H54F: I Abused A Holiday Gift Card

January 24, 2014

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1. If I linger in bed a while after Chris gets to the shower, Charlie will jump up and lie next to me in Chris’ spot. I grabbed my phone for a shot of him as the sun rose.

This is that glorious sunshine we came back to California for. Sure, it’s worth 800% income tax vs. 0% in Washington. No problem.

2. I went to buy Chris a new pair of Havaianas in black. He lost one of his while saving me in a river when I almost drowned in some little rapids last year. I found the right kind (via many phone calls around town) at Venice Beach. What a gorgeous day! I was happy to park half a mile away and walk the boardwalk.

IMG_32573. Fabio is coming the the Whole Foods in Venice Beach! I love this guy! 


4. I kind of cheated and used a Christmas Babies ‘R Us gift card on myself this week! AH! This pillow was on sale for $35 and it is pretty incredible. Can you see that curtain back there? Well, it’s red. Red VELVET. The windows in this rental are HUGE and came with coverings. It is too easy just to leave what’s there so that’s what we’ve done. 

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IMG_32475. This is the first article of boy clothing I’ve come across in a store (Old Navy) that got me excited…I did not buy it however. I feel like I have to see the guy before I know what his jam is, you know? I am pretty sure he’ll be a flannel guy like his dad though.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

5.1 OK, please come back on Monday to see what we’re up to this week. Our excitement about it has been brewing all week! It was kind of a last minute decision. Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you soon! XO

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  • Fabio at Whole Foods? How completely out of the blue. And I say you deserve that pillow! Enjoy it. :)))

    • Lol. Thank you, Thien! Fabio’s come a long way from margerine!!!! Good for him!

  • Whoah! Charlie is such a great name!!!! I’m totally getting into the “mini man” thang. You are so lucky to have one of each!!

  • Pamela Bannon

    Hey Christina! Another H54F! 1. The baby is in your belly. Thus, it is part of you. Thus, it is also using that pillow. Thus, you did not abuse a gift card! You are totally in the clear! 🙂 2. Baby boy clothes are totally adorable! I am pretty set on just having my one child but fashion is the only thing that gives me pause. I see a teeny tiny puffer vest or little sneakers and suddenly I am secretly reconsidering. 3. I am SO jealous of your location near the beach right now. It is a frozen tundra in New York. I feel like I live in the North Pole. 4. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Lol. North Pole! Thanks for the gift card blessing. 😉 a puffer vest sounds awesome. Seriously, we are like baking out here and praying for rain! Enjoy your weekend as well! Thanks for stopping by! I will check in with you next week!!

  • Aw, I love that you’re looking at baby boy clothes. That is so exciting!

    • I was always excited about girly things like tutus but now I’m seeing a brighter side of boy stuff. 🙂

  • I wish I lived that close to the sand! Jealous!! And Fabio, really?! haha, oh my! Good for you, I’m glad you bought yourself a comfy pillow… you deserve it for carrying a baby nine months. 🙂 I’m so excited for you!! Oh, and you have me totally intrigued with “5.1”… hmm…
    Have a great weekend, my friend! xo

    • We have to live here for our mental health! Fabio and sand? You’ve gotta get out here lol. Have a great weekend!!

  • Krista Williams

    Our dog is named Charlie too!! Little boy clothes are so much more fun that girl clothes. Sure girl stuff is pink and pretty, but boy stuff looks like mini man stuff! Looking forward to Monday’s post!

    • No waaaay!!! Charlie is an awesome dog name. Mini man is a perfect way to look at it! I’m getting into it!!