Morning Water

March 5, 2014

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Drinking water first thing in the morning is a ridiculously simple way to start a day with good metabolism, digestion, hunger control, purification and elimination. It’s something my mother has told me to do since forever and I decided to start listening to her in the past couple of weeks. Thanks, mom!

Did you know I was an acupuncturist? One way the ancient Chinese described the digestive system is like a pot on a stove.

The stomach can be the pot. I think of it like this: in the morning as the metabolism gets started, the cold pot slowly heats as your metabolism revs up. If you shock your system with a load of food right away, the temperature of the pot is going to drop and then the food will heat so slowly.

You want to start with room temperature water so the metabolism gets moving. The water in the pot can warm to a simmer and then you can add the food to that simmering pot of water. 

The water also “floats the boats through the canal.” This isn’t a new saying! 🙂 This is the greatest way to keep everything regular. 

The ancient Chinese had a very euphamistic/metaphorical way to describe EVERY process of the human body. FYI the translation for a goiter (neck swelling lump from an enlargement in the thyroid gland) in Chinese is “jade tea pot.” 

Add some lemon to aid in detoxifying. Try it for a week and tell me how it goes!

P.S. You want to know the real, embarrassing reason I got so inspired to do this? Confession: Well, I was thumbing through Giada de Laurentiis’ new cookbook in the book aisle of Target a couple of weeks ago and she says that she does this daily. Giada has beautiful skin and is one of those “perfect” people who is super disciplined in doing what is good for her! 

  • I used to do this before.. I might just do it again! This also helps me feel “full” on mornings which helps me to not have such a heavy, non healthy breakfast.


    • Oh yes, it’s a total help in keeping me from devouring everything in sight, first thing in the morning! Thank you!

      • It’s better if you take this all day long! 🙂

  • I never thought about that! The room temp. water thing…it makes complete sense. I hate drinking water and will only drink it if it’s ice cold but that’s not doing my body much good I’m sure.

    Oh! In other news, I did buy chia seeds. Didn’t do anything with them yet but that’s step one. And you had asked a question a while back…yes, I do live in a loft. It’s a converted former textile mill. :p

    • Oh it’s so interesting how some of us want ice cold water! In Chinese medicine we could think of it as wanting to cool internal heat. Room temp is good for everyone though. 🙂 Yay CHIA! Enjoy! Oh, yes, your loft is gorgeous! hope to see more photos of it!

  • Such a wonderful and informative post, Christina!! I start my day off with 16oz of water and vitamins – although after reading this post, I need to start making it room temp water instead of ice cold! I also love adding lemon to my water! ALSO – acupuncturist?! I learn something new about you everyday! haha! so cool!

    Can we also just talk about The Bachelor for a second? I caught up last night…okay, I’m feeling a bit bad for JP but now I’m thinking that either of the last 2 girls and him deserve each other. haha! I think I’m over this season already….

    • You are an all-star, Jessica! Hope you like room temp! I love your Bachelor segment! LOL I am a tad disappointed in J.P. I saw on a magazine cover “Worst Bachelor Ever,” in the grocery store today. Yikes! There is definitely another side to this guy that is a bit …..less than endearing. I really think he was into Sharline and after she left, he just wasn’t in it but had to continue due to his contract, so I will give him that. 🙂 I know, I’m not even really interested in who he chooses. :O

  • BlushandBarbells

    I saw an acupuncturist a few years ago – I had 3 or 4 sinus infections a year and I was desperate for something to fix it, so I tried acupuncture as a last result…and it worked! Two sessions like 5 years ago and I’ve had only one since.
    I should go back for weight lost. Apparently I have fire in my belly that makes me eat too much.

    Your profession is amazing!

    • Wow, thank you, Wendy! Likewise! I love hearing about your experience! I’m so happy for you! You are cracking me up with the “fire in the belly,” only b/c you know the “speak!” I get stomach fire every once in a while too! One thing I do is take probiotics but it depends on many personal factors when choosing the right treatment for each person. 🙂 Thank you!

  • I am a big fan of water! I am a big believer in its curative powers. So wait.. you are or were an acupuncturist?? Either way, so cool! I’ve always felt like ancient cultural remedies from around the world could probably heal all problems! Or most! 🙂

    • Water is amazing and I take it for granted!!! I am a licensed acupuncturist but I am not currently practicing. I plan on taking it back on once we settle in a place to live and after this baby is a bit grown! 🙂

      • That is so awesome!! I may need to plan a trip to Cali in the future and make an appointment with you! Never tried it but I am very intrigued by it.

        • Oh you would LOVE it! I miss practicing and more so-my patients!!! 🙂

  • Andreea Belc

    I love the comparison with a pot on a stove. I feel is like this since whenI wake up in the morning i can’t eat right away. I need an hour to get the pot heated up and sometimes I start with a glass of water. I love it!

    • Those ancient Chinese people had a such a great ways of explaining things in a way I can’t ignore! When I hear something a certain way about my health, I’m more invested. 🙂 Thanks and HI!

  • I’m actually someone who LOVES water and I always feel so much better when I start my morning with a glass… even before my coffee! I have to admit though, sometimes the coffee is calling my name and I put off the water until later… and I never feel quite as good. It’s funny how much of a difference one glass of water can make! 🙂

    • You are really lucky! So many people are NOT into it like you! It is amazing what a little shift can do for the body. Funny though, donuts should make me feel bad but I somehow feel great after eating them! 😉 Oh ….coffee!!!! I wonder when I’ll start that once I have the baby!

  • Drinking enough water is one of those things I struggle with… Because to be honest I don’t think water tastes good…haha I know people say water doesn’t have a taste but it does! But I try my best to drink a few glasses of water every day anyways 🙂

    • Water TOTALLY has a taste! You are so right. There are specific bottles of water that are much tastier than others and every time we travel or move, I take some time to discover which is my fave (tap, bottle, filter) so I make sure that I get enough. Another thing that I do is have really nice water bottles that I like. My newest is one of those with a flip top straw! LOVE it.

  • withluckblog

    This is so interesting! I REALLY need to be better about drinking more water. I’ve noticed that if I have a water bottle close by I’m more likely to grab it throughout the day. I just need to be more intentional about it!

    • I’m glad you think so! 🙂 I was just writing that I LOVE having cute/functional water bottles. I love my pink Klean Kanteen and a Contigo flip straw bottle right now. Accessories…it’s all about the accessories lol.

  • Pamela Bannon

    I love water! I drink it all day long. Best thing ever!

  • Awesome tip! I will start this tomorrow and let you know how it goes 🙂

    • It’s so simple that I forget to do it, right? I’m sorta on a “water challenge” right now trying to get into the habit. It is helping my digestion SOOOO much! Hope you see the bennies soon!!! 🙂

  • Jen Kleiner

    What a great tip and a wonderful way to explain it! Love the photo too.

  • Krista Williams

    Thanks for the tip! I drink water all day long at work, but generally start my day off with hot decaf tea. I’m going to start drinking water when I first get up and tea before I leave for work and see how it works out for me.

    • Cool! Warm tea is sooo nice too!!!! Let me know if you see a difference. The extra water will help in itself! 🙂

  • Alisia

    I agree with this! I drink water like a fish, probably 5-6 regular size (16.9 fl oz) water bottles a day. I am trying to add more lemon to my water because I’ve heard it’s supposed to be good for you. Now I only need to drink water before my morning coffee.

    • You’re the pinnacle of health! 🙂 I keep a few lemon wedges in a ramekin in the fridge for easy access. YUM! Hope you like it! I do mint sometimes too!