind of person. You know how some people can play a tune after hearing it? Well, now I can recreate a recipe after eating it. My thighs say, “I’m pregnant and this bod’s a cozy place for a baby.”

We had an AH-mazing beet salad with this creamy honey dressing at Brick & Morter last week. I had to recreate it! This tastes waaay more rich than it is and a little goes a long way! Make it with a salad of mixed greens, beets, julianned oranges and some avocado. This salad looks and tastes like it’s right out of a restaurant. 


Creamy Honey Dressing
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  1. 1 Tablespoon Mayonaise
  2. 1 tablespoon Vinegar (Rice wine or Champagne or any white vinegar)
  3. 2 teaspoons Honey
  4. Dash of Pepper
  1. Whisk honey, vinegar and pepper together
  2. Add mayonnaise and complete whisking
  3. Adjust to the thickness and taste you like
  1. Toss with a salad of mixed greens, julianned oranges, beets and avocados. Add chopped nuts (I used pecans) for a finishing zing. This reminds me of a poppyseed dressing I used to have at one of my favorite restaurants.
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