Friday Ah HA!

March 28, 2014


Happy Friday!

1. A No-Reply Blogger…no more?

Well, this week I’m finally learning what a no-reply blogger is! I had no idea (people have tried to tell me)! I use WordPress but I have a Blogger account that I use to comment on other sites with and apparently I’m someone who has chose to “not want to communicate” after I leave my 2 cents. Oops! Of course this is not my intention so I’m working out the kinks. Thank you, to the couple of people who have tried to alert me of this! 

Please give me feedback to let me know if I’ve fixed it! Much appreciated! 

Danica of Love, Danica (who I met through Ashley of The Grits Blog) and Anyone Can Decorate did helpful posts explaining this for Blogger users. I’m figuring out the WordPress end now.

2.  So grateful for acai bowls!

If you’ve never had them, they are typically made with thick a layer of smoothie (acai fruit, banana and some other berries) then a layer of (hemp) granola, sliced bananas and honey. Many people like to add coconut or peanut butter. SO good. This is a total meal on a warm day. IMG_41383. Charlie got a buzz cut this week.

It doesn’t seem to be affecting our nap schedule.IMG_4189

4. It’s been an oatmeal kind of week. I’ve been avoiding meat this week…it just didn’t sound so good after a weekend at The Gentle Barn.banana nut oatmeal

5. I found this little tiny pot at West Elm and then picked up a succulent at Home Depot. I adore it!West Elm Succulent

 Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • bryna

    Late to the comment party… but it looks like you eat so healthy! I try but… actually I’m probably not trying hard enough! I saw acai bowls for sale in Hawaii and didn’t get around to trying them. I don’t think I’ve seen them where I live which is sad because it looks so good!

    • HI! It’s never too late! 🙂 We totally love to eat healthy and throw in lots of treats as well! Oh these acai bowls are crucial to the endless summer life. You may be able to find them featured in some smoothie shops-even chain ones! Let me know what you find!

  • I love that little pot! I would own a million pots if I could sneak them in my house and hide them from my husband!

    • LOL for a while it was dog beds that I seemed to keep buying. My husband was like, “really, he needs ANOTHER dog bed?” Now it’s becoming plants. He’s starting to call our place a jungle. Hey, we have our shopping needs. 😉

  • I love succulents, but my cats eat every plant! I have an Easter Cactus that I have to hide, but I still find teeth marks in it. I love that planter!

    • I am cracking up! Teeth marks in your cactus! LOVE! Cats are so funny! Have you seen the new “no one cared about Bane cat until he got a mask?” Pretty hilarious (a little dark but great for Batman fans). West Elm has a lot of cute ones coming out! Thank you! Have a great weekend!

  • How do I find out if I’m a no-reply blogger?? I too use WordPress but have a Blogger account. That acai bowl looks perfect! I would love to give up meat solely because I love animals!

    • I was totally perplexed by this no-reply thing at first. Check out the second link to see if you have a certain box checked on your Blogger account! I am on the hunt to try out every acai place in this town and find my fave! I totally go through vegetarian phases randomly-more based on what feels good to my body. I love animals too!

      • Ah, got it! Okay, so I am indeed also a no-reply blogger, but I don’t want to show my email address in my profile… so I may have to stay that way. I guess that means only WordPressers like yourself will be able to reply to my comments…

        • Yes, I think that’s why I had that unchecked from before too! Oh tricky websites! 🙂 At least we know we have the options. 🙂

  • Succulents! For the plant-challenged like me, maybe I need to invest in some of these too. I use Squarespace for my blog and I do reply to your comments on there but I never know if you get them or not…not sure if that’s a Squarespace problem or a “no-reply” blogger problem. I don’t know but this reminds me to figure it out. Maybe I’ll just leave myself a comment and reply.

    • Thien! Go for the succulents! They are so chic now. I know we communicate often. I’m going to have to check how we do that. Is it emails or comments?? I am so happy to know I can figure this stuff out eventually. Do you get my responses via email or do you see them here on the blog? I will check on my end!

      • Well through Disqus, every time you respond to me I get an e-mail. To respond to a response, it sends me back to your blog post and I click respond from there. It seems to work just fine!

  • Yep you fixed it! So sweet that Charlie naps with you and his fur trim must be keeping him cool now 🙂 I was just on an oatmeal kick last week. I like mine savory with a fried egg and soy sauce. I swear it’s delicious. Enjoy your weekend Christina!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Oh SWEET, Rowena, Thank you! Yes, Charlie really needed a buzz for this warm weather and he’s so much easier to keep clean…we do have a white sofa in the house that he LOVES. Of course! Thank you so much for the awesome oatmeal recipe! I have done that with rice for breakfast but oatmeal sounds good too! Have a great weekend too!!!

  • Thanks for the love ma’am!! P.S. – Charlie’s haircut, from what I could tell, looked cute!!!

    • Thanks, Ashley! We try to get the guy groomed at least every couple of months. It may be more often now…LA is kinda dirty! Seriously it’s interesting how he is more dirty more often here than in rainy Seattle. Seattle’s rain must keep all the dust and dirt off the walkways!

  • I didn’t realize I was “no-reply” for awhile, either!

    • It’s just crazy, isn’t it? 😉 I am just in LOVE with anything to improve a process. I’m reborn! lol

  • Krista Williams

    I’ve never heard of the no reply blogger. I wonder if I have the same problem. Research time! Your Charlie looks good with his buzz cut. My Charley gets depressed when he is cut to short. So it looks like I’m stuck with the little black ball if fuzz look! The pot is adorable and looks similar to a new coffee (read: tea) mug I recently picked up from…you guessed it..World Market! Have a great weekend!

  • I remember when I figured out how to fix the “no reply” thing, I felt like “oh duhhh”. You’ll notice many more replies to your comments now, which is always nice. 🙂 That acai bowl looks fabulous- right up my alley. I highly doubt they are made in my neck of the woods, though, 🙁 I think I might need to add a succulent to my bedroom for a little touch of green and “life” for spring. Yours is so cute! I hope you have a lovely weekend my friend! xoxo

    • Oh duh for sure! You know, some smoothie shops will feature an acai bowl every once in a while! I hope you get to try it…or you’ll have to visit SoCal or Brazil! There are so many cute succulents and they do nice combo arrangements too. Thank you! Enjoy your weekend! XO

  • Your flower is super cute! I’ve always wanted to try acai bowls just never got around to it. Yours looks amazing, I will have to try one soon….maybe when it gets warmer in Cleveland. Happy Weekend!

    • Oh, the acai bowl is a go-to here! There are so many places that make them. It’s Brazilian and you can always find it beach-side in Southern California now. These and Havaianas (the flip flops) have invaded! Have a great weekend!

  • Pamela Bannon

    Hey Christina! Loving your new plant! So cute! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks, Pam! This one looks hearty! Have a great weekend too!

  • love Charlie’s buzz cut – so cute! and glad you’re no-reply no more! you always leave such great comments and now we can more easily chat more – yay!

    • It’s funny having a dog that has to get “groomed.” His hair can get pretty long which then gets dirty and tangled easily. I hope my comments are working now! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!

  • Girl, I had no idea either until someone emailed me a tutorial. I just thought bloggers were snobby and didn’t want to reply to me haha

    • Wow, I’m so far behind! I really appreciate it when people point this kind of stuff out to me! I was wondering why I never received any comments either! 🙂 AH, the internet…you will be a mystery in some way forever. I like it!