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March 26, 2014

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Have you read any popular New Age books like The Secret? Let’s get “California” and hippie today, then translate.

The power of positive intention is profound. That’s the good reason behind why it’s so healthy to plan a vacation WAAAAY in advance so that you spend lots of time beforehand in excited anticipation which affects everything else in your life. Do you have something planned?

One way to describe this “phenomenon” is to use the vibration analogy. Happy feelings have a high vibration while unhappy ones have a low vibration. When you are vibrating at a high frequency, just as in physics where like attracts like (the law of attraction), you attract other high frequencies. When you are around those with high frequencies, you can be raised up and when you’re around low ones, you can sink. 

Taking a moment to check in with myself, my vibration and those of people around me is a ridiculously easy way to get myself into healthy atmospheres and out of unhealthy ones. Where am I resonating compared to my surroundings?

A lot of times I have so much positive energy that I’m immune to even the most negative person. Every once in a while I need to be around someone higher than me. 

Have you seen the experiments with plants where they are kind to one plant and it thrives and then the plant that they are mean to dies? 

Use the formula above to go beyond your mood and increase wonderful things in your life too. Attract wonderful new job opportunities, friends, even finances. 

People use many methods like mediation or prayer to raise their vibration. I like to visualize what I want and use fun methods to reinforce my wants like a photo posted to my mirror or setting aside time to daydream.

When I am wondering why I’m not getting something I want in my life, I take some time to see if I have the right attitude to make it happen. 

I don’t want to get too WOO WOO on you at once but there are natural remedies to assist in adjusting your vibration to be at healthy levels. I’ll talk about some of them in future posts if you’re interested in this “witchcraft.” 

I’m linking this to Ashley’s Little Friday on the Grits Blog this week. 

  • love this! the power of positivity is totally a thing – if you can dream it, you can do it. would love to hear more of your thoughts and remedies!

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

    • Thanks, Jenn. I am putting together a series about it. 🙂 I really want to share some really cool and applicable things I used in my acupuncture practice. 🙂 Nice to met you!

  • I looooove this kind of stuff!! Please keep blogging about it. I believe that receive what you put out in the universe. Typically I can be fairly pessimistic but I have been trying to adjust my attitude and it’s taken about a year but I am finally starting to have a more positive outlook – and it’s paying off!

    • Oh Cool! I really love feedback as to what people are interested in. I seriously used to talk about this kind of thing every day with patients. 🙂 I miss it. Super excited for your pay-offs with the new attitude!!! XO

  • I absolutely believe in the power of positive thinking. I think it has been established that healthy people tend to get sick less, even – the way we think influences us to our core and everything and everyone that surrounds us to a degree. I like the vacation analogy, because that is what I remind myself off when I am feeling down: any upcoming trips I may have on the horizon! 🙂

    • Attitude has a HUGE impact on health! TOTALLY! We’re on the same page with having things to look forward to. If there is nothing, I have to plan something! I like to get other people into it too to build the anticipation and group elevation!

  • Okay, so this post might have just changed my life. THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOME IDEA. Everything in my life makes sense!! Love it!!!

    • I’m so thrilled for you! I didn’t invent it. 🙂 I have studied many different ways of basically the same idea and this is just a compilation/my interpretation/how it applies to me. I’m really encouraged that you’re inspired by it and it will lead me to write more about this in the future. 🙂 Make some magic happen and tell me about it! Thanks!

  • Jessica

    I wish I had some of your positive energy. Life has kind of been beating me up lately. I did recently cut out a “toxic relationship” I had with a female family member and I will say that it has helped.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • I’ve totally felt beaten up at times! It’s interesting that when I maintain my positive attitude, any negativity around just seems to drop off. The mismatch just doesn’t jive, ya know? It’s hard to shift relationships. I hope you are getting closer to where you want to be!

  • I’m intrigued by this idea of vibration energy. I’ve been trying to stay away from negative people to try reduce negativity but it would be great to increase positivity as well. Definitely interested in learning more about this “witchcraft” from you Christina 🙂

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • I’ll totally do some posts on vibrational medicine. Glad you’re interested! It’s true, when our internal environment is peaceful and solid, the outside cannot bring it down. 🙂 I totally have those times when I need to separate in order to improve and strengthen myself!

  • BlushandBarbells

    I’m definitely interested in adjusting my vibration levels!

    • Cool! I’ll talk more about that in future posts. I used lots of natural medicine in my acupuncture practice and on myself! I want to share more of it if people are interested! Thanks!

  • Pamela Bannon

    What I am taking from this post is that I should plan a vacation 🙂

    • Nice, Pamela! Let me know what you come up with!!! 🙂 I’m wondering where this baby is going to travel to first (outta the womb). 🙂