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$100 Madewell Giveaway

February 20, 2014

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You may have noticed a few updates to the blog layout. Please be patient with me as I mess around a bit. I’m trying for something new. Any feedback would be appreciated…I’m tough so throw it out there! K?I LOVED hearing about how you decided when to makeup and when not to! Thanks! Alright, on to the giveaway!

Um, yes please! Madewell is so cool and classic. I got into their brand when I was living in Seattle. The one I went to in Seattle was in a row with Free People, J. Crew, a local women’s clothing boutique and Anthropologie was across the way. HEAVEN! I would like this pick up this staple of a skirt (after the baby), go-to flats, perfect chambray, this little sporty backpack,  and put it toward this chic everyday tote investment.

This month I have teamed up with Sarah at A Girl Smitten and five other wonderful ladies to bring you a $100 Madewell gift card giveaway!

Be sure to check out the amazing ladies below that made this possible!

Anne  /  Rachel  /  Jasmine  /  Amber  /  Aukele  /  Christina  /  Sarah
You can enter via the rafflecopter below!  Good luck!

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Makeup For Working Out

February 19, 2014

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yoga mat

When do you take your face off? I had a roommate in Newport, RI, in my early twenties, who would NEVER go makeup free, even around me. She would take a nightly bath and make up her face afterwards just to watch TV with me. Wouldn’t it be cool to think she was doing it to impress me? Not really. She said that she had rosacia and never went without makeup. She used Bare Minerals and always looked beautiful to me. She was the kind of girl who always had fresh lipstick on. I MAY reapply once during the day. May.

I’m always so impressed when I see people at work out classes or on hikes who have full makeup on and cute hair. So when I went for a hike with friends a couple of weekends ago, I totally did some light makeup and threw on some earrings. I felt so great! I even liked my little outfit, belly and all. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was totally blown away by the hotties at my prenatal yoga class that I started wearing makeup to class too! 

My “workout” makeup doesn’t include liquid foundation but it does include a bit of concealer, blush, brow powder and mascara at the least. Maybe a bit of powder and light lipstick. 

Does my husband notice? Not sure. But, I have been feeling so much better. 

P.S. I’ve been doing yoga in our dining room lately because my favorite teacher does AWESOME online classes. It’s only $15 per month! The only drawback? Smelling the aroma of bacon from breakfast sometimes while I’m in side plank. 

What I’ve Been Craving

February 18, 2014


Thank you so much for the warm comments on the blogaversary! Whenever I write something vulnerable/personal/maybe not the most positive, I panic and regret it. Thank you for receiving it so well.

This is what I’ve been craving lately. I want spicy and sweet!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe dried mango is so chewy and sweet! These lime chili nuts have a Thai kind of taste to them! YUM!!!! I’ve never craved spicy things this much until now.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI always want one of these. Chris found a place in LA called Primos (cousins). It is super small and the donut case is really small too! It kind of stressed me out, when we walked in, that I only had like 10 options…but after I tasted what they call a frosted old fashioned, I understood. Each of their donuts is fresh, moist and cakey. The outer layer is slightly crunchy and the frosting is perfectly sweet. AND they are large. When I looked at mine, it reminded me of a belly button or a heart. 

IMG_3620What are you craving these days?! 

Why Happy Or Else: 1 Year Anniversary

February 17, 2014



Thank you so much for reading, commenting, reaching out and emailing. If you have a blog or even a Facebook account, you know that wonderful feeling that comes with “likes” and comments. Technically, I started the blog on February 14th of  2013 but I wanted to wait until today to post this.

Why I named the blog Happy or Else

It was another gloomy winter morning in Seattle, Washington some time last year. My mother-in-law’s health was quickly declining, the weather in my new zip code was bleak, my husband was contemplating quiting his job and I missed my friends and lifestyle in sunny San Diego. I sat straight up in bed and said to myself (out loud) “I’m going to be happy or else!”


I felt out of control of my happiness-a first. It was also the first time I had so MUCH control of my time-I wasn’t working or in school. Desparate housewife much? I had started putting together the idea of writing a blog to give structure to my newly-non-working days, provide an education in something new and connect with people. There had to be a way to rekindle that inner, legendary, happy hamster. AND it worked. Well, the blog as well as saying goodbye to Chris’ mom, Chris getting a new job and us moving back to California. 

The blog was a practice to anchor my days, I met wonderful people, learned new skills and made little steps of progress. It’s a place to celebrate simple daily decadence, happy revalations and find out who in the world gets things this way.

Here is a photo review of this year

February 14, 2013, I launched the blog with this post about Five Reasons To Pay Top Dollar For A Service And When To Do It.

I did my first guest post on Eat Drink Shop Love: City Guide: Seattle, Washington.

Pike's Market on my birthday!We had TONS of fun at the Seattle Sounders soccer games with seasons tickets. We even scheduled our “first wedding” at the court house right before a game! 

Sounders Game

I got to live in the same city as my sister (for a hot second-we overlapped for a month) and parents. It was wonderful.


We moved from Seattle, back to Southern California. We had the freedom to visit friends and attend weddings.

DSC02982We enjoyed our second wedding, a Korean wedding.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen our third wedding, in Paris.COH_20130911195-73We got to travel Europe with our family.St. Peter's Basilica

Then we found out we were having a baby.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Now I’m super excited to be a mom. I’m using these last few months before the baby comes to tighten up the site, improve my photography, read and see friends. Hey, there could be a fourth wedding too. 

Thanks for coming along! Let me know who you are and if you have a blog, I’d love to know where the name came from.

H54F It’s Warm This Winter

February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some things I’m loving this week!

1. I really lucked out this winter, living in Los Angeles. Last winter I was cursing as I walked stiff-limbed in 82 layers of batting to the pastry shop down the street from our house in Seattle. Yes, I know, tough life. The pastries, crepes, crocheting and whiskey helped me to survive the Seattle winter. Now here’s a photo from yesterday…


It’s blindingly sunny and almost annoyingly hot. I’m wearing a maxi tank dress and sweating in this denim jacket. 

2. Here’s a survivor of Jen and my breakfast. 


3. Jen finds a cool perspective.

4. Here are her shoes. LA winter peep toes. Hey, is that a donut chunk back there? Oh, it’s a leaf. OK.


5. Chris and I were back at one of our go-to-dinners-out: the food court noodle place at a nearby Japanese grocery store. This stuff is my crack.


Linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth! Let me get to know you!

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First Baby Buy

February 13, 2014

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I broke down and bought my first baby thing yesterday. It was so cute! I’ve been holding back the flood gates until I have a better idea of what the heck I actually need. There goes that idea!P1010124 2My perfectly legitimate reason for going to Marshalls was to get more athletic socks for Chris but of course I spent some time in the baby and home departments.

P1010125I call our dog, Charlie, Little Bear. I add “little” to too many things and surely the baby will be called Little Bear too. Chris may or may not be called this sometimes as well. It’s going to get confusing up in here! When I showed this outfit to Chris, I could really see the reality setting in on his face.


This looks super cutesy/Asian to me and reminds me of the kiddie things we used to wear in Japan and Korea as kiddos. I think this is my favorite “baby style” right now-soft colors and cute! I’m also way too into those little hoodies with ears. Luckily, my mom has been shopping and sent me photos of some really manly/athletic/rugby looking stuff to balance this stuff out! This might be a must have.