La Costa Resort & Spa

April 28, 2014

Baby favorites / LIFESTYLE

La Costa Spa and Resort

La Costa Spa and Resort

La Costa Resort & Spa La Costa Resort & Spa



 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOOOOOHHHH What a fun weekend in San Diego! The baby shower was incredible and once I gather the photos, I will do a post! Tracey and I stayed the night at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa. A total treat! The grounds are spectacular and include an amazing spa, The Chopra Center, pools and great restaurants. 

We had breakfast on a terrace overlooking the golf course, snapped some photos, went down to the beach, visited the outlet mall and got an acai bowl (of course) before heading home. What do you think about this new dress? A total deal at Old Navy (they even gave me $10 off b/c it was on the wrong rack). 

My sister and I have the same camera. She’s always teaching me new techniques. SO lucky!

P.S. Online hotel booking is great BUT if you have the time, call the hotels directly. I got an incredible deal by going directly through the hotel! 

  • I absolutely LOVE your baby bump and maxi! Maxis are totally my jam!

    • 🙂 Thank you, Pamela!!! You totally rock the maxi! I JUST started during pregnancy. They seriously didn’t look right before! The way a body changes.

  • Guest

    I love your new dress! Maxis are my jam! You are the most adorable preggo EVER!

  • The dress… the baby bump… your sister… the ocean… *sigh* too much beauty for one post!! 😉 I’m so glad the shower was wonderful!! Can’t wait to read more! xoxo

    • Thank you, Abby! Everything is more beautiful when I’m with my sister! I feel so happy and alive. There is never enough time. 🙂

  • Oh STOP. I love this. I want to be in these pictures!!! You look so lovely!! Fantastic pics!!

    • Thank you, Bethany! My sister is a really fun photographer! I feel really comfortable around her. I LOVE photographing her too! I’m excited for the baby to arrive so I have another subject! LOL

  • You are seriously look so gorgeous pregnant! I said it before and it sounds totally lame saying it again but you’re beautiful! Those colors in the dress seem to suit you really well too! I’m glad you enjoyed your stay and scored a great deal!!! I hope you’ll find time to keep posting once the little one arrives.

    And you asked about my job! I’m hoping to one day be an eye doctor and I got a job in town working as a technician for a group of eye doctors doing eye exams. I did this before in OKC and loved it and have been hoping for an opportunity like this since I made the jump to MA. All in all, I’m very happy and I’m so happy you remain so encouraging!

    • Thank you so much, Thien! Yes, I am very determined to take a little break once the baby is born and then return to regular posting. I know it will keep me happy, disciplined and sane!

      WHAT, and eye doctor?! That’s wonderful! You would be a beautiful one! Yay!!! Hey, my dad went to dental school when he was around 32 and I know doctors who have gone to med school much later than that! There were some acupuncturists I went to school with who were in their 50s/60s!!! It’s always a great time to start! Proud of you!


  • A Yes to that sweet dress…you are so beautiful! Not long to go : )

    • Thank you, Olivia…technically 6 weeks…what?! Time is going by very quickly!

  • Oh my this place looks amazing and so do you ladies! Your dress is totally adorable!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Thank you, Rowena! I actually saw this dress on a pregnant woman who ran a shop I was in last week and I LOVED it. Then I happened across it in Old Navy. Score!

  • Andreea Belc

    You look so nice, and you belly in that dress…amazing. How far along are you? Great views.

    • Thank you, Andreea! I’ve got 6 weeks to go…that belly is getting BIG! lol Time is flying. I keep hearing stories about ladies delivering early too!

  • Sounds like an amazing weekend!! I love your dress, so cute with that adorable belly 🙂

    • Thank you, Macy. It was so memorable..and so quick! Love a girls weekend!

  • BlushandBarbells

    Beautiful photos and beautiful ladies!

  • This place looks beautiful! and that dress.. too cute!

    • Oh thank you, Rebekah! Felt so indulgent. That totally lasts for months! Love it!

  • Sounds and looks amazing!!!

    • Thanks, Rebecca, everyone could have a good time here. It’s also kid friendly which gets me excited for future family trips!