Family Gems Or Pearls Rather

December 12, 2013

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Not those kind of gems. These would be the pearls of wisdom sayings you’ll be passing down to your kiddos some day. We’re in Seattle visiting the fam this week, celebrating our dad’s retirement from the Navy! He’s been a Navy dentist for a bajillion years and he’s finally retiring! Yahoo! So this is why I’m thinking of all those little sayings. Ok, down to business.

Let’s start normalzies and work our way up to full-on strango.

“If you want a clean house, invite guests over for dinner or a party.”

“Fish smells after three days.” AKA don’t be a houseguest at someone’s home for more than 3 days.

“If you can handle hot things (temperature-think holding hot dinner plates) then you can handle your mother-in-law.” AKA patience under fire.

Ready to take it to another level?

Men are like woodsmen, the chop women down with, “I love you.” (My sister got this one)

Let’s go on to body parts.

“Thick legs mean you don’t get sick often.” (Mom only ever said this to me)

“A big forehead means high class.”(me)

“Thick earlobes equate to wealth.”(my sister)

Hey, feel free to borrow any of these to add to your family mottos, especially the thick leg one. Basically, learn to turn any unnatracitve thing into a blessing. 


  • Tracey Colaianni

    This week…I got the “thick legs” comment from Mom… … …

  • I love the clean house one! It’s so true – you’ll see me frantically dusting 30 minutes before people are coming over.

    • Totally! If people get there early, I’ll be a few chores behind!