Giveaway: $150 Kelly Haas Earrings

April 1, 2014

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Today, San Diego artist, Kelly Haas is giving away this $150 pair of 18-kt gold vermeil and 18-kt gold filled, moonstone earrings. These are 3 inches long. You can enter the Rafflecopter contest at the end of this post. 

Kelly Haas Jewelry Kelly Haas Jewelry

AH! I want them! I have been wearing Kelly’s one-of-a-kind designs since I was introduced to them years ago in San Diego. You can find her pieces in exclusive boutiques there. How lucky am I that we met and became the best of friends? I know. 

Kelly loves to work locally and is now expanding her social media set. She is a purist whose primary motivation is art and beauty and she is so in love with her work. EVERY time I wear one of her pieces, I get a compliment. There is something for everyone in her collection. It ranges from the simple-chic like these earrings that I could wear every day with a white tee to an LBD (totally me) to very ornate and colorful. 

Her jewelry lasts because of the high quality in materials and workmanship. She travels to procure the most groundbreaking materials. 

I interviewed her, asking the questions that I’ve always wanted answers for.

How do you stay on trend in the quickly changing jewelry market and how often are you trying out new designs?

My goal is not to necessarily stay on trend when I am making jewelry; instead, I enjoy creating pieces that I believe are groundbreaking or unconventional, bold and chic, strikingly beautiful. I would rather set a trend than follow a trend because I have something unique to show the world. 
I am constantly creating new designs, as every piece of jewelry that I sell is one-of-a-kind. If you buy a Kelly Haas necklace, you will never see another one like it on anyone! I believe that this is partially the reason I have done so well over the last five years in high-end boutiques and resorts throughout San Diego. Customers who purchase my jewelry know that they are getting something original–and something made with the highest quality materials just shy of fine jewelry. 

How long have you been making jewelry and what inspires you?

I have been making jewelry since I was a child. I grew up with a very artistic and entrepreneurial mother, who used me as free labor to help with her own jewelry business! After graduate school, I decided to explore and pursue my more creative side which was on hold while studying to become a film critic (a sincere apology to my mom and step dad who funded my education!). It didn’t take long for me to get stopped on the street by complete strangers asking where I bought my necklace. It did, however, take a great deal of prodding from my close friend-turned business partner to sell my creations because I preferred giving them away instead!
I am inspired by beauty, boldness, and the idea that women can feel empowered by slipping on an extraordinary piece of jewelry. It encourages confidence, not to mention completes a look. 

What has kept you from selling your work in big retail stores like Anthropologie or Nordstrom? 

To be honest, I have had an opportunity to show my jewelry to a retail giant, but I instead opted to stay small. I do not want to be controlled by bureaucratic red tape and bottom lines. I want to make jewelry that moves me and that I am proud of, charge what I think is fair for high quality items, and steer clear of having to monotonously hammer out thousands of the same thing.

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  • Carly Anderson

    LOVE these!

    • 🙂 Thank you so much, Carly, for checking out Kelly Haas! XO

  • ah these are so pretty. glad you introduced me to her!

  • Andreea Belc

    Nice earrings. I would love wearing them 🙂

    • Me toooo! It’s the beauty and the curse of one-of-a-kind pieces! 🙂 I want THIS pair! 🙂

  • So pretty!

  • Oh my days, these are ridiculously gorgeous! xoxo

    • Love the saying! Yes, Kelly has such a cool eye. It’s always so cool to see what new looks she comes up with!

  • Jessica

    These are so pretty.

    • They are the type of earrings that I would wear every single day!

  • These are fabulous!