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Crunchy With Or Without A Side Of Baby

January 23, 2014

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I’m like 30% crunchy for a Californian but to my family from the East Coast, I’m totally a smoothie drinking, yoga doing, hummus eating hippie. Crunchy alludes to granola, as in health-nut, as in…vaccine dodging, coconut oil rubbing, home-birthing kinda people. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m getting crunchier. Here’s a clever Crunchy Scale that makes sense of all this. 

Here are some ways to be crunchy, whether or not you’re having a baby:

  • Look up your beauty products on the EWG Skin Deep Database (Thanks, Jackie!). Look up some easy homemade beauty products…Pinterest town. BE that girl who used coconut oil to re-attach her left leg after a chainsaw accident. Yes, people really believe in the stuff. It’s good.
  • Drink out of stainless steel or other refillable BPA free water containers.
  • I even gave up antiperspirant and deodorant (for like the fifth try) for powder I put under my arms. Be strong. If you want to do this, you can, it just takes patience. You just may want to position your yoga mat 5-7 spaces away from mine. No, seriously I smell ok somehow.
  • Add fun things where you can like spinach and ground chia seeds to your smoothies or ground/chopped nuts to your salads.
  • Totally obvi, but eat organic, reduce/elminate artificial ANYTHING from your diet and regimen where you can. Check into your labels. Here are some easy healthy food ideas.
  • See an acupuncturist for stress relief, pain relief, lifestyle modification.
  • See a chiropractor to alleviate nerve interfereance and structural imbalance.
  • Get massages to…c’mon you know why. Here in LA there are foot reflexology places where you can get a massage for $20/hr.
  • Find mediative exercise (this could be sitting on your floor and zoning, jogging, church or yoga).

**If you ARE pregnant, aside from the popular avoidances: alcohol, coffee, sushi etc, look up soft unpastuerized cheeses which I didn’t know where potentially harmful.

When I was practicing acupuncture, I recommended that my patients get some form of treatment weekly. One week, it could be a chiropractic appointment and another it could be a pedicure. I have to take my own advice, right?

I’m still shaving under my arms and eating donuts so no, I’m no Earth Momma. Have you SEEN my grandmother’s recipe for Seven Layer Bars? Yeah, and I’m sure I didn’t go all the way to Paris, to this cafe, to NOT eat a chocolate croissant and whole milk cappuccino. Keep it as crunchy as you can!


Your New Pregnant Bod

January 22, 2014

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis body is a-changin’. I have some “formal events” (I’ll talk about them later) coming up and I pulled out every dress in my closet that had a whisper of elastic or spandex to it. They quivered with fear and I snatched them up the way Elmira grabs kittens by the neck. 

The shocking part? The formfitting dresses that had some give to them actually looked awesome! Really, it was better than they looked when I WASN’T pregnant! The reason? Well, pre-pregnancy, I was hippy with a small waist and chest. Now that my waist is wider, my silhouette is actually smoother. Now that my cup size has gone up, I look more balanced and a little less bottom heavy.

I even felt hot in a tight, red Ralph Laruen cocktail dress I tried on but then it felt awkward as a sexy pregnant lady. Maybe I’ll own that on the second pregnancy…or fifth (fingers crossed). 

After growing out of the first trimester beer/PMS gut this belly looks awesome! Now I’m wearing maxi dresses and baby dolls, two type of dresses I’ve never really thought flattered me. 


This maxi comes in some nice gentle colors. This one is a bathing suit cover but on some of these hot Southern California days, it works in black. Somehow, the denim jacket pervades fashion year after year. Throw it on a simple dress and you look put-together. Serioulsy it’s 80 degrees here in L.A. The baby is due in June so I figure investing in more summer clothes  than winter clothes is smart. 

The giveaway on Karly Kim’s blog is going for another day. You can check it out HERE. If you’ve entered, THANK YOU! 

Juan Pablo..errr…Conscious Box

January 21, 2014

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Truthfully, I had another post in mind but I was so distracted by Juan Pablo and The Bachelor girls that I took the easy way out and posted about this little box. Man, kissing one of the girls within eye-shot of other girls is CRAY! Opera singer gal is one to watch this season, eh?

All the make-up box reviews got me interested in subscription boxes but since I’m probably using the same mascara from 2009 (ew, I know), I decided to go with food for a start. 

**Get crunchy in seconds with these types of products. Next thing you know, you’ll be milking your own goats and turning it into yogurt that you will then use as an anti-aging mask, giving you the skin of Kate Blanchett. 



I like the mix of food, supplements and body products. You can choose gluten free, classic or vegan. I chose classic.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve tried The Good Beans and they were delish. Tapas to Go was awesome as well. Surprisingly, the “YES” is a lubricant. Hmm. You won’t find any reviews of that on THIS site. 🙂 

Have you tried any of these vita-gummie things? Last month’s box had a variety of them that I could have eaten a pound of.

We Ate Everything But The Eyes

January 20, 2014

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I hope you are having a wonderful Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend. Do you have weird food “things.” We obviously do…

My dad’s coworkers asked my mother for a childhood photo of him for a surprise birthday cake at work. It was one of those large sheet cakes with a chunk that had this photo on it. This is the chunk that went home with them and so this is the chunk we were given (stole) when we visited their house.IMG_1656

I think that says “You’ve got the look…” This is one of the MOST DELICIOUS store-cakes we have ever had. It had some kind of raspberry jam filling. We mowed down.IMG_1710As we got closer to the face…more specifically, the eyes, we started to eat around them. You know, like out of respect for the life of this cake or the spirit of my father’s childhood.

IMG_1712But then we got even closer. That cake was so darn good. The eye slice even crumbled in half as a result of the poor integrity of itself.

IMG_1718Then we did it. We ate the eyes. We ate them.

H54F: Bacon For ME

January 17, 2014

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Happy Friday! How’s life? I’m going back to that life-long resolution of letting go a bit and relaxing. 

1. Loving this crazy manicure this week! Notice the outfit I’m wearing…most likely taken in my pajama/dog walking outfit. The technician used gold glitter powder to create an ombre effect. These hands belong in Miami. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2. This is a breakfast I made for MYSELF this week. Until this day, I had never made bacon just for myself. Bacon is for sharing. Bacon is for guests. Bacon has less calories when you eat it in the company of others. No, now bacon is for me. I made it for 2nd breakfast. First breakfast was cereal with Chris that morning. Then I actually made a special trip to the grocery store for this stuff. I felt deliciously guilty. That’s fresh-ground lemon pepper on that bagel.bacon eggs and bagel breakfast

3. Linking up with the ladies via Lipgloss and Crayons for this giveaway…which is still going! Click HERE. Thank you to those who have already participated! katespade

4. Seeing the baby’s face was pretty far out. I keep looking at a picture of him and asking myself, “Who does that look like?” What kinds of answers am I expecting? Hopefully something like Keanu Reeves (not Bill & Ted Keanu but Matrix/Point Break Keanu).

5. Getting ready for another giveaway! Stay tuned!Target gift card

Linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth!!! XOXO
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Uber Personal

January 16, 2014

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I’m going to get deep but let’s warm up to it. 


1. These are the “marmi” clothes I tried on at TJ Maxx this week with Jen. I ended up with a workout tank, bigger sports bra and “marmi” flower bedtime pants. Chris’ (American) friend in Spain called the older Spanish women who wore flower print from head to toe, marmis. These are what I used to call: Birth Control. 

2. When searching for some SENIOR (AKA lower calorie) dog food yesterday for my curvy dog, I saw THIS and was a little put off. I chose another. I think this dog is cute! Charlie would have died if I brought this to him. The sugar-free gummy bear cleanse would be kinder (check the crude reviews-Chris sister told us about it last night-we were crying).IMG_3223

3. Does it get more personal than a photograph of something deep inside my bod? There is something wildly inappropriate about this and very possibly uninteresting to anyone but me, but this is the type of stuff I like to look at on the internet so here is a photo of the baby!


This is a photo I took at home while watching the 4D video ultrasound.

At one point during the ultrasound appointment, he started opening and closing that hand like a little wave. The doctor and technician laughed as Chris and I stared in complete shock. It always feels sneaky to me that we are spying on this little one.