Resolution: Do Your Fun To-Do List

December 31, 2013

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I’m addicted to the Notes app on my iPhone. I have a list for things from birthday gifts to groceries. Well this weekend I made a point to make a list of fun things I wanted to do.

Fun List

  • Make jewelry with the components and tools you purchased a year ago in Seattle
  • Take time to read on the sunny deck and take a nap out there finally
  • Set up a schedule for blogging time organization (OK, this is kind of like work but it’s fun for me)

For some easy jewelry making, here’s all you need:


Corresponding wire:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJump rings (the circles that open up) and clasps:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese three inexpensive tools (wire cutter, round pliars and regular pliers):

wire wrapping

Here I just connected some beautiful gold chain with pink crystals to make a long simple necklace. These are great for layering. For a tutorial on wire wrapping, click HERE. P.S. I did end up putting a pink crystal in the middle of that wire wrap to finish the look.wire wrappingI also made a gold clasped chain necklace for this cameo pendant I have. 


After I got to do this stuff, I felt SO much better about my weekend! Usually I need someone to drag me out of my house to keep me from cleaning, organizing or check listing. I am so annoying! Sometimes I WANT to stay in and do fun things. This was the solution especially since when this baby comes, the stuff on this list is not really going to happen for like 25 years.


  • Good list! I also use my Notes App on my phone religiously! lol 🙂 Jewelry making is something that I’ve always wanted to take up and do! I love what you made – what a fantastic creative outlet! I look forward to seeing more of your creations, Christina!

    • Thank you, Jessica! My friend has a jewelry business and she taught me how to wire wrap. I got to go along on buying trips with her too. So inspirational! I want to see what YOU come up with!