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Tough Mudder Birthday Party

March 31, 2014

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The Tough Mudder is for crazy people who want to run 10-12 miles of steep dirt hills with muddy colossal and electrifying obstacles in between. Fortunately I had a pregnancy note and got to be a spectator for Chris’ very good friend, Rion’s “birthday party.” About 7 weeks ago, Rion informed his good (many out of shape) friends that he would be entering them all in this competition to take place on his birthday. The team has been preparing in many different ways…exercising, you-tube video intimidation emailing and panicking. 

Here’s Rion’s wife, Jackie, taking on one of the “Berlin Walls,” one of the near 25 obstacles. Check out those guns!Tough Mudder

You could do a million monkey bars or you can swim across the toxic pool.
Tough MudderRion’s sister, Kori and her husband Don: red carpet photo.Tough Mudder

Chris, Rion (bday boy) and James. Do you see that hill behind them?!Tough Mudder

Cindi with her husband Fa. Tough MudderThey ink your body so the ID withstands the course. You’re gifted a headband, a beer and an energy bar at the finish.Tough MudderAh, the spectators: Jessica, Cindi and I. We were moral support for the team…and each other! It was a warm one! All of us had been up since 5:30 a.m. and we left the venue around 6 p.m.Tough MudderThe amazing team!Tough MudderWould you ever do this?! I kind of wish I had!


Friday Ah HA!

March 28, 2014


Happy Friday!

1. A No-Reply Blogger…no more?

Well, this week I’m finally learning what a no-reply blogger is! I had no idea (people have tried to tell me)! I use WordPress but I have a Blogger account that I use to comment on other sites with and apparently I’m someone who has chose to “not want to communicate” after I leave my 2 cents. Oops! Of course this is not my intention so I’m working out the kinks. Thank you, to the couple of people who have tried to alert me of this! 

Please give me feedback to let me know if I’ve fixed it! Much appreciated! 

Danica of Love, Danica (who I met through Ashley of The Grits Blog) and Anyone Can Decorate did helpful posts explaining this for Blogger users. I’m figuring out the WordPress end now.

2.  So grateful for acai bowls!

If you’ve never had them, they are typically made with thick a layer of smoothie (acai fruit, banana and some other berries) then a layer of (hemp) granola, sliced bananas and honey. Many people like to add coconut or peanut butter. SO good. This is a total meal on a warm day. IMG_41383. Charlie got a buzz cut this week.

It doesn’t seem to be affecting our nap schedule.IMG_4189

4. It’s been an oatmeal kind of week. I’ve been avoiding meat this week…it just didn’t sound so good after a weekend at The Gentle Barn.banana nut oatmeal

5. I found this little tiny pot at West Elm and then picked up a succulent at Home Depot. I adore it!West Elm Succulent

 Have a wonderful weekend!

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Ginger: Food & Medicine

March 27, 2014


how to peel ginger

how to peel gingerhow to peel gingerFresh ginger is that minimal but potent ingredient in really fresh, delicious recipes. Knowing an easy trick to peeling it can make it a lot more accessible. I learned this trick in a cooking class we took with Chris’ family on a Caribbean cruise. Our chef just had us peel off the skin by scraping it with a spoon!

It was brilliant. I had spent years whittling down huge chunks of ginger into little nubs that would then be chopped. I would purposely buy large pieces when I knew I only needed a tablespoon. 

This technique preserves 99% of the ginger root! Yay! When preparing a stir fry, simmer some ginger with garlic in a bit of oil to flavor an entire dish. It pairs well with garlic and soy sauce. 

Ginger is a beautiful medicinal as well. Ginger has a very warming property that aids in soothing digestion. When I say “warming” I don’t mean thermostat kind of heat. I mean the property of an herb as far as what it does to the body. In this case, the warm ginger activates and soothes the digestion.

It is used by pregnant women and those with seasickness to calm nausea. You can put a couple of slices into warm water to calm an uneasy stomach. When you add it to a recipe it can balance out the “cold” nature of other ingredients. An example of this would be adding it to a green juice. Cold, raw vegetables can be harsh on the digestive system. Warming ginger will balance it out. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (I’m an acupuncturist as well as an herbalist) we use it in many herbal formulas for digestive health and temperature balance. 

Work Your Vibration

March 26, 2014

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succulents in ash tray

Have you read any popular New Age books like The Secret? Let’s get “California” and hippie today, then translate.

The power of positive intention is profound. That’s the good reason behind why it’s so healthy to plan a vacation WAAAAY in advance so that you spend lots of time beforehand in excited anticipation which affects everything else in your life. Do you have something planned?

One way to describe this “phenomenon” is to use the vibration analogy. Happy feelings have a high vibration while unhappy ones have a low vibration. When you are vibrating at a high frequency, just as in physics where like attracts like (the law of attraction), you attract other high frequencies. When you are around those with high frequencies, you can be raised up and when you’re around low ones, you can sink. 

Taking a moment to check in with myself, my vibration and those of people around me is a ridiculously easy way to get myself into healthy atmospheres and out of unhealthy ones. Where am I resonating compared to my surroundings?

A lot of times I have so much positive energy that I’m immune to even the most negative person. Every once in a while I need to be around someone higher than me. 

Have you seen the experiments with plants where they are kind to one plant and it thrives and then the plant that they are mean to dies? 

Use the formula above to go beyond your mood and increase wonderful things in your life too. Attract wonderful new job opportunities, friends, even finances. 

People use many methods like mediation or prayer to raise their vibration. I like to visualize what I want and use fun methods to reinforce my wants like a photo posted to my mirror or setting aside time to daydream.

When I am wondering why I’m not getting something I want in my life, I take some time to see if I have the right attitude to make it happen. 

I don’t want to get too WOO WOO on you at once but there are natural remedies to assist in adjusting your vibration to be at healthy levels. I’ll talk about some of them in future posts if you’re interested in this “witchcraft.” 

I’m linking this to Ashley’s Little Friday on the Grits Blog this week. 

A Leg Lamp To A Legacy

March 25, 2014

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I love hearing the back story of how super talented, successful people surpassed their goals. A little seed to a forest. 

Years ago, I was rooming with some other female Officers on a ship for just a couple of weeks. I was chit chatting with one of the ladies and asked what her husband did for work. She shyly asked, “Have you seen A Christmas Story?” “Yes, of course,” I said. “Well, he makes leg lamps just like in the movie and ships them to people,” she replied.

I thought this was one of the coolest, most inventive things I’d heard of. REALLY?! I liked the riskiness of it. He even made those “FRAGILE” crates as an option for packaging. Well, years later I saw on The Today Show that this guy had bought the original movie home and turned it into a tourable museum. He had also bought the place across the street and used it as a gift shop. 

Amazing. This was the unemployed guy with leg prototypes littering he and his wife’s garage as he developed the perfect replica from the movie. 

I can never get enough of these stories. If there’s a little something you have thought of trying, please keep working on it. Then please tell me about it!

Gentle Barn

March 24, 2014

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I found out about The Gentle Barn a few weeks ago when I saw a friend on Facebook hugging a beautiful cow.  It’s an animal sanctuary for abused and/or neglected animals located just north of Los Angeles. So we rounded up some family and friends for a Sunday afternoon barn sesh.




Chris was teasing me saying that I was going to stay there petting everything until my hands bled. I could have. Below, you have “Mr. Fancy Pants.” He periodically sticks his head out of this little door and does a loud, crazy gobble then disappears back into the barn. Pure comedy.
turkeyThis piggy was dreaming while a million little hands massaged the coarse fur that covered her 1000 pound body. She even slept as a little kid tugged at her nipples.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese were the sweetest, calmest little angels. I liked the ones who sunbathed and accepted sweet petting.

We had some help from a docent with picking up this Japanese Silky rooster. He totally loved being held! His feet were HUGE. He had fancy feathers with the nape of his neck sporting an ombre coloring and a few teal blue long feathers in the back.