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Paper Tassel Garland DIY

December 23, 2013

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Did you see these swishy pink tassels from our friends’ Paso Robles wedding a few months ago? I was drooling and ever since, I’ve meant to find an occasion for them. They are still super hot and SO festive!

DIY Paper Tassel Garland

So, my desk in our home is in a little  built-in cubby off the kitchen and needed some fun. I was reminded of these banners by Lauren Elizabeth‘s Instagram. She had one from by Studio Mucci on Etsy. If you want a gorgeous perfect one delivered right to you, Studio Mucci is the place (the owner/creater is super cool looking) is the place to get it from. If you have some time on your hands, try making one for yourself. It’s very inexpensive and I’m tickled by the celebratory vibe it gives any area. My desk needed a party banner of its own. So I looked up a bunch of tutorials and I’ve made my own, combining techniques from different sources and developing my own.

I wanted a pinky gold one:

Paper tassel garland DIY

All you need is:

wrapping tissue (I bought a multi-pack from Michaels $7.99?)


twine (I used sisal)

a chopstick or skewer

twist ties (optional)

mildly crafty hands

Paper tassel garland DIY

1. Each tassel is composed of a sheet of tissue folded in half at the top. Any size works. I did a mini banner. Just keep the sizes consistent. 

Cut even strips up to fold and leave just a space uncut at the top as shown. You can go OCD and use a pencil to draw a line across the top but you’ll see that you can use a shortcut and wing it a bit. 

Make a practice tassel to see how thick you want the look of the steamers to be. 

P.S. With the first one I made, I used a photo paper/scrapbooking cutter with a sliding blade. It. Was. Perfect…and totally unnecessary. 

Paper tassel garland DIY

2. I like to use the chopstick to open the paper at the fold. 

Paper tassel garland DIY

Paper tassel garland DIY

3. For these mini banners, I used half a twist tie and placed it at the bottom of the center of the fold. Feel free to do it twist-tie free if you like. You can find twist ties in the bakery section of Michaels ($.99 for a pack of 50). The colors won’t show through so any colors will do.

Paper tassel garland DIY

4. Break out those crafty hands and start rolling tightly all the way to the top. Keep the streamers from getting too tangled up or wrinkled.Paper tassel garland DIY

5. Now TWIST. TWIST. TWIST that paper around the twisty tie.

Paper tassel garland DIY

Paper tassel garland DIY

6. Perfect. Now bend it in half and use the chopstick to make room for a loop that the twine will pass through. Twist the base of the loop to secure it. 

Paper tassel garland DIY

7. String them up and use a little tape to secure.

Paper tassel garland DIY

Looks like I was stalking Emily Henderson’s birth story during this shoot. Fascinating stuff, childbirth. That is a “painting” I did of Charlie last winter in Seattle. You find hobbies in the cold dark vampire world. I tried to keep them peppy ones.

Paper tassel garland DIY

It’s a start. 

H54F: Cat’s Outta The Bag

December 20, 2013

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Oh, yea! Happy Friday! Here are my faves of the week…

1. I got to lunch with a real woman of mystery yesterday, Gianna (grad school buddy). We met at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood (her suggestion). Think swanky blue velvet seating with ironic glasses, surrounded by exclusive sky-high hedges and valet attendants who wear expensive cologne (I still smell it on my seatbelt). Enjoy the marble tables and $97 white truffle pizza (which is apparently to die for says Gianna…I will never know). 

Look at her ridiculously cool hat. An older gentleman (with an interesting accent) even came over to our table to get close to her and shower her with compliments. I was a sidekick. 


Gianna is someone you just want to spend your time around. You ration your questions so you appear cool.

(Sidenote: Just found out that Gianna’s 95 year old grandmother passed yesterday. Prayers for her and her family.)

P.S. Please disregard “ball cap dude” in background. He is killing my swanky atmosphere promises. It’s the beauty of California-anything goes.

2. This cute little lunch/snack for Chris: Apples, carrots, peanut butter and falafel. I’ve gotta keep him from El Torrito and food cart grenade (work adjacent) temptations!

3. Returning to this glorious sunshine from Seattle. Here’s a photo of LAX while we wait for our parking structure shuttle. My four-days-in-rainy-vampire-Seattle-mole-eyes were barely squinting open. IMG_3038

4. One of my favorite Christmas ornaments:Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

If I’m not eating, I’m dreaming, web surfing or talking food.

5. I was super excited to share the news about our baby on the way! Is it bad that I was so excited to tell so I could post things about babies on the blog (i.e. baby room layouts)?

5.1 My sister is a new account exec (sales) at a start-up and she is KILLING it at work! 

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourselves!

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We’re Having A Baby

December 19, 2013

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I have been dying to write this post! Chris and I are having a baby! WOW! I’m about 4 months pregnant! You know those wives tales about announcing your pregnancy after the first trimester? Well, we decided to tell just a few people before that but we waited until now to tell everyone because we were waiting on test results for stuff. I’ll go into that later. Everything looks healthy and we are super excited!! 

Here is a photo of the baby at 7 weeks (I didn’t know they did ultrasounds that early). We have a more recent photo (even a video-I know, crazy technology) but this is my favorite because I like the little starfish pose. This said to me, “I’m here and I’m happy!” It might even say, “I’m ready to party.”


A note: I have now broken the vow/pact I made with one of my BFFs and myself to NEVER, never under any circumstances post a photo of my ultrasound online. I conferred with her yesterday (she is a new mom) and her response was, “You’ll be doing lots of things you never thought you’d be doing.” Well, in that case, get ready for some sexy boudoir prego shots of me soon. Ok, hopefully not.

This baby was made in Paris! TMI? 


Well, we returned from that trip and I just thought I had some gnarly jet lag. I figured that had to be the reason for the multiple late-night trips to the bathroom, hours of daytime “staring” (sitting there in the parked car zoned out and exhausted for multiple hours at a time) and the aversion to my daily coffee ritual.

We had been on the road for a while, moving from Seattle to Los Angeles and then immediately going on a 2 week trip to Europe. “Maybe jet lag and all this travel-food is why my blood sugar is so off,” I supposed. That was until I was practically grabbing the steering wheel from Chris to pull over so I could get an emergency/life-saving granola bar at the gas station one day. Yes and later that day when I was starving yet again, I cut my toe on a Whole Foods table which sent me into a dizzy/on the floor/fainting/drama-queen moment. Please trust me, this is not my usual reaction to seeing like 2 drops of blood. I couldn’t control myself. I was THAT lady on the floor of Whole Food with people staring at me. Moments later I was sobbing inconsolably in the car. Chris was so incredibly confused. Poor guy. I even have a photo of the bloody toe but I will spare you.

Days later we signed a lease and I was unpacking and moving things for three days straight in our new home while Chris was at a business conference out of town (AKA partying in Vegas for work). The hunger and thirst were unbearable! I thought, “Wow, moving/unpacking is such a great workout. My thighs are going to look great!” 


That’s when it hit me…what day is today? Isn’t it what Chris calls my “normal” time of the month. Quick, unearth that single pregnancy test you always keep in your travel kit! 

positive pregnancy test

(P.S. another totally strange photo I never thought was appropriate to share)

Then I stared at that positive test in disbelief. I was shaking. WHAT!? No. It can’t be! Amazing! How was I going to wait until that night when I was going to pick Chris up from the airport!? Somehow I survived. I picked him up at LAX, we Yelped a Thai restaurant, drove there and found parking down the street. I was going to tell him inside but as we walked from our parked car to the restaurant, I couldn’t wait another second. 

I interrupted him mid-sentence as he was fondly reminiscing on the trip’s funnier moments. “We’re having a baby!!!!!!!!” He looked as if I had said something like, “I don’t feel like having Thai food tonight, let’s get back in the car and find another restaurant.” This second statement would have been very confusing to him as well. Once it clicked he mirrored my entire disbelief of the situation. “Wait, what? You’re telling me on a dark street corner that we’re having a baby?” Well, yes, I made the baby announcement on a dark street corner in Los Angeles. Glamorous. Thomas Kinkade-like or just like in the movies. Maybe Disney will want to use this in a future screen play.

So we’re both very excited and it is just now starting to sink in. I hear that getting advice can be super annoying to new moms/moms-to-be. Please, the flood gates are open. I’m curious about everything. I will be asking specific questions here and there. Look, I’m an acupuncturist and in school, we learned that breast milk cures some eye infections (totally true), so you can’t “weird me out.” I’m totally interested in everything from super green mom-stuff like organic mattresses to buffalo chicken wing dips that help you lose post-pregnancy pounds (you know what I mean).

Who is most excited about this baby? My dad. Yes, it is amazing and surprising. He has asked me things like, “How is your health doing?” Normally this would be WAAY too personal/feminine-land for him but it is very sweet.

You can follow me on Instagram for the prep…or distractions from the prep. Here I am on FacebookTwitter, Bloglovin and Pinterest. Baby things will slowly invade these sites (and this site) but I will stick to my usual posts as well. XO

Chick Dinner / Trick Dinner

December 18, 2013

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IMG_9935 copy

I’m sure guys have one too, you know, that meal made out of things that don’t constitute any real mom-worthy meal. I have a few. In grad school, a friend and I had what we sadly called “skinny dinner.” That is translation for eating disorder-slash-replace real calories with sugar-dinner. Skinny dinner was a bowl of Golden Spoon frozen yogurt. Golden Spoon is in San Diego (maybe more widespread now). It has flavors like cake batter and heath bar. These flavors are sinfully right on. This often happened during testing season after long sessions of studying with study breaks where we would plan our evening treat-reward.

Jamba Juice has made the list at one point.

Time went on and chick dinner evolved into an ever-so-classy truffle french fries and artisan salad meal. Yes, this is what I silently tricked Chris into eating with me last night at Brick & Morter in Santa Monica. Ok, we duded it up by ordering a pizza as well. I’m not sounding much like a health professional here, am I? Well, I’m an indulger. Taurus. We like yummy, comfy, fancy.


Check out this Christmas tree made of shopping carts and decorations from outside the restaurant!


 Would you spill your chick meal??

If They Lose Your Bags…Go Shopping

December 17, 2013

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Has the airline ever lost your luggage? We had a crazy experience on this trip to Seattle. Chris’ folding suitcase didn’t show up on the baggage claim carresal. Doh! When we went to the lost luggage desk, they “found” our bag. It had our name and destination on the tag but it was not our bag. The woman at LAX (where we originated) said she was having problems with her printer when she was checking us in. Well…Chris’ bag was no where to be found and he needed his suit for my dad’s retirement the next afternoon. 

We took a trip to Nordstrom Rack that evening and racked up about $400 worth of clothes/underwear/socks for Chris. EEK! When the airline finally found his bag, our trip was almost to an end. His bag ended up in Mexico!! Bahahaha. We picked up the bag on our way home and the airline asked for our receipts for anything we needed to buy. They totally wrote us a check for $400! 

We kept joking about things that might be in the bag from Mexico…tacos, a sombrero…

Alaska Airlines has been my favorite airline but I had no idea they would cover us like that! Incredible customer service is so wonderful. So, the moral of the story is…instead of freaking out about someone losing your luggage, go shopping.

It’s ok, my mom has tons of back-up pajamas for anyone, any size. Remember the “fertility” pajamas she got for Chris?



Shopping Buzz

December 16, 2013

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IMG_2997I got to spend about an hour and a half at the mall with my sister this weekend and it was AWESOME!!! She makes me feel like I’m a pro-stylist. I know her style and I can go through racks of dresses, pull 20 and in there will be the PERFECT outfit for what she’s looking for. What a buzz! We found her this hot dress at Macy’s (it was on super sale so it was hard to find online).   


I’ve been seeing the Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallette on some blogs (The Small Things Blog and The Lauren Elizabeth). I hardly wear eye shadow but my sister does so I introduced her to it and she was hooked.

I wear Chloe perfume almost every day. I got hooked on it because a woman I used to work with wore it and she just smelled like freshly washed hair (that Pantene kind of smell). It’s so fresh, rosy and ladylike. Sephora sells a rollerball that I bought for travel. It’s a nice way to test run a scent. Remember, you can always ask for a sample of perfume at places like Sephora to give a scent a real trial run. They’ll make you a little spray bottle of your own. Every perfume needs a chance to mix with your own chemistry. 

These Anastasia eyebrow stencils are foolproof! I started using them because I’m bad at going in regularly to get my brows done and I wanted to save a little cash!