If They Lose Your Bags…Go Shopping

December 17, 2013

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Has the airline ever lost your luggage? We had a crazy experience on this trip to Seattle. Chris’ folding suitcase didn’t show up on the baggage claim carresal. Doh! When we went to the lost luggage desk, they “found” our bag. It had our name and destination on the tag but it was not our bag. The woman at LAX (where we originated) said she was having problems with her printer when she was checking us in. Well…Chris’ bag was no where to be found and he needed his suit for my dad’s retirement the next afternoon. 

We took a trip to Nordstrom Rack that evening and racked up about $400 worth of clothes/underwear/socks for Chris. EEK! When the airline finally found his bag, our trip was almost to an end. His bag ended up in Mexico!! Bahahaha. We picked up the bag on our way home and the airline asked for our receipts for anything we needed to buy. They totally wrote us a check for $400! 

We kept joking about things that might be in the bag from Mexico…tacos, a sombrero…

Alaska Airlines has been my favorite airline but I had no idea they would cover us like that! Incredible customer service is so wonderful. So, the moral of the story is…instead of freaking out about someone losing your luggage, go shopping.

It’s ok, my mom has tons of back-up pajamas for anyone, any size. Remember the “fertility” pajamas she got for Chris?



  • Sam

    That is awesome they paid you back for all the stuff you guys bought! That is what I call amazing customer service. Our luggage got lost when we took a trip to Korea/Japan a few years ago but luckily they delivered our luggage to our house an hour after we landed.

    • Totally! Foreign airlines have always been so great to us! It was so nice to see an American airline having excellent customer service!!

  • That’s such a funny story. I love that they reimbursed you though! THAT’S good customer service!

    • Right?! We are ALL about Alaska Airlines even more than before!!