A Leg Lamp To A Legacy

March 25, 2014

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I love hearing the back story of how super talented, successful people surpassed their goals. A little seed to a forest. 

Years ago, I was rooming with some other female Officers on a ship for just a couple of weeks. I was chit chatting with one of the ladies and asked what her husband did for work. She shyly asked, “Have you seen A Christmas Story?” “Yes, of course,” I said. “Well, he makes leg lamps just like in the movie and ships them to people,” she replied.

I thought this was one of the coolest, most inventive things I’d heard of. REALLY?! I liked the riskiness of it. He even made those “FRAGILE” crates as an option for packaging. Well, years later I saw on The Today Show that this guy had bought the original movie home and turned it into a tourable museum. He had also bought the place across the street and used it as a gift shop. 

Amazing. This was the unemployed guy with leg prototypes littering he and his wife’s garage as he developed the perfect replica from the movie. 

I can never get enough of these stories. If there’s a little something you have thought of trying, please keep working on it. Then please tell me about it!

  • I am always so inspired by stories of self-made men and women! How cool! I still believe in the American dream! 🙂

  • Such a cool story!

    • Cool people are cool! 😉 I’m so intrigued by risk takers.

  • I love it when people I know do random things – not just “teacher” or “accountant” or random job at some big company.

    • There is something so interesting about people who create their unique paths.

  • Krista Williams

    I have always wanted to invent something or have my own company. The idea of working for no one other then myself sounds wonderful! I have an awesome invention idea that I hope I can find a way to make! (But it’s going to make me a millionaire so I can’t share it juuuuuust yet. lol)

    • Alright so of course I’m dying to know what you are going to invent! I love watching Shark Tank! Brutal but brilliant!

      • Krista Williams

        Shark Tank is one of our favorite shows. We watch it every Friday night!

  • I think it’s so cool when people achieve their goals and dreams. Whether it be a leg lamp business or completing a 5k. Just cool and a nice positive note for the day!

    • You said it! I love a person who believes in themselves and what they projects. At the same time…do you watch Shark Tank…some people put all their money in and are told their product stinks! LOL THEN they’re really in it for the right reasons!

  • Pamela Bannon

    That’s awesome! I want to buy one now to show my support! I dont know what I would do with it but I still want one. I was just explaining to my daughter this morning that I am so inspired by people that hustle and work hard to get where they are.

    • Bhahaha. I thought about it too but…I just don’t have the decor for the thing. 🙂 Hustling is something I LIVE for! I love it! It makes me feel alive!

  • That really is inspiring! I love hearing about people following their dreams!

    • I love to help people who are working on getting off the ground too! It’s the most exciting phase. 🙂